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  1. Adding to this shout-out thread for jrfalen. Thanks to his generosity, I'm to complete by Spitfire F22/24.👍
  2. I'm afraid the carpet monster took another bit of styrene from one of my builds. I'm looking for both tail wheel doors from the 1/48 Airfix Spitfire 22/24 or Seafire 46/47. They are the same parts in both kits. I'm located in the USA otherwise I'd just source them from Airfix. Please send me a PM if you have them to spare. - John B, victim of a carpet monster attack
  3. Thank you to all who reached out. An ARCer came through with the parts! - John B
  4. Thank you for your generosity Bullymog!
  5. Hello folks - I'm looking parts E1 and E4 for the 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A/B/D. They are the upper intake plate/lip with the RHAW antenna on it. See figure here -> LINK If you've got an extra set, please send me a PM. Thanks in advance - John B I've got a set on the way! THANK YOU BULLYMOG!
  6. I couldn't agree more. They've saved my bacon a couple of times.
  7. Not really but many parts could be used in place of the KMC set. Just putting this out there for informational purposes -> From memory there were 3 KMC sets for the Monogram F-8. 1) The raised wing/ drooped surfaces set that can be easily substituted with the HighFlight set. 2) The cockpit with seat. (True Details bought the KMC molds and for while they sold the cockpit (with seat) under thier label.) 3) A third KMC set that had the raised wing/ drooped surfaces set, the cockpit parts WITH PHOTO-ETCH details for the front of the raised wing, canopy sills, gunsight, burner pe
  8. Just completed a transaction with ESzczesniak. Smooth & simple fund transfer and excellently packed for shipment.
  9. PM sent - Re: wings

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