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  1. Black Buch Shrike Question

    They sure did, but why?
  2. Black Buch Shrike Question

    It was a mirror image so to speak Starboard
  3. Aftermarket assembly and painting order

    Paint and assemble the cockpit first, then dry fit the completed cockpit in the fuselage sections before fixing in place with cyanoacrylate glue.
  4. 1/48 JASSM availability?

    The French version is the SCALP-EG and is what I expect was used this time. The APACHE is based on the SCALP-EG but is utilised for anti runway operations and it's warhead comprises of 10 cluster sub munitions.
  5. Despite failing to make any further progress during the GB and indeed for the whole of last year, this build still exists. It was brought back to life in January and is currently nearing the decaling stage. I’ll post some pictures up soon in the “in progress” section.
  6. Aftermarket assembly and painting order

    First of all give all the resin parts a good scrub in warm(not hot) water with some normal washing up liquid. I use a toothbrush to get into all the little crevices but be careful as some of parts like the ejector seat rails and the seat itself can be very fragile, once washed rinse in clean water and leave to drip dry. These resin sets are intended to replace whats all ready in the kit, so more or less build as per the kit instructions swapping or removing the kit parts, this is where using a good razor saw will pay off, then replace with the resin. You'll have to use a cyanoacrylate (superglue/instant glue) on the resin parts. With the above set I would cut out the kit cockpit IP coaming and dry fit the resin replacement first, follow this by painting up and detail all the cockpit parts before assembling the cockpit, then do the same with seat but leave this out until the very end of the build. You'll more than likely find that you'll have to thin down the walls on both the kit fuselage halves and the resin sidewalls in order for the resin cockpit to fit properly, but take care not to go right through the plastic/resin. Out of interest what set is the above?
  7. Cockpit Detail Set for A-5C Fantan

    Would anyone actually notice if it was slightly wrong, as long as the seat looked the part I personally wouldn't be too worried.
  8. Latest Kinetic F-16 kit - markings info needed

    I don’t think these two were ever identified, the only place I could suggest to to look for serials is the data stencil under the canopy on the left side, but not even sure that the Turks carry the serial in that location either . Some pics here thoughhttps://www.masm.fr/gallerysoutheuropeturquie.htm
  9. F-14A exhaust cans...White or tan?

    I personally would go with something along the lines of 33531 'Sand' to start with then weather as you see fit.
  10. Trouble with Hannants

    I live in the UK and used to deal more or less solely with Hannants, however over a few years they became less reliable, introduced stupid postal policies, stock issues and lack of communication has seen me more or less shop everywhere but here now.
  11. I'm not in the US, but I've dealt with them on a couple of occasions with no problems.
  12. Italian F-104 Starfighter colours

    Uppers: Green FS34079 Grey FS36132 (I've seen mention of other Greys, but this looks the closest to me) Lower: Flat aluminium FS37178 Anti Glare: Flat Olive or Black
  13. IDAF F-16I Sufa shot down over Syria...

    Is the AGM-88 the only weapon capable of taking out a SAM system?
  14. Airbrush Splattering Paint

    Sounds like the paint mixture isn’t thin enough for the pressure, like Bob above I would thin it just like he says. If you still get problems then dismantle the airbrush as far as you can and give it a good clean, could be dried paint in there restricting the air/paint flow.
  15. F-4E TISEO-equiped

    The second batch of 18 Hellenic F-4E’s that were delivered in 1978 had TISEO fitted, these were 77-1743 to 1760 and according to records these all went to 337M at Larissa. Can’t find a definitive answer but I imagine that TISEO was finally removed as a/c went through the AUP upgrade. Ioannis Lekkas will probably know the answer.