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  1. Now that's unique. Venezuelan Navy Patrol Ship Sinks After Collision With Cruise Ship By The Maritime Executive 04-01-2020 05:28:51 https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/venezuelan-navy-patrol-boat-sinks-after-collision-with-cruise-ship and Cruise ship sunk Venezuelan Navy ship after being fired at and rammed. Don’t mess with RESOLUTE. Posted in Accidents by Mikhail Voytenko on Apr 01, 2020 at 10:41. https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2020/29297/cruise-ship-sunk-venezuelan-navy-ship-and-fled-pro/
  2. That from the article, Brings to mind this YouTube watched this last night,
  3. Here's a train to model with 1/87 or 1/48 military vehicles and helicopters while you are locked down or self isolating, https://www.railpictures.net/photo/730257/ And we now present today’s episode of “PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS” Stay tuned for part 2, “The Media Are Idiots!” “multiple news helicopters even following it at one point “ Seriously? 🙄
  4. If human life is merely a random accident of evolution and is a purely materialistic thing with no greater reason, or purpose, or future, then why should human life be anything more than just another material commodity to be weighed and measured? tl;dr, Philosophies/worldviews have consequences.
  5. On Wednesday March 25, our riverbank farm burg's local newspaper (which is no longer produced locally) had buried, hidden?, on page 11 of its 12 pages (that means the next to last page) an article that a visitor to the casino in town had tested positive for COVID-19. The County Health Department is reported as not giving which state or county the person resides in but only that they visited the casino the morning of March 17. It also doesn't say When the person tested positive. This town has a population below 9,000 and is only about 3 miles across from west to east or north to south. Printed on the next to last page, eh, I wonder how far they were from choosing to not print it at all ...
  6. The word Harbor was used earlier, and the following is an idea for use in times of need, so I'm going to say it fits here, just came across this, "Hospital boat solution to Coronavirus crisis? 23 March 2020" https://www.maritimejournal.com/news101/industry-news/an-expandable-hospital-boat-solution-to-a-crisis
  7. Been a while since I've modeled or researched WW2 aircraft but in the several decades that I did, there didn't seem to be any period images of US planes painted olive drab which had anti-glare panels; only the natural metal ones did. Had to look up Lindberg's kit. That black upper nose on the D-Day marked olive drab one one is something I've only seen there. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/lindberg-482-60-north-american-p-51b-mustang--179071
  8. Skyray was an interesting and attractive airplane. Colors of slat well and underside of slat have been discussed before, somewhere, and all I can remember is that there were a couple different directives on that during the service life of the airplane; at some point in time red was specified and at another point in time it was specified to paint the slat well whatever the upper wing color was at that point - meaning that 0743 in the utility livery of grey fuselage and yellow wings got yellow slat wells. However ... ... color images show photos of 0745 in overall white with red underside, vertical fin, & forward portion of wings in red-orange got red slat wells at China Lake in 1960, but ... 4856 in same livery at Point Mugu shows white or maybe light grey slat interiors standing out against red wing surface and red slat surface. Looking at color images scattered about in book Killer Rays, Mark Frankel, 2010, Specialty Press, does indeed support, Q: What color are Skyray leading edge slat well interiors? A: Which airframe on which date?
  9. When I worked at a now moved auto auction in the 1990s, we got a lot of cars via a transport company named Jack Cooper who as a matter of policy did not use sleeper cabs and had their drivers sleep at night in hotels. Since their trucks have no food storage or preparation equipment the above condition would be a huge issue for them. Although there might be enough of a slowdown in the auto auction business now that the scale of the food issue for them is somewhat reduced and having work at all is the new issue.
  10. Just got back from Walmart, overheard a few people talking in an aisle, seemed maybe to be trucker and someone in a traveling utility crew. They were NOT happy campers; One of them had just come from someplace where not only were the restaurants just flat closed, not even doing takeout, but the grocery stores had been bare for a week, General tenor of the conversation was, "And just how do all you Einsteins propose we EAT???" Yeah, there was just a touch of resentment in their tone. Don't know if the trucker had been hauling toilet paper, but WM did have that and milk again. Fergit buying cereal, eggs, canned fruit, soup, not gonna happen.
  11. Welcome 🙂 Sometimes search engines work wonders, sometimes you wonder if you caught them off having lunch.
  12. I'm not going to go dig in the box of old paint, but back when there was Polly Scale, I wonder if their Soviet Sand color would have been close enough? It was pretty yellow. Hmm, wonder what Google might find? Oh! There's a web page somebody says they have some, https://www.newfrontierhobbies.com/Soviet-Sand-12-oz-Floquil-Polly-Scale-Acrylic-Color_p_847.html
  13. Here's some media it might not be generally thought to look at, a couple of maritime and inland waterways journals, https://www.workboat.com/ and https://www.waterwaysjournal.net/
  14. We have a moderate security prison in our county seat farm burg. One fellow from model train club and one fellow from creative writers group each work there. The incarcerated seem to be what I guess would be a standard human mix of the misguided, the pathological, the unfortunate, and the manipulative. Which things also seem to apply to current coronavirus responses out in the general public.
  15. Oh my! Glad y'all are recovering. What a way to have faith refined. That shortage of test kits is disappointing, and I wonder if there are cases were people won't be able to get some coverage or compensation because they were not tested.
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