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  1. Just a "thought exercise"... The masters/molds for couple of aftermarket lines were acquired/purchased and sold under the "True Details" brand. Off the top of my head, KMC and Just Plane Stuff are 2 examples. True Details also detail sets that originated with them. (Examples being the F4U-4 cockpit for the Academy Corsair and the F-14A cockpit for the Monogram kit.) If "True Details" = "Squadron", I wonder what happens to that old True Details aftermarket? Are we likely to see them sold off and someone else pick them up? If D-Rob had the desire and resources, those thing
  2. I can't say it any better than ReccePhreak did a few posts down - "Just completed a flawless trade with Shawn "phantom" Weiler. A distinct pleasure to work with him. Larry" Count me as another person who has a good experience trading with phantom!
  3. A long, long time ago... I worked with some folks who were key members of the team who worked on G**gle Translate.
  4. If I may, G**gle translate says "Thanks for the positive feedback ... I know it's not perfect, but the Italeria kit really takes a lot of work to look decent. I decided to do it in this version as soon as I saw this photo ..."
  5. So Reskit has released H-53 detail parts in 1/48 and 1/72. Among the items they've produced are wheels, tail rotor hubs, main rotor heads, EAPS, and external fuel tanks. Is this rotor head appropriate for USMC CH-53Ds and for what time-frame? -> Reskit RSU-480011 6-blade rotor head
  6. Trade made! Be safe, keep modelling, and may 2021 be a much better year for all of us! - John B
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