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  1. Hi. I, as Winnie and Stefan above, also want to comlpleat a helicopter I started building for the SAR GB in 2015. Most of the small detailing and scrachbuilding is done. So I'm hoping that I'll be able to compleat it in this GB. Isn't that ok? Of course I will not count me in the raffle consideration. Best regards Grétar W. G.
  2. Hi all. Is anybody still checking out this GB? If so, here are some pictures of my Lanc. I was hoping I could compleat it before the deadline. But didn't make it. The kits decals are VERY thick. So they didn't sit nor stick well to the model. I'm going to order decals from Hannants as soon as they are back in stock. If the decals would have been OK then I would probaly have compleated it on the last day. At least about 95 % I have masked the model and it's ready for the green colour. The top half is ready. The painting's done and a little weathering. I'm no master of that. The decals are very thick and don't sit well. Even though I used decal softner. I´m going to order decals from Hannants when they in stock again. I hope they come soon. Does anybody know how the decals are from Skymodels? An idea for a diorama. I have Airfix refuel kit and the bomber re-supply kit from Airfix. the engine will be on the aircraft, not on the ground. ;) I hope I'll be able to compleat it soon. Best regards Grétar W. G.
  3. Well, there is some progress on my Lanc. I hope I'll compleat it before the deadline. Here are is the fuselage and the wings ready for painting. The airscoops from Quickboost and a lot of putty by the engine nacelles. The firewall for the left inner engine. The original guns and turret parts with the ones from Quickboost and the scratchbuild rear turret A close up of the turret. It's not 100% correct, but I don't care. It looks a lot better than the original! The main landing gears. Not perfect either. At last the first coat of paint I did today. Humbroll 29, Dark Earth. I´m going to paint it before I put the wings on. It'll be muce easier doing it that way. Best regards. Grétar W. G.
  4. Build that one about thirty yeas ago. Still have it in the basement in a box. That's an interesting colour scheme. Never seen a compleatly black B17 before. Grétar W. G.
  5. GretarBill


    It's coming on nicely. The engines look good. Grétar W. G.
  6. Hi. At last I'm posting something here. I have been buisy redoing my kitchen so there has been less time for this kit. I have done some work on the engine nacelles / wheel wells so they fit better on the wings. I also had to put some plastic on the Engine covers (nacelles) so they fitt better to the wings and also taken the small air intake / scoops on the side of the engine covers to put new ones on. I ordered Quickboost one's to replace them. They arrived yesterday with the turret guns, also from Quickboost. Oh yes I had to put a plastic strip on the left wing where it goes to the fuselage so it will fit better. The firewaal for the engine is in its place. I have also opened the exhaust covers on the one on the right side and the radiators that came with the engine set are also visable. I have done some work on the main wheel struts. The parts below are ready but not the one above, as can be seen. The rear part of the strut should not have that X in it. But I'm not going to do anything about it. Also the jaks that move the strut are missing. I'm not going to make them either. I also have put the fuselage together but forgot to take pictures of it. Stupit some bad girl as Buford T. Justice would have said it. But there will come pictures of it next time. I am at the moment working on the air scoops on the engine covers. I am planing to compleat it before the deadline. Best regards Grétar W. G.
  7. Not many parts. So this should be a quick build. The stand that is shown on the instuctions is just like the old Airfix stands that came with every a/c model in good ol' times. Grétar W. G.
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