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  1. I did try that. The filter settings don’t give a lot of good options. In particular, the “open orders” has potential, but filters out any shipped but not delivered orders. So of no use for tracking shipments. This is definitely a #FirstWorldProblem, but my Amazon order history has grown far more extensive in the pandemic trying to support our house with minimal human contact.
  2. I know this is out there, but I can't seem to find an answer in my Googling and thought I'd give it a shot here. My Amazon "Your Orders" used to sort by the estimated arrival date, with delivered orders being move to the bottom and soonest to arrive being at the top. It is now (on web, iPhone, and iPad) showing the list sorted by order date. I can not find any way to change the list to my prior view through any option menus, sort, etc. There's a filter for "open orders", but this oddly cuts off some of my incoming orders. I'd love to revert to my old view. I find
  3. They sure do! I built the Revell a while ago. It might be ok for an inflight model, but get's very wrong once you open up doors and bays. I'm nearing the end of building the AMP kit. It actually builds up in to a very nice kit, but is a lot of work for what it should be. By all measures, it's a short run kit. It has a fair bit of detail and appears to fairly accurate. But it builds like a Special Hobby short run kit.
  4. This number is off by a factor of 10,000. The current US mortality rate is about 1.5%. Word wide 1-2% is commonly quoted. Up to to about 4% has been reported, although that was mostly earlier in the pandemic. So this number means for every 100 COVID cases, 1-2 people die.
  5. I am looking for any information or insights on what a B-2 would most typically look like in a hangar. My primary question is that I have found an almost equal mix of pictures where all the doors have red RBF edge protectors on them and ones where they don't. I can't figure out any rhyme or reason myself. My best guess is that it's time period dependent, or they only have the door protectors on when actively loading the aircraft. Anyone have any better ideas? Also, it seems the navigation lights "retract" so they can sit flush when the aircraft is fully dark/stealth? It looks
  6. If you have an interest in the vaccine and wanted to discuss medical facts/recommendations, PM me. I'm not an infectious disease/epidemiology specialist, but I'm a physician whose been working through this pandemic and have a wife with tree nut allergies. So I've gotten a bit in depth on guidelines, data, and the objective medical science regarding the mRNA vaccines and food allergies.
  7. I should have planned ahead better. Over drilling the engine cowlings before adding the rear nacelle should have done the trick as well. Now that it's all glued together and painted, I'm a little cautious about doing so.
  8. I just want to make sure I'm not crazy. It seems the stem that slides in to the nacelles didn't account the shrinking diameter past the aft fairing. So the nozzles only slide about half way in and then stop. Anyone else work with these and find anything different. It should overall be easy enough to cut a segment out and shorten them. It'll move the exhaust fan closer to the nozzle, so not quite perfect, but workable.
  9. I also mix it up in batches. I'm using Mr. Surfacer 1200 instead of 1500, but mix up 40 mL at a time (large Tamiya jar) and have not had problems. I usually go through this in 6-8 weeks, so it doesn't sit horribly long. I also do this for the colors I use frequently such as white, black, a basic gray; but in smaller batches (10 mL jars). I have not had any problem with these. I have also been doing this with clear gloss (Tamiya X-22) and had one batch yellow badly in the jar. I had several prior batches that were just fine and my most recent batch seems fine. So this may have
  10. Those are very nice, but I think for that much money, I'd have to just make myself build it myself. The big thing I feel like I'm missing is texturing the anti-skid coating well. It's easy enough to drill some tie downs and make the expansion gaps. I just haven't come across a good way of adding the anti-skid coating.
  11. I think the confusion starts from the misconception that acrylic means water based. This is therefor construed as “safer”. As touched on somewhat already, paint has 3 primary components: Pigment: we tend not to talk much about these. They tend not to lead much to toxicity. So as long as the color is right and the particles aren’t too big, we move on. The one caution is that some pigments use heavy metals for their vibrance. Cadmium in whites is a good example. They have no real toxicity if used by brush, but can be harmful if sprayed. This is fairly uncommon though. Bind
  12. I have a Cameo 4 that is new and I'm ready to put to work on it's first task...it's been sitting waiting for a while. I'm making a set of masks for a 1/144 B-2A. I have the graphics drawn and test passes in cardstock working well. My plan is to print this on sheets of Tamiya masking tape: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004WBC0AQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I know others have done this. Does anyone here care to share what blade settings they used? Thank you in advance!
  13. I've seen/had that one in the past. I agree it's decent, but I'm looking for just a plain old section without elevators or catapults that I can use for arming/fueling setups. Or even just tied down and stowed. I've been hoping someone somewhere bought the Just Plane Stuff masters and would reissue this, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  14. A long time ago, something like a decade, I got a modern carrier deck section from Just Plane Stuff. It was made of resin and had to be painted. It has been the best modern carrier deck for dioramas I've seen. I'd love to have a couple more, but they are long gone. Does anyone know of any similar product? The prolific cardboard versions don't enough depth and texture for my liking. Zoukei-Mura have a couple pre-painted ones to go with their F-4J/S. They are the next best thing I've seen, but one is a catapult section, and one has a part of an elevator...neither are the best sections for
  15. This doesn't directly answer your question, but for the legacy F/A-18C, Kinetic and Hobbyboss both make options as well. From reading, I'm unimpressed with the Hobbyboss kit, but the Kinetic is my preferred legacy Hornet. The build may be ever so slightly more complicated than Hasegawa, but it has loads more detail at baseline. If you're not picky about boxings, they're pretty easy to come by. Meng is just about to release a new F/A-18E, and the F is supposed to be coming relatively soon. By the previews, it looks on par with the Hasegawa, but gives more options for an up-to-
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