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  1. southwestforests

    odd question- dark paint visibility study

    From a manufacturer apparently in Canada; https://www.vikingair.com/twin-otter-information/twin-otter-answers/what’s-safest-colour-airplane Bold added for emphasis. A German sailplane manufacturer seems to second that motion, https://www.dg-flugzeugbau.de/en/library/safety-paint-sailplanes
  2. southwestforests

    odd question- dark paint visibility study

    Just found this, http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/759419.pdf
  3. southwestforests

    It's 2017 and the Army still can't decide on uniforms

    A bit of a tangent but it does put a perspective on military pay and expenses: even junior officers with families could qualify. And I remember that conversation being had at home in 1980s when Dad was a senior officer and responsible for people who could qualify, but of course he couldn't write a few extra hundred dollars in to their paychecks. https://www.military.com/paycheck-chronicles/2018/02/21/why-do-military-members-qualify-food-stamps.html
  4. southwestforests

    It's 2017 and the Army still can't decide on uniforms

    I wonder if it is a thing for each generation, in 1980s when Dad was still USN there were a bunch of uniform changes. I remember him commenting that one fabric was disagreeable because it felt like it was just about to burst in to flames while you wore it in boiler spaces aboard ship. Dad retired in 1986 and my brother and his boys are all Army so I don't know the history of Navy uniform tinkering since then.
  5. southwestforests

    It's 2017 and the Army still can't decide on uniforms

    I wonder how many civilians understand the subtle appearing significance of that not being worded as "... just waiting to see if the Army manages to screw things up."
  6. southwestforests

    Veteran's Day

    Probably better that I don't watch the video. Yes, Veterans give, sacrifice, lose, much. And probably also in some subtle ways that we non-veterans can't even begin to grasp. Though I am not a veteran our family has veterans all the way back to the AWI and all the way up to my brother and his 3 sons, the oldest one of whom recently had to leave active duty because the PTSD was too much - he was a radiology tech and the wounded children in Iraq really got to him. Grumman Avenger brings to mind that Dad began his Navy experience flying but soon had to leave flying and go to surface warfare because of one of those fabled eyesight problems. Avenger was one of his favorite airplanes. Our family is lucky, 3 currently living vets have had narrow escapes from death. During the Vietnam war era Dad narrowly survived a helo crash, I think aboard on a carrier, when a blade fragment passed through the fuselage a bit above his head. to this day at 78 years old he does not like to hear helos. My brother, a now retired Warrant Officer, narrowly escaped in Somalia when his patrol was confronted by a few grenades tossed over the streetside garden wall to land at their feet: they turned out to be those Soviet grenades where 2 steps were required to arm them, only 1 had been done. They completed the second step, returned the grenades to sender and just kept walking down the street. Oldest nephew was a radiology tech in Iraq when one day he was called in to work on his day off and while he was at work a mortar round hit his quarters, destroying some of his clothing and his laptop. And now come to mind the families of those veterans who were not allowed escape ...
  7. southwestforests

    Their mobility aids are NOT your spider killing tools!!!

    Trying to decide whether tactical nukes also count as fire. 😁 Which reminds me, have a few of the new Ogre miniatures to paint once my hands start getting back to the new normal.
  8. southwestforests

    100 years ago today

    That is an interesting coincidence.
  9. southwestforests

    Praying for Fisher Models family and Paradise fire folks

    Chat group at "La Plata, Missouri USA - Virtual Railfan LIVE" on YouTube are talking the fire. I mentioned this and they send their best wishes for Paul and his family. Is interesting with chatters from all over the planet.
  10. southwestforests

    Flickr now limiting free accounts to 1000 images.

    Their response is;
  11. Their mobility aids are NOT your spider killing tools!!! DO NOT GRAB PEOPLE’S CANES OUT OF THEIR HANDS!!! Just a few moments ago as I was returning to apartment the lady who lives below me asked if I would knock down a spider web going across the breezeway. In the few moments I was trying to locate it she grabbed my cane and started to pull it out of my hand to use to knock down the web. I had on amber sunglasses to deal with the hazy glare and they turned out to be making the web invisible to my eyes. I shook her off and she turned around and tried again. NO. Not Kosher!!! That chick is blankety-blank lucky I didn’t smack her with my cane right then and there. Something happened between her and another neighbor yesterday where the Police were here the whole time I ran errands and had lunch at Taco Bell. I don’t know what happened between them, don’t want to know what happened. Ah, ya know what, I just got back from writing that up and taking it down to the Police station for them to add to their file from yesterday. Yay Me. 🙂 You and your spider phobia are meaningless when compared to someone’s mobility aids. HANDS OFF!!!
  12. southwestforests

    After A Very Bad Week, Some Good News

    Aw man, you've been through some rough stuff. Pactra had some nice colors and their prismatic quarter floz bottles were aesthetically pleasing. I miss Polly Scale. Fortunately for the railroad modelers there are a couple companies already offering and some beginning to offer alternatives. Testors itself has released some colors in its Acryl line. There are a few of Polly Scale's 1980s fantasy colors I'd like to have again, oh well, such is life.
  13. southwestforests

    Flickr now limiting free accounts to 1000 images.

    Between my health and resultant income I have no experience with mobile devices, so admittedly that is something I usually do not think of.
  14. southwestforests

    Flickr now limiting free accounts to 1000 images.

    How rare and remarkable of a computer genius would it take to write a program to query how many accounts are accessed from the same IP address so as to figure out who is gaming the system? That would be next thing I'd do if I was running the company accounting department.
  15. Went to my page there and got notice that Flickr is now limiting free accounts to 1000 images. So went looking for more info. I'm not on twitter but will quote their account there; https://www.flickr.com/lookingahead/?utm_campaign=flickr-lookingahead&utm_source=Twitter I just sent this on their feedback page: "Okay, I see the message about the new thousand image limit for free accounts and then my thoughts connect that with living below the poverty level on Social Security Disability. Am looking at the Flickr Pro fee of $49.99 per year which doesn't sound like much until connecting with that I get $1001 a month SSD, which sounds pretty reasonable until one looks at the Federal Poverty level guidelines and sees the the poverty level income for a household of one is $12,140 a year and I get $12,012 a year. Yes, there is a discount on Pro right now, for right now. But what about the long term? Is there some manner by which we might meet halfway? (Hmm, it said error submitting message please try again, so here goes again. I would not be surprised if all the ad blockers, script blockers, and GIF blockers, I use to make the web usable for me what with having autism and several other things had something to do with that error. God I hate those blinky flashy GIF, they are truly the spawn of Hades.)"