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  1. Novo (Frog) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

    Just a quick update because nothing much has changed visually. I puttied the wing and stabilizer joins, sanded, puttied, sanded - you know the routine. So, here it is ready for paint. Bonus nose-on image to show alignment.
  2. Novo (Frog) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

    Here's the eighth day build update. This is phenomenal speed for me. Fuselage is closed and flying surfaces attached. The alignment looks good. I matched the top edges of the wing root so there's a bit of a step on the starboard wing on the bottom. It's a flat area so I can fill and then block sand it so it should be an easy fix. Especially since the wing root is the undersized part. I used some strips of decal trim film on the rudder to simulate the rib tape. I wish it were a little thinner but that's about as narrow a strip I could cut without it breaking up. I'm hoping it will be -just- visible under paint. The wheels and prop are painted. I just eyeballed the masking on the spinner so it's not perfect. But...since you can only see one side at a time it's okay.
  3. Novo (Frog) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

    Moving right along. This OOB approach has some advantages! I got all the parts cleaned up and most of the sink holes filled. I lost practically all of the raised panel lines on the wings fixing the sink holes and fixing the joins between the outer wing panels and the inners and blending in the separate ailerons, so, I rescribed it all. I think that's allowable under OOB rules as "restoring lost detail". The sink holes on the fuselage parts caused loss of some panel lines and to make it match the wings and stabilizers, the fuselage got rescribed too. I need the practice anyway (witness the filled and re-rescribed mistakes...). Cockpits on these were all black, so that helps with the lack-o-detail and I applied random shades to the seat. I painted the little dude as best my skill and the molders art allowed. I think the nickname of the Airfix little dude is "Biggles" isn't it? Does Frog's man-in-the-seat have a name? Kermit? I sanded and polished the canopy inside and out and then dipped it in Future. It's pretty clear, just a touch of milkyness from the plastic. Tons better than the raw part. I'm leaving the rockets and rails out, they're too terrible and not fixable within OOB rules. I filled their holes with stretched sprue from the kit! I'll fill the stand slot that way too. On to gluing parts together!
  4. What's the worst kit you ever built? (60s-today)

    Well, fine. It doesn't change what I meant. Italeri has often prioritized "getting there with the firstest" over "getting there with an accurate representation" to paraphrase NBF.
  5. What's the worst kit you ever built? (60s-today)

    To be fair, the Italeri kit came out before the actual Hornet did. Italeri was (is) known for squeezing out a kit based on partial, incorrect or guessed information.
  6. What's the worst kit you ever built? (60s-today)

    I haven't met one that was worse than I expected. Here's the list of "challenging" kits I've actually built: Airfix 1/76 Panther Revell 1/110 P-3 Orion Academy 1/72 Sopwith Camel and for the 21st Century: ACE 1/72 PRP-3 (BMP derivative) All crummy kits, but I was aware of that before I started.
  7. Since I actually managed to finish a model for a group build I'm going to go all in and try another one! I'm intending to do a legit OOB build of this. I'll even paint the little dude and put him in the cockpit. I'll see if I can keep the AMS muzzled. That canopy though...
  8. Here's some pictures of the finished build:
  9. The display case...eh (sorry..had to do it!!!)

    Here's my CT-133 "Silver Shark" with the spoils of her debut. First in 1/72 jets at CapCon in Ottawa. Plus a bonus go-go juice cup from the four hour drive home. Close up pictures in my main thread.
  10. F-35 news roundup

    Hmm, I guess I shouldn't bring any models of Boeing products up to CapCon this weekend...
  11. Paint curing box for accelerating dry times

    I use my wife's dehydrator sometimes. I've also heard of using parts from chicken incubators to make one.
  12. Paint is applied, I hope I don't have to touch up anything, it's all custom mixed to match the color swatches provided on the decals. It's close enough for me.
  13. AIM-7E2 details

    That's a "giant water bug", also known as a "toe biter"
  14. AIM-7E2 details

    The radome was ceramic. It was white to start but got grimy pretty easy since it was a dull surface and would pick up grease during any handling. They usually looked a blotchy off white.
  15. Academy 1/48 MiG-29A 'Fulcrum-A'

    I like it. Nice subtle camouflage.