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  1. Hi Gary - Thanks for the tip. I was hoping to score a set from a modeler who didn't use the option.
  2. The names on the sheet are (in no particular order) - CAPT David Quinn CAPT Y A Steinman CDR Mel Munsinger LT Bob Lindquist CDR David Baranek CDR Mark Kohart CDR Michael Whetstone CDR Cark Dexi AD1 (AW/SW) Torres AM3 Nobleza AME(AW) Sutton Joseph Angelini Rodney C. Gillis ...and John C Stennis.
  3. Hey folks - I'm looking for the VF-31 markings from their 1997 cruise on USS Abraham Lincoln. (See LINK) These markings are one of the decal options in the AMK F-14D. Please send me a PM if you have these markings to spare. Thanks - John B
  4. Rex passed away and yet he's still finding a way to be helpful with useful advice. Such a good guy.
  5. TRADE DONE! Thanks to all who replied. - John B
  6. Another option for a VF-201 F-14A is the IPMS sheet from 2000. Link here. I have that sheet. Please send me message if you're interested.
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