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  1. 7 hours ago, zerosystem said:

    Four were at my local show today.  Anyone want to take a guess of how many questions about the hips or panel lines there were? 


    Any sticking points in the assembly?    How was it in comparison to the Hasegawa kit?

  2. On 9/6/2019 at 7:57 PM, KursadA said:

    This sheet will be part of the next batch, and the 1/72 version will follow in the next batch. There are markings for the first seven jets, so pretty much all prototype schemes are covered. Enough photo-calibration markings to allow the reproduction of most test airframes, spin test markings, weapons test "kill" markings,  JFK-Ike-Carl Vinson carrier qual markings etc.


    I am still tweaking the layout and colors of some elements - but this is pretty much the final version.

    There will be a second sheet with blue/gold markings for the first prototype to minimize masking - all sized to fit the Kinetic kit.



    I noticed the BuNo for TF-18A #1 on this sheet.   Will the "T1" titles for the tails be included on the second sheet that you've mentioned?   (I regret that I wasn't able to contribute any resources to this decal project.)

  3. I have following F-14 items for sale. Payment by Paypal preferred. (Personal check also accepted but shipment will be delayed until the check clears.) Prefer to conduct transactions with CONUS, but will perform conduct transactions outside US if buyer is prepared for high cost of postage. Postage to be determined by buyer's speed-of-delivery preference.

    Please PM me if you are interested. Please let me know if you are located in the US and if you are paying by PayPal.

    I am open to offers if you want to combine multiple items.  Bottom line – it all needs to find a new Tomcat-friendly home!




    1/48 F-14 Decals

    Eagle Strike 48020 F-14 Tomcats Part 1 VF-21 VF-32 Bicentennial  for Hasegawa F-14A   $7.00

    Yellowhammer Models YHD48031 Farewell Tomcats #1 VF-213 for F-14D   SOLD

    Repliscale 5012 VF-194 High/Low Visibility for F-14A   $7.00


    1/48 F-14 Aftermarket

    Eduard XF 036 Express Mask for Revell F-14D   $2.00 

    True Details TD48202 Wheel Set for F-14D   SOLD


    F-14 Books

    Mook “F-14 Tomcat Last Flight” w 2008 Oceana Airshow & Wings 2000 DVD {Japanese text}  $25

    Kobunsha Bunko Military Illustrated “#24 F-14 Tomcat“ {Japanese text}  $7

    Squadron Modern Military Aircraft – “Tomcat”  Lou Drendel   $7


    Thanks in advance - John B

  4. On 7/12/2018 at 10:10 AM, Rex said:

    JPK, they did use the wrong boxart, but, only because of the rarity of the scheme, not because it is the wrong color.


    For some reason, they chose to use one of the very few airframes actually painted in Light Gull Gray over White, by one of the few FJ-2 units that had them when the metal scheme was cancelled. (photos exist in print media, see Ginter FJ-2 book, and the squadron history, and timeline of paint specs)


    Many possible buyers are going to automatically think that the box art is wrong, so think "what else is wrong with the kit?",,,,,that could affect sales.

    I miss Rex...

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