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What's The BEST Way 2 Clean . . .

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Plain old paint thinner from the hardware store is fine for cleaning enamel. Or white spirits as it's called in old Blighty. To actually thin the paint it might be better to use the enamel manufacturer's brand of thinner/reducer. I also use a lot of Mr Color Leveling Thinner. It seems to work well with most brands.


It's usually a good idea to thin paint a little even for brush painting. It will help reduce brush marks in the final finish. Several layers of thinned paint allowed to dry thoroughly between coats is much better than one thick gloopy coat. How much to thin you ask? It's kind of up to how it is working, maybe one part thinner to four parts paint to start, it should stick to the model and not run, but the brush strokes should level out in a minute or so.


Tips on keeping paint brushes clean, dampen the brush with thinner before you dip it in the paint and avoid dipping the bristles all the way into the paint. Keep paint away from the ferrule (the metal sleeve that holds the bristles) so it doesn't soak up in there. That will make the bristles splay out over time.

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