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  1. I'm obviously no Shapeways expert, but ... (Grandad W said an expert is merely someone who used to be a drip under pressure) ... the Trolleyville website for trolley and tram modelers has a downloadable pdf for each cleaning and painting, which may be of help to some degree or another. Lesson 6: Recommendation For Cleaning 3D Printed Models (Instructor: Volkmar Meier), 3 pages, http://www.trolleyville.com/tv/school/lesson5_6/InstructionsCleaning_light.pdf Lesson 2: Recommendation For Painting 3D Printed Models (Instructor: Volkmar Meier) 4 pages, http://www.trolleyville.com/tv/school/lesson3_2/Painting.pdf
  2. Yep, recently bought first 3D printed product I've ever purchased, a Starfire game miniature, and they are quite right about the whitening and roughness. And then when you decide to play with your little Canon point and shoot's macro setting ... (note that battleship is rotated between images, white side is rough side)
  3. Blackburn Buccaneer 60th Anniversary

    That is one cool looking airplane. Which was a pretty good performer too. And then ya gotta like that name.
  4. So, how do we know that; is it because our subs are going ye forth and doing likewise? But my main question here is " lurking thousands of meters deep" Thousands of meters? Times 3.3 for how many thousands of feet? {and are they colluding with Facebook?} http://bigthink.com/news/russian-submarines-are-lurking-near-the-underwater-cables-that-power-the-internet
  5. Beriev Be-12 (Modelsvit, 1/72)

    Playing in google found this, Which has, http://www.seawings.co.uk/images/Be-12 WR ex Sergey Dolya/Interior - 9.jpg Feel free to interpret the meaning of the headrest handles and roof hatches as you wish. While keeping in mind the proximity of the propellors to the cockpit.
  6. RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    Nice clear images. I wasn't aware that C-5's mains rotated while retracting.
  7. Ju87 G-1 Build and Questions about Future Wax

    A different way to do canopy frames would be to get some blank decal film, paint it, then apply canopy framing as decal strips.
  8. Should I admit to using it since the mid 1970s? That difference in reaction by ink color is something I've never encountered, or even heard of, before. Fascinating.
  9. Walthers Solvaset has long had a reputation for being pretty powerful stuff and often safer to use after being diluted a bit with water. How probable it is I can't say, but evaporation making it more concentrated could be possible. Question is, how long would it take for a significant amount of liquid to evaporate through such a small air gap.
  10. FINISHED!!! Revell 1/48 B-29 finished in Bare Metal Foil

    B-58 was a good looking airplane and an interesting one. Wish Monogram 1/48 bird had 3 opening hatches and 3 crew like Lindberg's ancient 1/64 and 1/128 kits. Way back when I was going to get the Monogram kit until finding out it didn't have those. Maybe everyone knows, maybe not, that those swirls give a clue to the flow of liquid plastic as it is being injected in to the mold. A little 128 page volume which might be of interest?
  11. Grippen E/F conversion.

    Yep. Just because griffin, griffon, has two f that doesn't mean gripen has two p. (and there's gryphon, with zero f, which we'll kindly omit from my remarks)
  12. Pave Hawk helicopter Down in Iraq

    Oh dear. So tragic.
  13. Another super hornet down

    Knowing from the start that it is a dangerous business doesn't make the losses hurt less. I hope the families have someone who can be there with them through this.
  14. Stripping Tamiya Surface Primer?

    Oh, I'd forgotten about Testor's Easy Lift-Off; now that you mention it there is a can somewhere in the hobby supplies. Been a couple years since it was last used.
  15. Stripping Tamiya Surface Primer?

    Perhaps give this a try https://www.walthers.com/paint-stripper-remover-for-plastics-16oz-473ml-bottle We model railroaders have been stripping factory paint from plastic bodies for decades. I've used this since the 1980s. And a now out of production brand of same. The question is how much will be required to strip a model car body. HO and N scale model train bodies will fit wholly or halfway in a tall olive jar: a 1/24 auto body not so much. Will require a plastic food container. If it has to be done halfway deep the turned over to get other half that's okay. Do not use it on resin! It tends to dissolve resin when I have tested it on resin leftovers.