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  1. The movie from the 1980s had the advantage (and limitation) of optical/visual effects, practical effects and the opportunity to use real aircraft and shoot on-location in some cases. Did the filmakers need footage on the USS Coral Sea to communicate that Alan Shepard was Naval Aviator? Not really. Did it look awesome? Absolutely! Could they use a real NF-104 for Yeager's sequence in film? Not really. Did the sequence with the F-104G stand-in look awesome? Absolutely! The film took some "artistic license" with actual events and people who were still alive when it hit the
  2. Hi Mark - Are you still looking for a replacement canopy for the two-seat Hasegawa F-16? Please send me a PM if you are. - John B
  3. Solid trader on every transaction I've ever had with him.👍
  4. I have following aftermarket and packages for sale. Payment by Paypal preferred. (Personal check also accepted but shipment will be delayed until the check clears.) Prefer to conduct transactions with CONUS, but will perform conduct transactions outside US if buyer is prepared for high cost of postage. Postage to be determined, but I'm using primarily FLAT RATE Priority Mail Boxes for ease of use. FREE POSTAGE IN US FOR DECALS IF 3 OR MORE SHEETS PURCHASED. Please PM me if you are interested. Please let me know if you are located in the US and if you are paying by PayPal. ALL
  5. Hey folks - I'm looking to trade for a 1/48 HobbyBoss A-6E or A-6E TRAM. In exchange, I'm offering this - Hobby Boss A-6A Intruder + AoA 48-002 Intruder Airframe Stencils High-Viz + AoA 48-006 Intruders from the Sea (A-6A, A-6B & KA-6D Intruders in Vietnam War) I am located in the US, but will also trade outside of the US. Please PM if you've got one and are up to do a trade. Be safe and keep modelling! - John B The trade has been made. Mods - can you please delete this thread?
  6. Here's one -> Aztec Gravity feed cup If you don't mind paying over $10 in shipping, here's another -> Aztec bottom feed cup
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