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  1. and it's on the Canadian dime!
  2. Feet and breeches, dishpan hands and the smell of rotten eggs! I've done it and I was in the radar shop!
  3. Probably so they can use one piece molds and still pull the part out without destroying the rubber. If they did the bomb in one piece they'd need a split mold and then THEY would have to worry about misalignment!
  4. One out of one AIM-9Xs missed. I see this as a trend, all AIM-9s should be thrown away immediately. They are clearly junk....
  5. I'm done with the extensive interior, most of which will never be seen again once the fuselage is glued together. So, I took a some pictures before it disappears. Out of the box except for I made some epoxy putty cushions and seat belts for the pilot and copilot seats. I didn't put any belts on the rest of the crew's seats as no one would ever see them. I also added the motor for the chin turret under the bombardier's seat. The rest is from the kit except for a couple of Mike Grant instrument decals on the bomb sequence control panel. Those just might be visible through the nose bubble.
  6. There are small extruded aluminum miter boxes available. They have a v-groove in the bottom to hold cylindrical parts. I've never tried to do what you are describing but I bet it would be hard to do even with a miter box. Maybe, cut as close to square as you can and pin the two halves with a bit of wire, Fiddle with the pieces until they're straight and then fill the gap with super glue to hold it that way?
  7. If you don't mind enamel, my choice for tire color is about a 5:1 mix of Model Master flat black and DAK Afrika Braun '42. I've had a number of people comment on it and request the mix. I find that NATO black looks a little too greenish for me.
  8. The last page of the Ginter book has what looks like a page of the NATOPS manual titled "performance summary" and it has a column listing 4 sidewinders and 2 300 gallon tanks. I do not see any pictures in the book with four, or even two visible on the same wing.
  9. Not bad.... shakes head, looks at modeling desk... gently weeps...
  10. I built this about 40 years ago back when it was just an old kit. The one thing I remember is that it doesn't have a center sustainer engine bell, only the two booster engines. Other than that, it has all the warts of any of the other really old school Revell missile kits. I sure wouldn't try to talk anyone out of getting one. It was fun to build. I actually remember my father building one about 20 years before I did.
  11. What about something that only came with a 351 Windsor??? just kidding. I've got some decals for the blue shark mouth CT-133, even I should be able to get that done in time!
  12. Oooh, I've got the Otaki kit built (years ago) maybe it'll be due for a repaint, its decals aren't the best anyway!
  13. I use lead foil. I've still got a stash of it from when real lead was used on wine bottles. I'm a 1/72 guy so I don't worry about every little buckle and keeper and just do an impressionistic seat belt. The lead foil has some thickness and it's soft enough to pose and drape. For buckles I just cut a small square of the foil and maybe shape the corners a little and glue it on or under the end of the belt to give it some relief. I'll make the adjuster buckles with a little piece of wire bent into a square "U" shape just wider than the belt. I tap it with a hammer to make it flat and then glue it over the belt so it looks like a closed buckle with the belt going through it. If you work in larger than 1/72 it might be too hokey looking, but in the One, True Scale, it works fine.
  14. Low frequency means long wavelength. Long wavelength means low resolution. The LF radar will detect a target but it will not locate the target. They'll know something's out there, somewhere. With bi-stable radar (separate transmit and receive stations) they'll do better, but it will take lots of computing power. It's possible to track stealthy targets, just MUCH harder. The post you saw was probably a Su fanboi site and to be judged for accuracy appropriately.
  15. Rivet counting a joke, I hope that this is a meta-joke...