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  1. Ah, now this is a project Apollo project to follow.
  2. I use Flickr to host the photo. As for resizing - I don't. Flickr's box for getting the BBC code to paste in the forum offers a selection of sizes for the code link to display the image as.
  3. That is an interesting connection to a difficult part of history.
  4. Wow, it did reach out and grab her. Given the concern of mothers, wives, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, for service members in the war, it might could be said that she now has a realistic idea of their experience of the war.
  5. Brings to mind a thing with my brother some years ago. Had a quite nicely done Tamiya 1/35 US infantry figure and he asked me, a big user of Tamiya's acrylics since I was having reactions to common enamels and lacquers, if he could use their Flat Base as a dull coat. I said something along the lines of, "The answer is in the name, base, not coat." But he kept asking and asking and asking and asking for several days in a row. So I finally said something along the lines of "If you really want to try it then give it a try." He did. On that figure without testing it on something else first. He came back to me, rather upset. Once again I said something along the lines of, "The answer is in the name, base, not coat."
  6. For the ultimate contrast to that, come to the US and go to a showing of the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is not merely going to see a movie, it is participating in an experience! 😄 But, back to the question, I expect american audiences applauding, or booing, a move is a function of what I'd call our culture's innate need to express. Be it thoughts, feelings, opinions, observations, experiences, it seems we Americans are driven to express, to share, and sometimes we do so no matter whether anyone is listening or not. It is our need for us. If someone else can gain from it, that is okay too. Along with that, I find it logical that major social media is based here.
  7. That hue won't get lost in the fog!
  8. Hair dryers and model plastic, oh I would be so paranoid! Being totally not a car guy and being curious what the orange color looked like I went playing in Google. Found; https://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/new-nsx-vs-old-nsx/ which has photos of a 1991 in red and a 2019 in orange. Hmm, that's interesting,
  9. Am enjoying seeing the 3 side by side. And yes, the cockpit painting looks good.
  10. Been a long time since I've looked at WW2 fighter info & I am thinking didn't the USAAC take custody of some Aircobras which ended up not being shipped to foreign forces? If so could that explain at least one of the different cockpit hues?
  11. War isn't funny but that is funny about one taking out a MiG-15! 🤣 And a little Googling finds it was a 17. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/ov-1-vs-mig-17-story-mohawk-became-mig-killer/ and Avgeekery Exclusive: MiG-Killing Army OV-1 Mohawk Pilot Ken Lee July 22, 2018 7 minute read Bill Walton https://www.avgeekery.com/avgeekery-exclusive-mig-killing-army-ov-1-mohawk-pilot-ken-lee/ Talk about stupid asinine crap, aren't those adults and not teenage egocentric mean girls who run the military?
  12. It looks like it has names written on it. EDIT: A little Googling found this and indeed it does,
  13. I am tempted to comment that the situation is merely a reflection of the members. But seriously, there is a post elsewhere that there was some error in the software and/or server which required resetting to last saved state of being of October 28. Hosting company wanted to reset to the 24th but forum admin managed to get it to the 28th. Posts since then have been lost. May be other factors involved and discussed since I saw that this morning, haven't looked.
  14. Hmm. Did not know about the reformulation. The tube I have is over a year old and works okay; have kept it in a suitably sized and very tightly sealing empty pill bottle.
  15. Rules for successful living: 1. if it is on Facebook condemn it false until you locate 3 different and independent of Facebook outside sources which verify and document it to be true.
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