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  1. Yes, exactly that way. There’s a flare on the out nacelle, but in terms of the interface for the new nozzle, exactly what you show.
  2. Apologies about going MIA. Work got buys for a few days. I can try to get a quick iPhone picture posted later, but at the moment here are the measurements. Measurements are with a bargain ish digital caliper (good, but not amazing) at 3 locations around the diameter and averaged. Outer diameter (flush with nacelles): 0.397" (0.402", 0.395", 0.395") Inner diameter (to slide nozzle in): 0.326" (0.329", 0.326", 0.324") Depth: no hard stop There are locating tabs at 12 and 6 o'clock that are 0.036" to a depth of 0.242"
  3. Thank you and yes. I was planning to give OD, ID, depth, and anything else that seems useful when I have a chance to look at the parts.
  4. I couldn’t wait and ordered the Doyushou boxing from Japan. About halfway through two of them. I’ll try to measure the exhaust openings when I have a chance and report back.
  5. ESzczesniak

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    Understood, no GBU-38 then (2002-2003 time frame with VFA-151 for me). Now I just need to figure out the single vs double chaff/flare dispensers on the intake. Otherwise she’s just about ready for paint.
  6. ESzczesniak

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    Thank you again! Think I'll be doing the goofy tanks, ATFLIR, GBU-12, and likely AGM-65 (but I've liked the couple with the GBU-38 instead). Any sense as to weather or not Hornets of this time frame would have the dual chaff dispensors on the intake? I think that's the last option I need to pick out on the Kinetic Hornet.
  7. ESzczesniak

    Kinetic F/A-18C - Nose Weight Needed?

    Thank you both!
  8. Has anyone finished the Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18C and found if nose weight is needed? None is called for in the instructions and with nearly everything attached it is not a tail sitter...but it's very close and not every little bit is attached. The one online build I found that mentioned nose weight added it out of caution, but it's unclear if needed.
  9. ESzczesniak

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    Thank you!
  10. ESzczesniak

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    Thank Collin and GW8345. The photo GW linked has the centerline fuel tank on, but the link of navy.mil for the VFA-151 bird off the cat seems to have an empty centerline station. Is this possible/reasonable? It's not a great camera angle admittedly to determine that. I thought they almost always loaded goofy double fuel tank, not just a single starboard tank.
  11. Just got two of the Dyoshou off HLJ. Early in the build process (one in flight, one on the ground), but going well so far.
  12. ESzczesniak

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    Thank you all for the replies. Would anyone care to hazard an interpretation as to what is on the starboard middle pylon in this picture? Left wing is a Maverick, but can't tell the right. Looks like just a single drop tank on the right inboard. I think I see an ATFLIR hanging on the intact pylon, but again, cloudy angle.
  13. ESzczesniak

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    Thank you! I have a hard time finding specific time periods on navy.mil. Search engine seems to work well for airframes and squadrons, but hard to pick a set time. Looks like I definitely get justification to make them dirty. Now I just need to find some a good mud moving loadout. More my sort of business compared to the air-to-air loaded up with AMRAAMs.
  14. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some photos of VFA-151 F/A-18C's aboard the Conny for OIF. I'm building my Kinetic F/A-18C in VFA-151 low viz markings and was trying to find some pictures for combat loadouts and weathering. I'm finding a lot of photos of their E super hornets, older photo's in the 90's, or shore based. But I am not finding much on Google search from their combat deployment.
  15. ESzczesniak

    Best early early Hornet in 1/48th

    You’ll get a debate. I can’t write a treatise on all the details, shape, accuracy, etc, but it’ll come down to Hasegawa vs Kinetic. In brief, the Kinetic is more detailed, but a bit finicky with fit and assembly. It also has a couple shape issues, but these may be fixed. The one I recall was the top of the vertical stabilizers needed to be more rounded and I think this was retooled on later boxing’s. The Hasegawa is a bit more straightforward assembly, but not as detailed. It’s missing things like full intake trunks, etc. If I rememver correctly, both have the same assembly pattern for the rear fuselage (seem in the middle of a flat surface) which is the thing that drives me the craziest about building Hornets. Its been yesrs, or even decades, since I’ve had a Hasegawa Hornet. I’ve gone the Kinetic route. I like having the details OOB and the fit/assembly isn’t anything over the top to work with. Primarily an issue around the nose and careful fitting and small adjustments yields pretty good fit. You just have to take your time.