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I have these aftermarket items to dispose of... I haven't assigned prices, but let me know what interests you, and I'll work out a good price for you... And most of these items can be sent at the first class (cheapest) postage rate to a US address.... email me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net with inquiries... thanks...




Cutting Edge 48297           A-4 Skyhawk Detailed Resin Instrument Panel

Cutting Edge 48334           A-4M/N/KU Resin Cockpit


Skunkworks  48006            US/NATO Modern Weapons Set


Eduard           48009           US WWII Seatbelts

                        EX208           Vampire/VenomMask (Classic Airframes)

                        FE383            Tamiya F-16C Cockpit Photoetch

                        49420            Tamiya F-16C Wheel Wells/Landing Gear Photoetch


Brassin           648029          AIM-9L/M Sidewinders

Brassin           648151          AGM-65 Mavericks


Wolfpack       48008             LAU-117 Maverick Launch Rails

                        48148             MB Mk.16 Seats (Academy T-50)

                        48202             T-50 F-404 Engine Nozzle (Academy)


Aires               4342              Harrier GR.7/9 Cockpit (Hasegawa)

                        4815              A-4 Skyhawk Airbrakes (Hasegawa)

                        4419              MB Mk.12 Seat


Quickboost   48178             A-4N 30mm Cannon

                        48496             A-4 Skyhawk ESAPAC Seat w/belts


Waldron                                Metal Gunsight Rings




New Ware      0667              F-106A Expert Mask (Meng)

Eduard           SS287            Italeri EH-101 Merlin Photoetch

Eduard          72005             Airfix Bae Hawk Photoetch

Eduard           72265            Kawasaki T-4 Photoetch                           

Eduard           CX267            Hobbyboss Rafale B Mask

Eduard           CX026            Revell Hurricane II Mask

Eduard           CX290            Hobbyboss Hawker Seahawk Mask x2

Eduard           CX265            Kfir Mask (Hasegawa)

Eduard           CX237            BAC Lightning Mask (Trumpeter)


CMK               7122               Lancaster Undercarriage Set (Hasg)

CMK               7118               Lancaster Interior Set (Hasg)


Reskit               0074              F-106 Delta Dart Wheels


TopGun                                 PZL Kania Conversion (Hobbyboss Mi-2)


Wolfpack       72030            F-18D ATARS Conversion (Academy)


Airwaves       72005            Sea Harrier FRS.1 Etch (ESCI/Italeri)

Airwaves       7227              MB Mk.4 seats (pair)

Aires.              7345              L-29 Delfin Cockpit (AMK)

Aires               7213              BAC Lightning Correct Exhaust Nozzles

Aires               7206              BAC Lightning Cockpit

Aires               7070              F-84 Cockpit/Gun Bay (Tamiya)


Pavla              72133            Sea Vixen Nose (Cyberhobby) x2

Pavla              72072            MB.4 Seat (Sea Vixen Pilot)

Pavla              72073             MB.4 Seat (Sea Vixen Nav)

Pavla              72069             MB.2F Seat x2

Pavla              72068             MB.2FV Seat

Pavla              72133             Jet Provost T.3 Cockpit (Airfix)


Quickboost   72216             TA-7C Parabrake Housing (Hobbyboss)

Quickboost   72425             Mosquito Radiators 

Quickboost   72136             Lancaster Air Scoops


True Details  72714             NATO 5 PT. Seat belts & Rudder Pedals

True Details 72451             KC-135  Galley Interior Resin Set

True Details 72033             Mosquito Wheels


Armory         7277              Mi-17 Hip Main Rotor Vibration Damper


MPM              72012            Meteor F.4 Photoetch (No airbrakes)





Aires               2004              ACES Ejection Seat




Retrokits                               NP2000 Propellers

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