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  1. VERY early M113, 3AD 1963

    That came together nicely. Haven't yet used Archer's transfers but that is quite interesting about applying them to wet transfer film. Ahh, near-microscopic letters, have gone there with trains, it is an adventure!
  2. Space Shuttle Challenger STS-51L

    What happened? This happened, https://petapixel.com/2017/07/01/photobucket-just-broke-billions-photos-embedded-web/ https://www.denverpost.com/2017/07/06/photobucket-complaints-over-charging/
  3. 1/72 Matchbox Lancaster... with Extras

    This is quite a project. And, honestly, I kinda like those Matchbox kits. Liked the style of their 1/72 figures, some of the WW2 tank and truck figures were quite nice.
  4. Is this just another spread of fake news?

    I like this article from last minutes of March last year, https://tacairnet.com/2017/03/31/navy-to-explore-resurrecting-the-f-14-tomcat-to-replace-the-f-35/
  5. F-23A Black Widow II

    There's "Some assembly required" and then there's this! Cool. Very cool.
  6. Back dating a DC-3 to a DC-2

    Relevant book worth acquiring. DC-2 chapter runs pages 62 to 83. Includes page with 1/100 scale 3-view.
  7. Hobbico goes Tango Uniform

    This and the comments are worth the time to read, http://www.uavexpertnews.com/2017/01/industry-giants-flounder/
  8. Hobbico goes Tango Uniform

    Definitely news of the day; also being discussed at Starship Modeler, Ye Olde Rocket Forum, and The Rocketry Forum. I'm not in to RC but you know it is big news there. Here's Hobbico's own page on it, https://www.hobbico.com/company-news.php Last time I was in hobby retail was 2006 and the world has changed even since then. And will likely change even more as time passes.
  9. Trying to build a Beech RU-21

    I didn't even know the RU-21 type was out there until seeing your posts and going to look up what it is. Stopped keeping track of military aviation over a decade ago when my health began to really limit how many hobby things I could do.
  10. Trying to build a Beech RU-21

    Modeling this one will get you around the cabin window issue on the port side. Beech RU-21H Ute (65-A90-1) http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Army/Beech-RU-21H-Ute-65-A90-1/890843
  11. 1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

    Betting this is about the same as building movie miniatures.
  12. FW 190 russian winter white cam

    Or would the white paint be applied around the stencil? Or would the crews be familiar enough with the aircraft by this time that they did not need the servicing stencils?
  13. A Trio of Lightnings - 1/72

    Lightning was/is a really interesting airplane which has seemed in past to not in this country get the credit it deserves.
  14. New 1/144 project!

    Either you have done a grand job of capturing the setting or they absolutely hired the right guy when they hired you to build the movie set. Plugged offen dekung fur flugzeuge in to Google and as it sometimes does it is showing images of almost everything on the planet except what I am looking for. Which makes it likely I would have never known this without your input, so, thanks! Ya do learn interesting stuff on here!
  15. New 1/144 project!

    The knowledge to answer that question is something I do not have. What I will say is the exhaust trench and deflector is a combination I've not seen before. Interesting and practical.