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After the DSKY my next lofty goal was to build the Saturn V along with the LUT and crawler.  The scale is 1/60 which is almost 7 feet tall.  I figured I would start out small and tackle the crawler.  Again not something you can find out there other than a paper model.  There was a printable version out there but I realized it was not accurate enough so I sharpened my CAD skills and got to work.  I chose not to use Bondo but I did paint this model and used quite a bit of wire and other non-plastic parts.



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I realized I needed to make my own decals so I used the home printer to print onto vinyl sticky backed paper.  Here is one of the two diesel tanks.  The crawlers are driven by 16 375 hp electric motors.  The electricity is generated by four 1,000 kw generators driven by two 2,750 Diesel engines. These beasts traveled at a max speed of 1 mph and used 150 gallons per mile.  Not the kind of performance you would expect from today's hybrids.  


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Here is what I have completed so far.  I was waiting for other people who are continuing to push the state of the art for this model to publish their interior parts so I don't have to design the parts.  More on this later...


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