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  1. I'd go with what dylan's current experience says, Tamiya appears to have changed materials since 2 decades ago, the pin to join tracks of my era struck me as not rubber but more of a vinyl-ish material.
  2. Oh man, I've not worked with those since the kits were motorized in the 1970s and early 1980s. Have to admit, the motors allowed for instant realistic weathering, just go run the thing through a mudpuddle! 😁 Where you say "rubber" tracks - do you mean the flexible ones which need to be joined at ends? Or the actual rubber continuous loop tracks like the steerable Hunting Tiger my Dad gave me in 1975 had? Where instructions show peening the pins over with a hot/warmed screwdriver blade that works and works well. Use a small flathead so as to allow quick heating
  3. That is interesting, quite interesting. Understandable -->
  4. Random thought and having not researched WW2 aircraft for over a decade - any chance those grids might have been somehow heated, electrical resistance heating, or something?
  5. Ahh, will have to remember this.
  6. Simplest explanation might be because of pulling out old paper instructions to scan for electronic publication and the file cabinet has a roach issue.
  7. Not any I need for a modeling project. Am looking at the museum's website - no wonder you are spending several days there! 😮😄
  8. Hey, cool. Bookmarked for possible future acquisition of a set.
  9. Member over at The Rocketry Forum has diagrams for rivet locations on the fins, so go sharpen your rivet tool! And has something like 5G of reference material.
  10. I wonder if research would reveal that it is the dogs who are behind the "your cat is plotting to kill you" meme, you know, misdirection, disinformation, and all that.
  11. and thanks to a Rocketry Forum member ! 😁
  12. Hey, idea, just posted about your question in the Scale section at The Rocketry Forum for flying model rockets https://www.rocketryforum.com/forums/scale.45/ Surely someone there will know.
  13. You too eh! Even with having several books about Saturn V, I resorted to copying the alignment on Revell's and Airfix's 1/144 models which I also have. (actually, going to look at the still in grey primer 1/200 model, it may be part copying and part just giving up and not caring any more) Even these books don't answer that question satisfactorily,
  14. The dyslexic part of me here at half till midnight is wondering what happens when Shog Moots Dan.
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