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  1. https://www.spaceinminiature.com/ref/gem/gem1.html
  2. And then here's the ring which has the 4 tanks, named retrograde adaptor here, other than that it is a color image, I don't know anything about it, flight article? Mockup? Doing a Google reverse image search on the image got clocks, not exactly useful. https://spacerockethistory.com/?p=979
  3. also unpainted, https://archive.org/details/S65-54194 I'm not sure what "B&W" at end of text about a color image is for. Image has look of original color, not of having been colorized.
  4. Mockup in interior green here, https://science.ksc.nasa.gov/mirrors/images/html/gt9.htm
  5. Found this, http://www.ninfinger.org/models/vault2014/Gemini Aft/index.html all appear to be bare metal.
  6. I remember when a number of Tamiya 1/35 tank models had motors powered by either a pair of C batteries or AA depending on tank size. Was great for authentic instant weathering, just go run them through a mudpuddle! My M36 and brother's M10 actually trapped enough air under their upper hulls to float and swim with track propulsion! Yeah, the motors got a little damp but nothing a hair dryer couldn't cure during post-mission maintenance. Eventually we took sheet and tube styrene and managed to make lower hulls somewhat more water resistance. At some point a I got a secon
  7. And default to linking to your Flicker pages, which a person might not always want to do. The active links could be edited out of the Flickr BBC img code.
  8. And that seems to share at same size the Flickr image is.
  9. I don't post much progress any more but that is a thing I will work on remembering, thanks!
  10. At 10:05 that connects with where that unless it is a game miniature I'm always afraid to pick up someone else's model; I didn't build it and don't know where its strong and weak points are. A lot of that goes as far back as late 1970s when a friend okayed me picking up his Tamiya Panzer 2 and even though I was a more prolific tank builder at the time, in picking up Tripp's tank I managed to break off 2 of the return rollers. 😞 Yes, that still bugs me all these decades later!
  11. No kidding? I don't recall knowing that. There's not all that much to a 1/72 F-104, so the price was probably reasonable.
  12. This indoor test of a large Saturn I model looked like it might be of interest. I don't know what is being tested and the post doesn't say. But ya know, the scene could make a neat diorama. https://thevaultoftheatomicspaceage.tumblr.com/post/628948600011079680
  13. Working with several different paint brands will allow for building up a knowledge base of their specific quirks & will enable brand mixing to be tested. Both allow you to answer questions asked by others & allow flexibility should one or more brands not be available at some point.
  14. Thanks for sharing this bit of aircraft history from San Diego ASM's channel.
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