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  1. The following gives: While specifically about molding styrene plastic model train parts it also applies to molding plastic model kits. "... 4:07 I'm sitting here with Miss Wong you 4:10 remember her from our last video in 4:11 China and every time we put a video of 4:14 our factory on to YouTube 4:17 we got the usual complaints bring these 4:18 jobs back to America these should be 4:20 made in America Canada Yaya some people 4:23 want to make anywhere but China well I'm 4:24 gonna address that right now okay this 4:27 industry of model railroad
  2. There is a long history of CA glues and clear parts not playing well together. 😕 But, hey, at least in this case it was removable Krystal Klear instead of clear styrene parts glued on from the inside! Brings to mind a model railroading friend who in the 1980s discovered Krystal Klear and heat likewise do not play well together when he used some for windshields in a couple N scale locomotives; after several hours of constant running at a show the windshields had melted. Head-on photo on dark background feels like something right out of NASA's gallery! 😎
  3. Okay, irrevocably committed to adding detail parts. 😄 Dug out the Monogram/Revell Avenger's .30 cal nose MG to turn it in to a .50 with flash hider. ❓ Unsure what exactly I'm going to do for the full gun since it is rather bigger than a .30. But I'll be the barrel trough still needs a bit more depth. Tamiya Brewster F2 and Monogram/Revell Curtiss P-40 fuselages are not glued, are just taped to hold cockpit parts in place while gluing it to one half of fuselage. Brewster fuselage is something like only 2/3 length of TBF fuselage. EDIT: Yep, cow
  4. Uh-oh ... Famous last words indeed! 🤣 Just had a fun sounding idea for a "What If" ... 😄 Avenger pair as specialist nighttime submarine hunter-killer aircraft. Noting that the Lindberg Avenger has a pair of depth charges and a short torpedo. What if ... 🤔 ... they were both given underwing radar pod. ... they both had a searchlight pod on opposite wing from radar. ... they were a fictional dash version which had 20mm cannon outboard of the wing mounted .50 cal machineguns. ... and the .50s and 20mm all
  5. And speaking of aftermarket heads ... Those 2 middle guys wear each other's head well. Pilot from Lindberg's also 1950s Convair XFY-1 Pogo will become TBF's aft fuselage guy. (the XFY is getting cockpit and pilot from Monogram F-84, which will then get resin cockpit and a pilot guy yet to be determined) (a sci-fi build is getting the F-84's stores) (Hey, 1970s Monogram, y'all Could Have Made it A LOT Easier to build the F-84 with gear up‼️) ❓ But what was Monogram's 1958 deal with the pilot having "classic" 1950s-60s "Mummy legs" & the less visib
  6. Thanks! 😄 Oh, that bug bit in the 1970s with 1/35 Tamiya and 1/32 Monogram tanks; and a 1/72 Monogram P-51B with canopy cut open, cockpit details made of lacquer saturated cardstock, and pilot's control stick arm reposed to be waving at someone, which won the youth category a model contest. And with various brands of 1/72 tanks up till 2006 after a major health crash end of 2005. And there have been the trains too, https://flic.kr/s/aHsmNta2w7 and https://flic.kr/s/aHskMwP9GX Some samples from that health crash time in a KCAMPS contest around 2005 of 1/72 an
  7. Well, I went and did a few things to start the Monogram/Revell TBF after saying just above that it was going to wait. Got the fuselage compartment windows glued in. Wing fold hinge parts are there but not used in the instructions. They can be figured out. Circular raised stops for the wings and the aft cabin door will be left in place. As will raised copyright lettering under one horizontal stabilizer. The copyright MMI has been replaced by copyright Revell with the original 1956, or is it 1958, date intact. There is also raised Monogram Model
  8. Hate it when that happens. Here's luck so it doesn't happen twice to the same part. (let's not open the can of worms about why I was moved to say that)
  9. Here, these pages have the reference photo which led me to paint top of Brewster's wing spar/fuel tank/rudder pedals floor black; http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/models/aircraft/Brewster-Buffalo.html https://kw.jonkerweb.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=725:brewster-b339-buffalo-uk&catid=83&lang=en&Itemid=545&showall=&limitstart=1 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/610167449489487335/ For contrast here's an image where it is in that aluminum lacquer, https://postimg.cc/Q9vTxddR
  10. Has been since 2007 that I've built a Warbird, with a health decline largely responsible for that. But ... Last month I started having the 'want to' again after years of poking along at railway and sci-fi builds. So ... I dug out the 5 kits I still had & Bought a Brewster from the renewed Squadron Shop. There are; Two Hayakushiki in that box, one recon, one air defense. (recon job is a really shapely airplane) Two Avengers in that box, one Lindberg, one Monogram, both vintage kits with operating features. 😁 One Revell/Monogram P-40B, not pictu
  11. So they could push the seat mounting pins out of the mold. After several decades of thinking about getting one of these I did last month. In those intervening decades there has been a health decline which means there will be no superdetailing, even so, it is enjoyable looking around the internet to see what people have done with Tamiya's kit. Engine and cockpit here look quite nice. 😎 Quite nice. Ah, that's an issue since this build is landing gear retracted and will be hung up.
  12. Good looking jets. I don't know much about today's generation of fighters but do know that Draken was quite a machine for its time, and slick looking too.
  13. The Earth's poles would probably have shifted 90 degrees. 😁 Hey, a start is a start! 🙂 To borrow a phrasing pattern from my Grandfather, who was in the Navy in WW2, and was civilian pilot afterward, it is more of a start than it would have been were it less of a start than it is.
  14. Hey there. 🙂 Have been doing more modeling in the railroad, space, sci-fi, realms than aircraft in recent years but do have some aircraft projects seeing occasional bite sized bits of progress. Yesterday I discovered how rusty you get after having done almost zero airbrushing for several years in a row. 😲🤔
  15. SDASM's Flickr has a nice series on this plane, including at least one airframe photographed with each the floats and the wheels, oh, different 37 and 38,
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