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  1. southwestforests

    Pair of Jugs

    Hey there. That combined with the shelf with the hole in the sky blue wall - once you know that visual language there's only one message it can send! 😄 Huh, wonder how I didn't notice my typo in P-47D? Oh well, blame it on my health being a mess. No longer have any of the magazines but I'm older than either the SD40-2 or the SD40 and can remember my Dad's various aircraft magazines in the 60s and 70s still having lots of articles on WW2 aircraft. Can remember one titled "Whine from the Jug", but not what magazine, Air Classics? Airpower? IIRC, without cheating in Google, one early P-47 prototype was lost to an in-flight fire. Think opening illustration of one P-47 article was a rather nice 2-page pen and ink drawing of pilot bailing out of the burning plane with one of his shoes flying off.
  2. southwestforests

    Pair of Jugs

    Those P-4rD cockpits did turn out grandly. How's the SD40-2 coming? Can you believe those are approaching half a century old now.
  3. southwestforests

    Pinto Cruising Wagon done - Rollin' in Style (?)

    Ah, going to have to share the blog post with the Google Plus gang while G+ is still here to share things on; some of them would enjoy it. From review page of Pinto, I like that phrase, "However, life continued, and like wolves at a salad bar, all people could do was make the best of what they had" 😎
  4. southwestforests

    F-14B Tomcat, VF-103 Jolly Rogers "in-flight display"

    That works! 😎 (Of course that being my favorite Tomcat and Phantom squadron markings in no way affects my assessment of the model.)
  5. southwestforests

    Horrible Box Art

    In 50 years an onopened mint condition kit will be on auction at Sotheby's just because of the bad art.
  6. southwestforests

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    Hmm ... Has been a while since I've really looked in to what is currently available and there is so very much more than there was in 1970s and 80s; from what I do know, it sure does look like right now is a good time to be an aircraft modeler. Because as my health declines I have been putting more in to trains than planes there has to now be much available which I do not know of. I had intended to give a listing but it is turning out that my brain just won't do that at the moment, sorry. Well, here's a thought, talking along the "What if Tamiya did a ..." theme, What if Tamiya did a 1/48 and a 1/72 Buccaneer? Have recently seen a 1/48 SAAB J29 Tunnan, so there's one earlier wish fulfilled. Don't know that I'll ever get one and build it the way things are now though.
  7. This Vietnam era naval aviation memoirs book by local author could be characterized as transcript of an oral history told to his grandson. Hmm, quite interesting what Naval Aviators will do when told to take their ELINT version of the A3 Skywarrior and do whatever they feel is necessary to get emissions readings from & photos of the Soviet's brand new carrier Moskva in the Mediterranean. (that 'whatever' opens up a lot of options to the creative aviator!) 😂 He was also involved in the USS Oriskany fire. Book relates what it was like to live the Naval Aviator life, it isn't about the histories of the organizations or the technical details of the different aircraft mentioned. This fall I met the author in a creative writer's group in our little county seat farm burg which used to have a decent privately run military school, which the author attended for both high school and some college. I'm presently halfway through the 121 page book; author gave it to me for Christmas, just because, on the spur of the moment, at writer's group meeting last Saturday.
  8. southwestforests

    My latest video on Scribing Panel Lines is up

    Or is it simply that the link is broken for some reason? Such as perhaps the video being redone or moved? Because: There is from Scale Model Workshop Published on Feb 15, 2018;
  9. southwestforests

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    Optional and maybe a tad more accurate topic headline, or maybe not; Air Force officially has at least one institution-wide psych issue.
  10. southwestforests

    50 years Apollo 8

    I think it safe to describe the Apollo missions as amazing, as in "informal use: startlingly impressive."
  11. southwestforests

    Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D Corsair

    She's shaping up quite nicely.
  12. southwestforests

    Help and Advice

    Oh dear, sorry. As it happens, Enterprise did have a fire aboard in 1969, https://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/history-up-close/fire-sea-big-e/
  13. southwestforests

    Masters of the Air - Status Report

    Looking at that, "The ground crew is often overlooked when discussing the Eighth Air Force, but there appears to be an effort by the producers to include a storyline that follows the ground crew ..." and thinking Yay! Figure it is safe to expect the story will deal with what happens when a ground crew waited for a plane and crew which never returned, their friends and mates just gone, gone.
  14. southwestforests

    Is it necessary to seal decals?

    Decal setting solutions such as Microscale's Micro Set and Micro Sol, and the more powerful Solvaset by the model railway supplier Walthers have for me rendered the use of a sealer coat optional. Started using those in 1970s. I don't have any aircraft or other models remaining from that time, and have none finished now, but model trains decaled in the 1990s still show almost no way to differentiate the decal from the paint. In a loosely characterized way of saying it, the setting solutions pretty much melt the decals in to the paint, it isn't going to come off because it is no longer a separate entity. Now, my understanding is that those solutions are something you do not want to use with metalizer finishes, a thing which I have never used.