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  1. scotthldr

    1/48 Italeri (Kinetic)Grumman S-2E Tracker

    Looking good Pappy, the cockpit glazing/etch looks impressive. How did you get on with your SH-2 Seasprite?
  2. scotthldr

    RSAF Tornado squadrons

    7 Sqn https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9b/7_Squadron_RSAF.png 75 Sqn best I could find https://www.aviationgraphic.com/4062-thickbox_default/tornado-ids-rsaf-tc-225.jpg 83 Sqn https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7f/83_Squadron_RSAF.png
  3. I'm glad to say that this build is finally finished, I'll post up some pictures in due course.
  4. Hi all, Just finished flat coating my AH-64D, however the flat coat has came out pretty Matt and has lightened the overall colour way too much for my liking. If I was to go over it with a Satin finish would this darken the colour ? Thought I would ask before I make an a+++ of it. Cheers
  5. scotthldr

    B-52 two tone gray and green scheme?

    Sounds like it's the same as the "Dark Vark" scheme used on FB-111's
  6. scotthldr

    AIM-9 question

    AIM-9L was in full production by 1977, so depending on the exact timeframe could all 3 versions have been in use?
  7. scotthldr

    Mr Mark Setter/Softer

    Hi all, Looking at replacing my Micro Set/Sol as it doesn't seem to do the job anymore(do these have a shelf life?). Been looking at the Mr Mark offerings but notice there are two versions the original and neo, what is the difference between them? Also how well do they react with Cartograph/Micro Scale decals, seen reports/opinions that it's designed for the heavy kit decals like Hasegawa/Tamiya. TIA
  8. scotthldr

    1/48 Italeri (Kinetic)Grumman S-2E Tracker

    Looking good Pappy, just a thought but would it be easier to clean the canopy seam after it has been attached to the fuselage it would have far greater rigidity?
  9. scotthldr

    Italeri 1/48 AB-212 ASW

    Jeez, talk about teasing............ Any more rubblings on this one?
  10. scotthldr

    Is there any press about a 1/48 NH90?

    Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, France, Finland, Norway, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Oman, Sweden, Qatar and Egypt on order, so plenty of scope for modellers.
  11. scotthldr

    New line: Caracal Models Basics

    Common data for AH-64A/D including rotorblade markings.
  12. scotthldr

    Mirage 2000C Cockpit Color

    For modelling purposes you won’t be far off using 36231 Dark Gull Grey.
  13. scotthldr

    Paint Match for Coast Guard HH-65s/HH-60s

    I believe the Yellow is FS13538, Model Master Chrome Yellow. I take it you meant MH-60T?
  14. scotthldr

    Paint Match for Coast Guard HH-65s/HH-60s

    Salvador001 is absolutely correct in what he says. The HH-65 and HH-60 are different colours, it may not appear that way in photographs but they are. The HH-65 colour is officially known as "Tangerine", but isn't available in the modelling world. Model Master's 4629 Chevy engine Red is almost identical.
  15. scotthldr

    Aires 1/48 AV-8B Wheel Bay Set - Any In Use Suggestions?

    After my reply last night it got me thinking just how did I fit the forward wheel bay. I went back to the kit for a look and remembered that I had exactly the same problems, in the end I had to cut away a portion of the intake/compressor part so the rear of the bay would sit in the correct location. I them hid the surgery by installing the Steel Beach FOD covers.