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  1. Good work on the missiles and tanks, they’ve came out really well.


    Regards the colours. FS35164 isn’t used on the Aegean Ghost scheme, so I would get rid of that straight away.  Looking at the pictures above I would use 35237, 36307 and 36251 straight out of the bottle. I’ve never used AK paints myself, but if you could spray all 3 colours on a test piece, I will give my honest opinion. FS35237 can be very deceiving in photographs and more often than not appears far more Blue than it actually is. I’m unable to upload pictures from my phone but I’ll get some up tonight when I can access my laptop👍🏻🇬🇷


    As promised here are some photos that I believe show the true tones.....


    These were taken under an overcast sky with no direct sunlight on the frame






    The same aircraft from roughly the same angle taken 1 hr earlier with a November sun on the side.



    another -52M again with the sun on the side




    Hope they may be of help.

  2. It was indeed used by Greece, although only 4 out of the 25 on order ever made it to Greece and only used for evaluation purposes. The remaining deliveries were cancelled and the 4 in service were redirected to Germany.



    copyright unknown?? If it needs removed please let me know.


  3. Standard weapons for the timeframe would have been standard Mk80 series of dumb bombs both slick and retarded, Mk 20 Rockeye cluster bombs, AGM-65D(maybe G as well)Mavericks. B-43/61 Tactical Nukes would’ve been part of their arsenal as well. In the air to air role although they would’ve been AIM -120 capable, the more common fit was 4 x AIM-9L/M.



  4. The Academy kit would be suitable for an early Blk25 mid 80’s to mid 90’s timescale.


    The 50th TFW at Hahn and the 86th TFW at Ramstein both operated the Blk25. In fact the Ramstein jets actually ended up at Hahn in order to replace the A/B versions of the 50th, whilst the 86th then received Blk30 a/c.


    When the 50th deactivated in late 1991, I’m not sure where their a/c ended up although I have a suspicion that they went back Stateside with some re equipping the Indiana ANG amongst others.

  5. For your timescale in pairing up with a F-4G from the 52nd we’re looking around the late 80’s, and the F-16 would’ve been a Block 30B jet. Now these F-16’s had the General Electric engine and the smaller NSI (Normal Stock Intake) jet intake. Both of these are to be found in some of the Hasegawa kits and from the description that yours has AGM-88’s HARM’s in it, makes me believe that your kit is one of them.(The kit will have two different types of intake and exhausts).


    The sure way of telling is the Fiscal year in the serial number. If the decals are for a 85 a/c then the above applies, however I have a feeling that the Astra decals are for later F-16 Block 50 jets with Fiscal years of 1990 and later. I’m not sure if the Blk 50 jets paired up with the F-4G, but if they did the timeline is very narrow as the last F-4G’s left the 52nd in 1993.


    Someone else with more knowledge will hopefully be able to clarify the above. In the meantime read this, it covers just about everything you need to know.



    Edit: I can confirm that the Astra decals  are for later Blk 50 jets of the 22nd/23rd Fighter Sqns of the 52nd Wg, you want decals for the 81st/480th Fighter Sqns of the 52nd Wg,


    You have the kit(Hasegawa), but not the decals


    Speed Hunter Graphics SHG48010 has options for 480th in the correct timeframe.


    Edit again: The Blk 50’s never flew with the F-4G in the hunter/killer role. As they were SEAD capable in their own right upon delivery.



  6. Looking good, 


    For masking the drop tanks, two ways come to mind.


    photocopy decals 52 and 58 and make some sort of template from them.




    Cut off the forward White part(TigerClaw?)of decals 52/58, paint entire drop tank White, apply all the Black and Orange decals, then give a good coat of clear gloss varnish to seal them, let varnish to cure for a week, then mask off applied decals from the area to be painted Black, spray Black, then apply the White part of decal 52/58, reseal with clear gloss.

  7. In some sort of digital restoration effort the image has been altered to a point where the Grey has washed out rendering it useless for comparing colours. We know that the AIM9 is 36375, but in the picture it looks more like 36270 and the White portion is totally obliterated. The whole contrast of the picture is shot. 


    The links I posted(thanks for pointing out they weren't working), show a colour that is nowhere near "near White" and certainly not Boeing Grey(which is different to FS36515).


     I was merely pointing out that 36307 was referenced to by Armycast on it's sheet, if it's wrong then it's wrong. However if F5guy says it's 36473 I would be happy with that.

  8. That first picture of the F-5 is so over exposed on the airframe it's useless to use that to compare anything.




    https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/model/Northrop F-5F Tiger II


    F-5B in what appears to the same colour



  9. The Armycast 1/48 ‘Tigers’ decal sheet has a Light Grey NASA bird on it. You can’t quite make out the colour call out but to me it looks like FS36307, which when compared to photographs of the actual a/c looks right.


    This is the same colour as the lightest of the 3 Greys on the Aegean Ghost scheme and depending on the light can look from off White to Medium Grey to the eye.

  10. The Dark Blue roundels are only found on F-16 Blk 30's of 330 Mira.


    For the 343 Mira jet you might get off with using the Light Blue roundels from the Kinetic sheet, however the Blue on the unit band is too light, although it might be passable. I used the Two Bobs sheet for mine, but that is probably too dark.


    I'm pretty sure the serial numbers on all jets are the same Grey, just that it blends in more against the Have Glass finish of the 340/343M jets(some 330M jets have Black serials). From memory the Kinetic serials are too light and more or less disappear once applied. Only once the model is painted and you start to apply the decals will you be able to decide on what Grey looks correct(remembering that the final flat coat of varnish will further lighten the contrast).


    The Grey stencil/data only applies to the Blk52M's of 335/336Mira, all the other units use the Orange/Pink.


    You mentioned earlier on about the lack of decals for the IRIS-T. In reality there is very little in the way of markings on them anyway that would legible in 1/48, and the training rounds within the HAF don't even appear to have a Blue band on them.


    Here's a picture of AIM120/AIM-7M, to give you some idea for those.




  11. Hey Thanos, great to see you back👍🏻

    How are you coping with all that snow? It was weird seeing pictures from Athens today with the Acropolis and Filopappou Hill covered in it, not often that happens.


    The only difference from a modelling perspective on the AIM -120C is the colour of bands on the missile body( training round 3 Blue bands, Live round 1 Yellow 2 Brown). Remember to use the short finned AMRAAMs with the fairing on the side of the body.


    As for pictures, there was a F-16D 52M at the A-7 retirement event loaded up with AIM-120/AIM-7 and GBU. Unfortunately my pictures are in print form so can’t upload them , but if you scroll down the link below you will see the a/c.








  12. On 10/6/2020 at 10:32 PM, RichardL said:

    I airbrushed three light coats of each color on glossy photo paper, and to me, Mr. Paint's look the best and spray the best.



    None of the above are even remotely close to being correct.

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