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Ok maybe the title of my post is misleading. It is such a great company I think due to the fact that they are just pumping out stuff I love. Wow, I cannot keep up with them.


They are issuing kits like no tomorrow which is a good thing but the bad thing is that I want a lot of what they issue. I have bought about 5 of their line so far and I can easily pick up another dozen or even two dozen kits. And now they are coming out with early Merkavas and Panthers. When will the madness end :angry:


I got one of my Holy Grail kits the other day, the Takom Krupp Raumer S. This was only available before in resin and out of production. No matter I could not afford it anyway. Now with Takom issuing that kit at a very reasonable price I got one. I think I paid $69 CDN for mine and it is even cheaper in the US.


On my list are


A couple from the AMX seies

A couple from the Chieftan series

A couple from the T-55 series

A couple from the Leopard series


And the list keeps growing. Maybe I can win the lottery or take a second job. Man oh man this hobby is like a drug :rolleyes:.




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Know what you mean.....getting back into modeling late last year after 15 years of being away from it and found getting back into modeling started getting expensive as I'm going for zombie/apocalypse dioramas. Wanted a wide variety of figures....Italeri, Trumpeter, Zvezda, my old WW 2 Tamiya figures, etc. which I've just started modifying as civilian figures. With resin civilian figures going from $10 to $30 each and me looking at a dozen, maybe more in some of the dioramas......  Since there's basically no modern day cars/trucks as plastic kits, went the route of diecast in 1/32nd and 1/36th scales which I'll modify to have more accurate interiors, along with being crashed, abandoned, etc. And of course, need military vehicles, some which will represent active duty, abandoned or mil surplus. And accessories....must have 400 or so weapons alone when Squadron had a sale on them earlier this year, along with Trumpeters soda machines, barricades, etc. Let's not forget basic modeling stuff like styrene whether as sheets, tubes, etc. which I'm using to make tool chests, refrigerators, playground equipment, etc. Which is easy enough, but then making molds of the basic shapes so I can add detail to the resin copies for different things. Two part resin & silicone supplies are NOT cheap, but all said and done, wouldn't have it any other way considering the amount of time spent working on various things vs watching tv, surfing the net, etc.

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