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  1. The radomes were/are ceramic and brand new they were almost white. It's very similar to the material ceramic knife sharpeners are made out of. As a matter of fact, a couple of times when missiles were dropped on the flight deck and radomes broken, the bigger shards quickly went into pockets to be used for sharpening knives.
  2. I'm pretty sure they'd all be white in '82, That's the year I got out and I never saw a gray missile while I was in. The Lima 'winders were still pretty new then so maybe G's or H's would also be appropriate, but I guess the F-14s would have been the first to get Limas. I only saw them once during a missile shoot. We shot the first ones ever tried off of an F-4N. That was probably spring of '82.
  3. youtube

    ScaleModelAircraft is pretty good. It's not so much reviews but basic OOB builds where you can see how it goes together.
  4. Thanks Gary. That worked just as you said it would. I doubt I'd have ever figured it out myself though.
  5. Diameter is 5 inches, same as a Sidewinder. Length is a little longer than a Sidewinder but I don't have a figure. I added about 3/16" plus the probe to a 1/72 Sidewinder body to get a TLARTM ACMI pod.
  6. Quick question, will there be a way (although very dangerous to know) to see how many owned, unbuilt kits are in the database? I can't easily do that in KitBase I without actually counting up a column...a very long column... Thanks, I'll testify to KitBase I's working very well. KitBase II looks like it might be more work for the user but that's because it looks like it can do much more.
  7. Me too, especially since on the Coral Sea it meant mail call was coming soon!
  8. Nice job, the work on the grill is super! I wish trucks were still like this, I've got its 2010 descendant out on the driveway right now and I'd much rather have the bed rails at mid chest height rather than nose height. It sucks to have to lift stuff up over your head to get it into a pickup!
  9. This goes in the category "nailed it!"
  10. Nope, red, green, amber.
  11. Here's the Airfix Opel Blitz and PaK 40 from an MPC boxing. The Blitz has some acetate windows plus I masked and applied multiple layers of primer to define the bottoms of the window flaps. The kit piece just had them blend into the rest of the bed cover, I suppose so the part would release from the mold. Paint is Tamiya sand over Vallejo Panzer gray, revealed by the AK chipping fluid process. The Pak had the muzzle brake drilled out and the channel in the mount that the gun slides on in recoil whittled out. Paint is Model Master. Both are weathered with pastels.
  12. That would be a real trick, Bullpups weren't the most accurate things in the world. I'd bet on FFARS before a Bullpup, but as you say, it's the missile shop. It is an interesting question!
  13. I expect you mean bombs and Shrikes.
  14. He was specifically asking for the closest in Tamiya spray cans. What is closer? I'm guessing he won't use that scheme anyway since only a couple of F6Fs were ever painted that way.
  15. I'm guessing it's the opposite of a full-on AMS model like you find on so many shelves of doom. Very early (as in prototype) Hellcats were Navy blue-gray over gray that was a match for modern light gull gray If you're REALLY non-anal, maybe AS5 over AS16? Mid scheme is Navy three color, sea blue top, mid blue sides and white bottoms: maybe AS8, 19 and 20? Late scheme is over-all sea blue.: AS8?