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I've got two of the Special Hobby 1/48 scale X-15A-2 kits, one of which I'd like to back date with the XLR-11 engines and thought that I saw a few year back where someone had produced a resin conversion for the Special Hobby 1/48 scale X-15 kit that had the XLR-11 engines, shortly before I acquired the second X-15A-2 kit. 

I thought it was Hypersonic Models, but after checking their web site of 'discontinued' resin conversions, they don't show it, and Jeffery says he won't be making those sets anymore as the original molds are so old and were designed to be used for only a "few" sets, not the "three figure" sets he ended up producing from them! 

But he says he WILL be revisiting the X-15 again in the future, but gave no time frame as to when that might be.

If anyone might know WHO produced a 1/48 scale XLR-11 engine conversion set for the Special Hobby kit, or know if there are any available, it would be greatly appreciated!


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First of all, 56-6671 in the X-15A-2 configuration never flew with the XLR11 engine. 6671, initially known as X-15-2, had already been upgraded to the XLR99 before the accident that resulted in the “rebuild” known as X-15A-2 with the stretched fuselage and external tanks. 

Since the Special Hobby 1/48 kit represents X-15A-2 you would need to shorten the fuselage and modify the “boat tail” at the engine to represent X-15-2, in addition to finding an XLR11 engine.

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habu2....I'm FULLY aware that X-15A-2 (X-15 #2)flew with just the XLR99 engine. 

I'm planning on back-dating the model to its X-15 #2 configuration with the XLR11 stacked engines, 'boat-tail' extension, and shorter fuselage.

I was seeking information on the availability of the XLR11 engine conversion set I had seen a couple of years back to do this.

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