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  1. I just got some Mr Hobby aqueous paint in RAF/Royal Navy WW2 hues for an Airfix 1/72 Grumman Widgeon/Gosling. Haven't used it before, which makes this look like a thread to watch. EDIT: Well, check that, wandering around their website reveals that I have used their products some years ago around the turn of the century, Gunze Sangyo,
  2. Found this at USNI which says which pilot was in which condition, https://news.usni.org/2021/09/19/two-injured-after-navy-t-45c-trainer-crashes-in-texas-neighborhood And from the TV station mentioned ... ejecting can itself be very dangerous, and then there's the landing after ejecting, https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/military-aircraft-crashes-in-lake-worth-officials-say/287-ef5d024c-df6f-4257-aa5b-4cc552063060
  3. At least here in the US there are a couple different plastic-safe paint strippers for models available from model railroad suppliers. In my experience they are NOT safe for RESIN and will turn it in to pudding. Here's a reusable one I've been using for a couple decades, works in a jar into which you can place the parts, https://www.walthers.com/paint-stripper-remover-for-plastics-16oz-473ml-bottle It has tended to remove Squadron white putty. And one which can be applied to model parts which won't go in jars, https://www.walthers.com/easy-lift
  4. Gotta love a Connie! 😁 Minicraft's kit is one I've not done. Just started video and have paused at opening of instructions. Have a Revell Germany Constellation which has been a couple years now in the cabinet awaiting paint. Now, back to video to see how the kits compare.
  5. Really neat projects here. 😎 Don't watch much TV but did watch some of that back then while living in central Georgia in the 1970s, was fun. And then the brain is having word fun, "Beetle kitbash" ... Beetlebash, which is actually fun to say. There is a model show phenomena which explains things such as, for a hypothetical example, a 100% strictly accurate rendering of a utilitarian work vehicle being overlooked in favor of an imaginary fluorescent scooter.
  6. Haven't used weapons sets as a ready-built stockpile but have built weapons for sets as needed for a given project; and now for something completely different, in the 1990s used elements from both scales of Hasegawa's weapons sets as foundations for scratchbuilt sci-fi game spaceship miniatures.
  7. That's odd. You'd think they'd restrict curling irons since one caused a fire in the apartment above me in the 1990s and having had firefighters as friends all my adult life I've never heard a story about model paint causing an apartment fire.
  8. I don't recall having to cease and discard a kit build as result of mistake. Up till a bout a decade a go the problem was finished builds taking damage during frequent moves. Now it is messy health which stalls builds.
  9. Used to do 1/72 scale armor until about a decade ago & if you have been doing recent searching you definitely now know more than I do about what is available.
  10. What worked for me to end the AMS drudgery and stress was getting a couple neurological, endocrine, and musculoskeletal, diseases which made it so that I Can't build and paint like I used to. Those can indeed be fun! 😄 (and fun to saw apart to make sci-fi models!)
  11. I've not the first clue but certainly do admire what it produced.
  12. Before going and playing in Google I'm guessing it is a BOMARC. --> Nope, BOMARC is white sideways one upper right. Aha! There it is, http://www.astronautix.com/n/navahox-10.html See also: http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/app1/x-10.html And for something to occupy your free time, here's a 304 page PDF book, which features Navajo at upper left of cover; https://media.defense.gov/2017/Apr/07/2001728474/-1/-1/0/B_0006_WERRELL_EVOLUTION_CRUISE_MISSILE.PDF The Evolution of the Cruise Missile by KENNETH P. WERRELL Air Uni
  13. While these days unusual for plastic models, the scale itself is not really odd; it is half the size of 1/64 scale, aka 3/16in = 1ft, which is well known in the history of architectural models & in model railways as "S scale". 1/128 scale, aka 3/32inch = 1ft, is also known in both the static display and RC model ship worlds. You know what I'd put with this ... Well, probably not until I tell ya ... Lindberg's old 1/128 scale B-58 Hustler (which also came in a 1/64 scale kit) And there is at least 1 ARC post about it,
  14. Interesting, but the deeper question is, why is one on left painted like Airwolf?
  15. The still not built 1/72 scale 2 seat A-10 in the closet likewise has no part there. I think the thing there on the real deal is a flare dispenser. Perhaps it could be that the prototype their kit is based on simply didn't have those fitted at the time.
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