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  1. Ouch!! I remember seeing that thread. I thought that one of the reputable guys( Flying Leathernecks??), said he was going to do something but it was probably going to be a year away.
  2. Did any of the AM companies ever get round to manufacturing a set of big sponsons for the CH-47 in 1/48?
  3. Not quite true, all Greek Peace Icarus I a/c 72-1508 to 72-1535 were delivered without TIESO, although the later Peace Icarus II a/c 77-1743 to 77-1765 were TISEO equipped with one exception 77-1743. TIESO was removed from such equipped a/c as they went through the AUP program, however the Ghost scheme began being rolled out prior to the program and I’ve seen evidence of at least one TIESO equipped a/c in the Ghost scheme.
  4. Lovely finish which truly represents how dirty the Aegean Ghost scheme gets. One thing to point out, is that 71755 isn’t DIAS equipped therefore the fairings on the intake cheeks, fin cap, gun fairing and brake para housing shouldn’t be there.
  5. I imagine they’re hydraulic outrigger pads, shown in the stowed position? Absolute awe inspiring modelling on display here. Can’t wait until you return your attention to the H-34.
  6. During the 90’s it was the primary role of both 9 Sqn and 31 Sqn. All Tornado Squadrons had a primary and secondary role, but to see ALARM on another Squadron would’ve been rare. Later in service, 12 Sqn gained the role, not sure when but it must’ve been very late on.
  7. I’m thinking something like FS12199, but as Orange fades quite dramatically that is a rough guesstimate on my part. I would drop Erickson an email
  8. Can’t believe my AB-212ASW suggestion, a widespread used airframe didn’t make the cut, but the F-16U, F-15XX and F-104 VTOL did🤷‍♂️
  9. For the purposes of modelling I would be surprised if anyone would notice if there were indeed any differences. I can’t remember how I installed mine without looking at it, but I think it was just a wedge in the bay. Important thing is that the LITENING pod doesn’t sit flush on the adapter there is a noticeable gap between the pod and adapter My own pictures
  10. I thought Eduard provide a placement jig in photo etch. Should be with the RBF tags. https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/zdjecia/0/8/4/2798_3_edu648028_instruction_sheet.pdf
  11. As far as I know Transport Wings https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TWC48028 and the Revell EF Typhoon are your only options for Meteor in 1/48. Just to reiterate that the MICA missile on the wing tips in your picture is the IR version not the EM.
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