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Gemini Adaptor section colors

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What are the ACTUAL colors of the interior componants of the Gemini Adaptor section?

I had heard that the color call-outs in the Revell/Monogram Mercury/Gemini Spacecraft kit for the Gemini Adaptor section were incorrect and based on a mock-up prior tpo the actual Gemini was constructed.

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Found this, http://www.ninfinger.org/models/vault2014/Gemini Aft/index.html

all appear to be bare metal.



Gemini Aft


508 KBspaceydude57 May 13, 2014

Color photo from KSC of Gemini Adapter Section interior

263 KBspaceydude57 May 13, 2014

Color photo of Gemini Adapter Section interior (uncorrected)

72 KBspaceydude57 May 13, 2014

Color photo of Gemini Adapter Section interior ( color corrected)

52 KBspaceydude57 May 13, 2014

Color photo of Gemini Adapter Section interior



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also unpainted, https://archive.org/details/S65-54194

I'm not sure what "B&W" at end of text about a color image is for.

Image has look of original color, not of having been colorized.







Publication date



What -- Gemini

McDonnell Aircraft Corp. MDAC technicians conduct verification tests on the GT-VI, White Room, Pad 19. These are pre-mate checkouts conducted as part of the pre-flight operations for the planned GT-VI. CAPE KENNEDY, FL B&W



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And then here's the ring which has the 4 tanks, named retrograde adaptor here, other than that it is a color image, I don't know anything about it, flight article? Mockup? 

Doing a Google reverse image search on the image got clocks, not exactly useful.


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Adapter Section Interior

Several people have asked about the correct colors for the equipment in the interior of the Adapter Section. As you may know, the Revell kit was based on a mock-up that used rather gaudy colors to point out the internal equipment. These colors were referenced on the kit's instruction sheet. The colors of the flight vehicles were much different, mostly metallic and gray.  The linked photo (McDonnell photo number D4C-29124, dated June 1965) shows the inside of a flight Adapter Equipment Section, and the colors are apparent. Note the inside walls are shiny silver metallic, the large tanks are flat gray (almost metallic), the base for the tank mounts seems to be like a fiberglass tan, and the electronics racks and cables are flat gray. The only real color is provided by a few red-brown propellant lines.



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plasticutter -  Depends on the Gemini spacecraft version that you are putting together. From G1-G8 aluminum foil tape was used for the interior walls of the adaptor section. For G9 and up a gold coating was deposited on the interior. Yes, the call outs for interior colors were from the Mockup that is on display at the Boeing (ex-McDonnell Douglas) Center in St. Louis, MO. The tanks and equipment components were not as colorful as depicted in the instructions.  There are pictures on the NASA site for Gemini that will show the actual colors. Any other questions just give a holler out. Many good builders out there with excellent information.




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