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  1. Either going to be F-18E/F or S-3 for those time scales. All four final cruises for the above F-14 units had both types within the CVW’s.
  2. Would most certainly be down to timeframe and the Airwing complement for the specific cruise.
  3. Yes, in response to a post I made within the buy and sell section at the beginning of November. “You must have missed the post of louis09 about Wolfpack Rafale C cockpit 1/48 for sale some days ago... I asked him about it and he said it's still available with him. Here's his Email mikescott6678@gmail.com.”
  4. Sure hope either one is flying before it gets to the fence line🫣
  5. What color is it FS 26270, and I’m not convinced that it’s real as I can’t see any panel lines on it 🤷‍♂️
  6. Hi Ilias, are you looking at reinstating orders from the UK under €160 in the future?
  7. ResKit has 20% off until the 5th December.
  8. Several other manufacturers do the correct FS codes, but not all are correct in colour. My personal go to paints are Xtracolor and their renditions of these colours is pretty much spot on. Lifecolour, MRP, Hataka are other options.
  9. FS35237. C337 FS36307. FS36251. The only colour that Gunze do is 35237, it’s not a paint line that i’m familiar with so can’t give alternatives for the other two.
  10. That kit doesn’t come with the DIAS fairings, but I don’t think any of the E boxes do. You’ll need to acquire them from the RF-4E kit. I might have some spare that I’ll not be needing.
  11. The ‘30th Anniversary’ kit is the one I always look for.
  12. The Icarus sheet itself has a lot of good information on the subjects giving a brief insight into each a/c. I wrote myself a very comprehensive document into the Phantom in Hellenic service, trying to document every aircraft’s history and status including updates, camouflage and special colour schemes and so on…. I put it aside and return to it every now and again to update and to do some more research. However I went to retrieve it today and can’t for the life of me remember where or what I’ve done with it😭I just hope I didn’t lose it last year when I had issues with the laptop😡
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