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48th lot FS - includes builders special

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Receive all four 1/48th kits listed below,

USA only - $65 includes USPS non-priority.
Canada only - $75 includes USPS Priority, forms marked appropriately

Hasegawa P-40E Jt86 (original Flying Tigers release)
Hobbyboss PLAAF J-5 (same kit as their MiG-17 early, just the decal sheet changes so easy to build it as NVAF or something like that)
Hobbyboss F4U-1 Corsair Early

ALSO you will get this BUILDERS SPECIAL Hasegawa F-104G Pt20 Includes original instructions and decal sheet. Sprues are in one bag, clear parts are separately protected and look fine. (NOTE kit is unstarted but is missing: horizontal tailpiece + the nose gear retraction strut - no idea how it got that way, but does include: EagleStrike decals 'Wings of NATO' partial, the F-104 set is complete, missing the F-16 section. PLUS will includes the EagleStrike decals 'Stars Over Europe' sheet - intact. KIT decal sheet is missing the instrument panel decal only, rest is there).

Payment by paypal or money order only.

brian (at) printingservices2 (dot) com

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