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  1. I don't know anything about thermite's medicinal properties but it is great for welding railroad rails in place. http://www.railway-fasteners.com/news/what-is-railroad-thermite-welding.html and
  2. Pointy and shiny is very retro. Quality work on the foiling. Hmm ... If I had the leftover laundromat quarters to spend on the projects it could be fun to do a few "No Way!" what-if B-58s. One with FLIR and other sensor bulges on the nose and loaded with something like fifty anti-tank missiles. One in Navy gull grey and white with 4 torpedoes where this one has the nukes. One in ANG markings with a refueling boom coming from the center pod
  3. Hey, that is something! The very few Dinky Toys vehicles and airplanes I had in the 1960s and 1970s USA did impress my childhood self.
  4. Got notification the Shapeways parts have shipped. 😊 And here are some illustrations of how the body extensions are being made. First thing was deciding what length 'looks about right' then coming up with a specific dimension. Photo illustrates result of that process; a 1.8 inch extension divided in to three 0.6 inch decks, which at 1/200 scale make a deck height allowing for structural framing and still being neither too low nor too high. A strip of .020 styrene was glued around kit parts to make an attachment lip. A 1.8 inch wide strip of .020 (or was it .015?) thick sheet stryrene from Plastruct was cut then wrapped and taped around a spray paint can for several days to encourage the plastic to take a curve. After it was secured, three strips of 0.6 inch wide, .020 thick, were cut then taped around pill bottles for several days for similar shaping. Decided to do outer layer of wrap in the 0.6 inch strips for 2 reasons, took less effort to shape & also gives visual of where decks are. Final exterior finishing will likely be representation of thermal blankets which will obscure that but for now I wanted to see where the decks would be. For some unknown reason I staggered the external strip joins on one module but not the other.
  5. Thanks! Am pondering whether to seek some kind of 1/200 scale spacewalking figures to display on the ship.
  6. You need to find the page which tells what the letters are; which letter is which hue will vary from kit to kit. That will be the authority on which is to be matte, gloss, semigloss.
  7. Not knowing anything about I looked it up, interesting story how it came to be, https://www.airfix.com/us-en/heinkel-he111-h-6-motorhead-bomber-special.html
  8. There is a 1:33 scale B-52 available for rather less than a thousand dollars. http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/aviation/30997-b-52-d-1-33-scale.html https://sklep.gpm.pl/en/modele-kartonowe/samoloty/1/33/b-52d-gpm066
  9. Am curious to see the decals both on the backing paper and on the model. While we're talking Bandai's Star Wars models ... In the 1970s I built a number of Bandai's 1/48 scale tank kits with the interior details and rather liked them. The figures could have been more finely detailed and sculpted, but it was the mid 1970s, and plastic model molding tech was not what it is now. Haven't built another Bandai model until this week ... Got the 1/144 scale combo kit with X-wing & Y-wing. Have glued together the X-wing's engine parts but that's all. Am quite impressed with the detailing on the ships. Ahh, will note and remember that.
  10. That ain't real group build is over? Is that for real? 😉
  11. 😮 Oh dear! Hurricanes are serious stuff to begin with and that is really serious.
  12. Indeed it was fun, and inspiring too!
  13. Indeed; I still want to see how this build goes.
  14. Thanks, I'll keep posting. While over at the city a couple days ago I stopped in the miniatures gaming store, there are no regular hobby shops, and bought a pack of .100 inch thick white sheet styrene by Plastruct from which to make the landing pad for a sort of diorama base for this model & one for the US Moon Ship model too. Would have preferred Evergreen's styrene sheet for this part since their plastic is a bit stiffer than Plastruct's but obtaining it would have required mail order and the miniatures game store was on the way to where my appointment was, so no extra gasoline or shipping cost to obtain it. The US Noom Ship is mentioned in my other thread, here,
  15. Couldn't finish by the build end date but progress will continue. Just ordered some 1/32 scale Apollo service module RCS thruster mounts and nozzles from a vendor on shapeways. Will eventually want 2 full sets, one forward and one aft. Those will be some big honkin thrusters in the 1/200 scale I'm calling this thing. But, I am increasing its mass, so ... https://www.shapeways.com/product/MHJXAJUQ8/apollo-sm-rcs-housings-1-32 https://www.shapeways.com/product/PRHHB9C8G/rcs-engines-1-32-20-sprue
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