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    Thanks for the input Chris.I am looking to do an RB-52B which is the variant with the twin 20mm tail guns, so I would need to re-work the aft-end of the fuselage. I've got several 1/72 B-52 kits (Monogram and AMT) with the intent of doing at least one of each variant A-H. I have the B-52F conversion from Golden Dragon and the RB-52B is the only variant I can't represent as of right now. Does anyone know if AMTech went out of business for sure? I was waiting for their late model B-52H kit (a reworked AMT B-52H) but haven't heard anything for months and their website is down.
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    Thanks much Steve. I did notice that when I came across a link to GDP's website, but you know how it is with a manufacturer like that: it may be released, it may not be released, the company might disappear at the drop of a hat etc.I have all the various Golden Dragon B-52 decal sheets including the one for the RB-52, which like you I kind of found it odd that I could get the markings but not a conversion. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Hi all. I'm a newbie. If I'm in the wrong forum for this, somebody just slap me upside the head and point me in the right direction. What I'm looking for is an RB-52B conversion in 1/72 scale for the Monogram kit. I have Golden Dragon Productions conversion in 1/144 scale, but really want a 1/72 scale since that is the scale I model. I am considering scratch building it since it isn't that much different externally than a C,D or E model, but I think that the aft fire control radar dome and funky fuel tanks are a bit beyond my scratch building and sculpting abilities. Anybody have a lead o
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