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  1. The stuff I'm finding at the moment doesn't mention a program halt or delay. Samples: August 26, 2022, https://breakingdefense.com/2022/08/with-new-radar-and-engines-in-sight-the-b-52-gets-ready-for-largest-modification-in-its-history/ September 25, 2022, https://theaviationist.com/2022/09/25/b-52-new-engine-nacelles-test/ October 27, 2022, https://www.aerotime.aero/articles/32507-boeing-selects-apu-b-52-bomber-modernization
  2. Primary impact the rollout event had on me was leading me to consciously think, "given there is no model kit having interior detail (and the pilots) developed and marketed by Renwal and Aviation Leak & Space Technology magazine, there is no reason to be excited about either the rollout event or the airplane, can't put that excitement energy in to actually DOING something with it." And led to me thinking, whoa, that's rather more cynical than expected, where'd that come from?
  3. I want to recall that yellow-ish undercoat is some kind of lacquer. I do know that lacquer thinner and model kit plastic do very much not play well together. For a number of years I did far more model trains than aircraft model kits & stripping paint of factory painted model train plastic body shells has been a thing since at least the 1980s & there are several plastic-safe paint strippers marketed in the model railroad world. Those are what I have used to get chrome and that undercoat off plastic model parts. Even with that you might still have to pick now g
  4. Probably the one which first crosses the airport fence.
  5. Well ... it may be the coating for the rollout, it may be "The" coating, it may be a simulated coating because of it being a prototype test article, it may be the regular service coating because it is the prototype test article. But the true issue here is, when is the model kit with full interior detail being issued and in which scales?
  6. My cat Georgie is watching with me and mowed along with people cheering while designers and other employees were recognized. 😁
  7. That is quite a project! But rather more sawing, soldering, and algebra, than I'm good for these days. 😄 Interesting how big a difference in the 'feel' of a thing that seemingly small changes in shape can make. Now, on to page 3 of article. And hey, thanks for making that known and available! 😎
  8. Just saw this image and it brought to mind this thread. Note mix of large and small brown spots in upper wings and stabilators of the USAF F-15E and how clean the Israeli F-35 looks. https://captain-price-officially.tumblr.com/image/701827291216543744
  9. Ward's interviews are good and so are the comments,
  10. ... And won't be wasting time in doing that going! 😎 Hey, perhaps useful? Came across this the other day while looking for more detail about the landing gear parts a Lindberg 1/64 scale B-58 is contributing to a sci-fi build,
  11. Yep, that's how it is when crafting models from scratch. Yet the doing is fulfilling even if sometimes slow. And they are shaping up nicely.
  12. Yes, Virginia, there is truth on the internet.
  13. You think political discussions get intense and go off the rails, open a discussion about whether kits should or not include crew figures ... 😉 (and then there are the panel lines conversations, oooo baby, now there is some heat ...)
  14. Turns out the NTSB has their own YouTube channel and just a little bit ago they posted a press briefing, https://youtu.be/vxzMuG4iEUE
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