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  1. Floyd, I'm not amazing at 3D modeling, but I'm not bad and I have a crew of PLA and resin 3D printers for prototyping. I'd be happy to help out with a USCG conversion set for nothing more than making one on my own in the process. If I can be of help, PM me. Eric
  2. That all sounds pretty manageable to me. I have a -B and -F on the way. May turn the F in to a USCG bird and the -B as an ASW bird she’s intended to be.
  3. I would like to build a USCG HH-60J. I have the Skunkmodels Kit and Black Dog interior, but I suspect I'll enjoy life a lot more working from a newer kit and a bigger scale. Would any the new kits in the KH 1/35 SH-60 series provide a relatively small effort conversion? I'm not an expert in these birds. It looks like the SH-60F has the pylons and door configuration. It would need the nose sensor. And no idea about the interior until I get the kit. And decals would be another story. Are there any experts here that could give me a sense of what all would be involved? Not sure if these n
  4. I picked one up as well and am liking it. The sandpaper packs that came with it had some templates and cutting them out didn’t seem to be any trouble. It’s seeming to work very well smoothing/flattening large flat areas where it can be easy to get a valley or leave a ridge with sanding sponges, sticks, etc.
  5. No, so far I have been at work during all their business hours. Depending on their hours tomorrow and Monday, I will try.
  6. I placed an order about 1 week ago for an item listed as in stock. I received an immediate email confirming my back order. I have sent them two messages now asking to cancel this order. I had ordered this because it was listed as in stock, but do not want back orders without any due date. I have not received any response. Does anyone have any suggestions for contacting them? I hate to have to go through Paypal, but if they're not responding may have to do so.
  7. For a lot of the kits these are made for, they are replacing molded on panels/switches/etc. I can’t speak to every kit, but at least for ones like the Tamiya F-16, I think the molded kit detail and a colorless option would be virtually the same.
  8. Hope they do something to get their colors right. They’re color PE stuff has some pretty craptastical color accuracy.
  9. If I see one pop up on EBay, I’ll jump on it. But I haven’t been seeing one as of recent.
  10. I already have a -E ordered once Spruebrothers stocks the Gemini Jets "Illinois One" later this week! I have a Cameo 4 Silhuotte cutter, so I'm hoping to be able to cut masks myself for a lot of these birds. Decals for the F6F and F8F in particular are sparse. The only ones I see are from Draw Decals and I'm not sure the "gold leaf" lettering is consistent with what I see in photos. Bottom line is there's no tradition like the Blues...OABAAB. I'll be making all the show birds, Beatle Bombs, training birds (T-33/TO-2/TV-2), Casper, transport birds, and so on...of course, it'll
  11. Thank you for the comments on the Lindbergh kit! It seems my best bet is to either wait/wish for the Kittyhawk kit, or find an FM kit. I very well may take you up on those pictures sometimes. I feel like my best bet is to try to build all the other birds first, and then see where I'm at. So far, A-4F done, to do....everything else, including 2 Fat Alberts.
  12. I'm hoping I'm missing something here. I am trying to build all the Blue Angels aircraft in 1/48, which for the most part will be pretty easy. But that means I need a F11F. I know Fonderie Miniatures made one that was really not bad for a multi media kit. It seems impossible to find now. Lindberg makes one that is all over the place, but the shape of the nose looks completely off. And I think there was a vacuform kit, but I can't even find out from who or if I can even buy it anywhere now. So, am I missing any options? At one point KittyHawk was teasing a 1/32 F11F, but tha
  13. Unfortunately it doesn’t seems to be much of a surface issue. More in the paint. I touched up the couple areas and then sprayed a new coat roughly 50/50 thinner and it seems much better. This seems to have faired well.
  14. It seems the Kittyhawk single seat 1/48 F9F-8P is hard to find in the states. I’m looking for one for a Blue Angels build and was wondering if anyone had one they were wanting to part ways with? I am expecting more to purchase (PayPal, etc), as I don’t have much of a list for trades on my end. My collection is mostly modern 1/48 US jets, but I have a little bit of everything. If there’s something you’re interested in for trade, let me know and I’ll look. PM me if you’re interested.
  15. I did try that without any improvement.
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