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  1. Hmm, wonder how many of those, if any, ended up seeing action in miniatures games? Sometimes you do the nice minis, the official minis; and sometimes you invent and adapt.
  2. Good article. Now ... Imagine modeling US steam locomotives of the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, where they were shopped at regular and irregular intervals and that tangle of external hardware and plumbing could be, and did get, changed, or not changed, with minimal surviving documentation, if any, and was almost guaranteed to be different, often subtly but sometimes glaringly, on different locomotives of the same original design and class but done at different shops. That is why I mostly freelance and have never bothered to enter a model train contest, and especially not ev
  3. Hey, cool! Ya know ... In the back closet ... is a Monogram 1/72 Shuttle I've had for decades and instead of building have pirated a few parts from for sci-fi builds. If ... That Shuttle were to be built it would need SME engine bells ...
  4. Spoiler alert: this ends up as a "What paint colors to use? And does it need different than the kit decals?" post. After poking around the internet it looks like I need to come where at least a couple people know my name and ask some questions. Have a health forum friend over in UK who has a model railway layout on which she is building a small RAF museum. And the British OO scale model railway size at 4mm/foot, 1/76, is close enough to 1/72 to be mostly a non-issue. (except the occasional situations where it does become an issue) I got the wild idea yesterday to build an
  5. Meaningless comparison. Cars now are loaded with electronic systems which did not exist when I was a kid & have a number of mechanical and electrical systems not included in consumer vehicles when I was a kid. For instance, the 2017 minivan my parents gave me has 3 powered doors, also with radio frequency remote control, its own hard disk drive to which music and images can be uploaded, and an inverter which makes house current provided to outlets in the side sliding door posts. And as for electronics, from a decade ago, increase it a bit for today, https://www
  6. Venting about how people behave on ebay is not going to have any documentable impact on innate human nature.
  7. Ah, that article is useful to pass along to someone elsewhere on the web who photographed olive green game minis on a white table. No, it wasn't me.
  8. So very few electrons make the difference between a band clamp and band camp.
  9. Ahh, gonna hafta make a note of that. Are also places it can find uses on trains and spacecraft.
  10. I can't find where that leaves anything unclear; "The National Naval Aviation Museum is located on board NAS Pensacola. Access to the air station and therefore the museum is limited to all holders of current Department of Defense (DoD) ID." https://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/things-to-do/plan-your-visit/
  11. That brings to mind a thing from way back when I worked for F. W. Woolworth in KCMO. I happened to be up by the register when what looked to be a grandmother and a younger than 4th grade school age granddaughter were checking out. (wow, imagine that, the 1980s and 90s are now 'way back when', mind blown) As grandmother was paying the granddaughter asked cashier, "What do you do with all the money?" Grandmother looked ready to melt in to the floor tiles in embarrassment. I decided to not embarrass her further by drawing attention to that so I took the opportunity to be educat
  12. Hmm, that has me wondering if the issue is less about paint and more about technique. Not having observed the act of painting I have no data from which to draw conclusions. But I still wonder. Some things to examine: Might the paint be thinned a bit too much? Too little? Spraying too heavy a coat & from too close (because small part invites closeness)? Perhaps widen the spray pattern and increase distance a bit and make multiple thin layer passes. Sure, that might maybe sacrifice more paint as overspray than what goes on the strut.
  13. Wait, what, that's inch tall person scale? Nice!
  14. Something in me seems to cycle between genres of modeling on an as yet not discerned 'schedule' and if I try to work on something 'out of genre' it does not go well. This has been observed for over 3 decades. I don't know why the cycle or what causes the changes.
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