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  1. Grey Ghost 531

    Maybe it's Time for some Hawkeyes...

    I'd like to get VAW-113 off the I/O cruise of the Coral Sea in '79-'80. I paid for a sheet once but never got it.
  2. Grey Ghost 531

    Some cool Sci Fi from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    The Ghidorah diorama was good, I liked the illuminated explosions with building chunks embedded. I think the Thunderbird 2 is the DeAgostini Modelspace kit that you can get for only 24 installments of £39.99. Thanks for posting!
  3. Grey Ghost 531

    Possible piece of Zacto History?!

    Not model related but a similar story: My wife volunteers at the local library. One of the books that came in donations for the semi-annual book sale fundraiser was a kid's book, one of those "Scholastic Book Fair" books. She looked it over and inside the cover was a stick-on book plate with her niece's name on it. It was about 25 years old from 100 miles south. The next time we were down to visit she gave the book back to her niece. It was pretty funny.
  4. I put together paper kits of the Hindenburg and Graf Zeppelin about 40 years ago. They was 1:200 and they were pretty damn big. My brother was an airship fan so I built them for him. I built a 747-400 in 1:200 so he'd have something for scale. Also, the old Hawk vac-formed Zep; if you built it as the Los Angeles was 1:200.
  5. Grey Ghost 531

    May releases

    Yay! Thanks.
  6. Grey Ghost 531

    May releases

    Hey Kursad, Is there any action on the Revell box scale missile sheet you were considering a while back? Thanks!
  7. Grey Ghost 531

    question on FH Phantom

    Thanks Paul, but, if it's not already in my stash, I don't need it. I've already got enough to last until I'm 250 years old and I kind of like old, crappy kits. I can't wait to see your build of the new one though.
  8. Grey Ghost 531

    question on FH Phantom

  9. Grey Ghost 531

    question on FH Phantom

    Does anybody have the Ginter book on the FH? I'd like to know if the engine ducting intrudes into the main gear wells. Also, is the ceiling of the well the undersurface of the wing skin or is the well not as deep as the wing thickness? I don't really need a picture as I'm not super detailing, I'll guess as to details. I just want to block out the open hole in the MPM 1/72 FH. I haven't been able to find any undersurface pictures on the inner tubes. Thanks Dave
  10. Grey Ghost 531

    ZVEZDA models?

    Depends. They've gotten better over time. Stuff from 15 years ago is pretty rough. Soft detail, approximate fit... sort of like Dragon from 1990 or so. I haven't actually held them in my hand, but some of their new airliners look awesome in pictures.
  11. Grey Ghost 531

    One less Phantom in the world..

    That might mean the site has a virus your system can't detect...
  12. Grey Ghost 531


    Awesome. I like little tanks.
  13. Grey Ghost 531

    Britmodeller website

    I think Hyperscale has got something weird going on where their server is sensitive about what you're posting from. There's talk of them finally changing hosts so maybe that will fix it. I like that site.
  14. Grey Ghost 531

    Spray booth height

    Mock it up and see. I think it might be okay. Mine is too low right now, just above knee level when sitting down. I think I'm going to build a cabinet for it and move it about chest high sitting down.
  15. Grey Ghost 531

    Display Case vs. aircraft sub-forums

    Hmm, I don't even pay attention to what sub I'm looking at. I click "unread posts" and scroll down through and open the stuff that looks interesting regardless of the sub category. I do get a little bugged when the same thing is posted in 8 or 10 places...