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  1. True, but without it you wouldn't have the dramatic adventure of recovering from the error, with which to enthrall future generations. 😁
  2. I consider the current Testors affair to be a sign of the apocalypse.
  3. A text report from a well experienced aviation accident blogger, http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2018/09/incident-occurred-september-09-2018-at.html Her parents:
  4. "Warrior two four niner six x-ray, the uh WACO just said that your right main is now missing from the airplane. It's fallen off the airplane. Say your intentions." 😱 Controller Gives Pilot Terrible News | ATC vs Pilots May 29, 2022 Having equipment malfunction is a risk of aviation, even if it is rare. But having your landing gear fall off your plane when you are a new pilot would be very scary and you will hear how it all happened.
  5. Those tile decals look like a handy thing - there are a few Revell 1/144 shuttles waiting for me to get similar decals for them, but man, the doing of that much decal sure is intimidating & I'm a person who Likes doing decals.
  6. Since the turbines are swinging props I'm calling it a propliner: That's a nicely done propliner model. 😊
  7. Nicely done. And the local pollution looks well controlled.
  8. Book arrived a little bit ago today. Nothing like arriving home from weekly creative writers group meeting, and lunch out, right when mail carrier gal was about to place package in my mailbox. 😊
  9. Colin Cantwell's concept study model for Star Wars X-wing used pill bottles for the engines; outside was painted white, interior remained unpainted, revealing that amber/brown hue of plastic bottle. Interesting ideas here. 🙂
  10. And there's the hobby press punchline. Plus, what is sent has to be of publishable quality. That takes work, actual work. And it looks like more and more people are now applying that work to material for online venues where they can publish without a middleman.
  11. Hey there! That's funny 😆 And cool. Go for it. Would love to see your build take shape. Almost all hobby projects have sat dormant for the last several months on account of health things but a little bit of progress has made on the 3 rotating modules.
  12. Hey cool! I did a good deed and was clueless about it until someone told me. 🤣
  13. Spoiler alert: May 23, 2022 10 reasons I found the Harrier adequate: A Harrier pilot writes By Paul Tremelling, https://hushkit.net/2022/05/23/10-reasons-i-found-the-harrier-adequate-a-harrier-pilot-writes/
  14. What, you mean something was shinier than paper? 😉
  15. Those are some nice displays. What did the Revell box display say about them?
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