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  1. FM 1/48 PV-1 Ventura (finaly) P-51 357 FG decals various 1/700 aircraft in prep of the USSR Kuznetzov carrier purchase... Gonna need a bigger house.....
  2. IMHO- I would paint the wells first- then mask them with something known in the states as BlueTak (when I was a kid it was known as FunTak) It's a putty like substance that doesn't harden and has NEVER lifted paint off a model. It wil allow you to mask off the edges of the well no matter what thier shape is. Then shoot the underside. I would use white as a base for both the yellow and red sections, but I'm not sure how dark of a red you are oing for. (the white under coat will produce a much brighter color) Hope that helps, J
  3. These are the solid not spoked ones- does any one know if they were bare metal in color or gloss black? All the pics I've come across show them as very dark, but still they could be dirty bare metal. Any thoughts apreciated, Thanks Julius
  4. I just picked up the new Hasegawa release and would like to modify it. Any help appreciated. Thanks! Julius
  5. I picked up one on e-bay and of corse the 'sealed in box' statement had a disclaimer that the box was in fact opened and total contents could not be gauranteed. (I noticed this after I won the bid of course..) If any one has a scan I would really appreciate it. Thanks, J :blink:
  6. Dash, I have one and (for me) it's worth every penny. Primarily I use it for boring out gun barrels or exhausts. Works great! J :lol:
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