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  1. Oooh, I've got the Otaki kit built (years ago) maybe it'll be due for a repaint, its decals aren't the best anyway!
  2. I use lead foil. I've still got a stash of it from when real lead was used on wine bottles. I'm a 1/72 guy so I don't worry about every little buckle and keeper and just do an impressionistic seat belt. The lead foil has some thickness and it's soft enough to pose and drape. For buckles I just cut a small square of the foil and maybe shape the corners a little and glue it on or under the end of the belt to give it some relief. I'll make the adjuster buckles with a little piece of wire bent into a square "U" shape just wider than the belt. I tap it with a hammer to make it flat and then glue it over the belt so it looks like a closed buckle with the belt going through it. If you work in larger than 1/72 it might be too hokey looking, but in the One, True Scale, it works fine.
  3. Low frequency means long wavelength. Long wavelength means low resolution. The LF radar will detect a target but it will not locate the target. They'll know something's out there, somewhere. With bi-stable radar (separate transmit and receive stations) they'll do better, but it will take lots of computing power. It's possible to track stealthy targets, just MUCH harder. The post you saw was probably a Su fanboi site and to be judged for accuracy appropriately.
  4. Rivet counting a joke, I hope that this is a meta-joke...
  5. I agree. But then, I'm old. I don't even like non 30° font.
  6. Why are you posting on a public forum if you're worried about the security? Everyone can already see what you are writing, why encrypt it?
  7. I would absolutely buy that sheet if it covered at least a couple of the kits in my stash. I've got: Revell Regulus II - 1/68 scale - it's blue over white with the "NAVY" text spit and counterchanged (white on the blue and blue on the white) which would be tough to paint Revell Corporal - 1/35 Revell Nxxx Hercules - 1/40 (board host squacks "spammer" at Nxxx) Revell Nxxx Ajax - 1/32 Revell Bomarc - 1/47 Revell Talos - looks about 1/32 and its 60 year old decals are absolutely shot Airfix Bloodhound- 1/72 - the decals would be crap even if they weren't shot Revell/Renwal Mace - 1/32 - re-release with new decals but they could be improved Revell/Renwal Lacrosse - 1/32 - re-release, amazingly nice kit, same as above and to prove they're not all completely without hope of ever being built, here's the Revell 1/96 Snark I finished a couple of months ago: late '80s re-release that I bought when it was new, 30ish year old decals used except for painted on white stripes.
  8. The radomes were/are ceramic and brand new they were almost white. It's very similar to the material ceramic knife sharpeners are made out of. As a matter of fact, a couple of times when missiles were dropped on the flight deck and radomes broken, the bigger shards quickly went into pockets to be used for sharpening knives.
  9. I'm pretty sure they'd all be white in '82, That's the year I got out and I never saw a gray missile while I was in. The Lima 'winders were still pretty new then so maybe G's or H's would also be appropriate, but I guess the F-14s would have been the first to get Limas. I only saw them once during a missile shoot. We shot the first ones ever tried off of an F-4N. That was probably spring of '82.
  10. youtube

    ScaleModelAircraft is pretty good. It's not so much reviews but basic OOB builds where you can see how it goes together.
  11. Thanks Gary. That worked just as you said it would. I doubt I'd have ever figured it out myself though.
  12. Diameter is 5 inches, same as a Sidewinder. Length is a little longer than a Sidewinder but I don't have a figure. I added about 3/16" plus the probe to a 1/72 Sidewinder body to get a TLARTM ACMI pod.
  13. Quick question, will there be a way (although very dangerous to know) to see how many owned, unbuilt kits are in the database? I can't easily do that in KitBase I without actually counting up a column...a very long column... Thanks, I'll testify to KitBase I's working very well. KitBase II looks like it might be more work for the user but that's because it looks like it can do much more.
  14. Me too, especially since on the Coral Sea it meant mail call was coming soon!
  15. Nice job, the work on the grill is super! I wish trucks were still like this, I've got its 2010 descendant out on the driveway right now and I'd much rather have the bed rails at mid chest height rather than nose height. It sucks to have to lift stuff up over your head to get it into a pickup!