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  1. scotthldr

    Ecuador Mirage F.1

    Just to confirm what Laurent said, MB Mk6
  2. The second thing (the first thing was obviously the EA6 crew) that stands out for me watching the EA6/S3 video, was how the deck crew raced towards the devastation to do whatever they could have done that night without thought for their own safety.
  3. scotthldr


    This is what you want https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10343385
  4. scotthldr

    SAR rescue crew ideas for 1:48 Ab212/UH1

    Hi Momo, I was looking for exactly the same as you when I built my Hellenic AB205, unfortunately I couldn't find anything, I even checked all the model railroad companies and nothing.
  5. scotthldr

    German F-4F Phantom Question

    You're probably correct with the above statement. I think the a/c were wired for AIM-7 under the 'Peace Rhine' program, but Germany never purchased the AIM-7 so obviously never carried it.
  6. scotthldr

    German F-4F Phantom Question

    The only weapons for that timescale would be normal dumb bombs, AGM -65 ,AIM-9L and AIM-7
  7. scotthldr

    Black Buck again

    Seem to remember that they had Dark Sea Grey undersides.
  8. scotthldr

    Enamel Paint Cleaner

    I just use white spirit(mineral spirits) blow it through the nozzle, followed by a back flush. Once a week I submerge the whole airbrush and leave for 24 hrs.
  9. scotthldr

    Enamels v Acrylics!

    Depends on what is readily available in your area. I'm an enamel man myself but I've found it increasingly harder to find a supplier in the UK that is willing to post them as standard mail which now results in sky high courier prices. This has had a knock on effect where shops no longer sell as much enamels as they once did therefore they have began the process to stop stocking them . I'm now forced to get my paints from Germany, funny thing is it now costs less in postage than what I was getting charge within the UK.
  10. scotthldr

    RAL7047 Telegrey 4 alternative?

    Thanks Tobi, however I ordered up some Blues from Aerospezial so I'll see what they look like first before ordering the Revell.
  11. A massive long shot but you never know. I'm looking for 6 x 1/48 seats from the Cobra Company SH/HH-60J conversion sets. Obviously I'm not expecting them to come from a single source so if you have one or two available I'd like to hear from you. Thanks in advance Scott
  12. scotthldr


    Well this managed to get in the air and stay there https://out.reddit.com/t3_33i614?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cybermodeler.com%2Faircraft%2Ff-32%2Fimages%2Fdf-sd-03-15738.jpg&token=AQAA_IefW-IYZcxReuFt4CwtC2nFB9ghRHS3j__BVuGc8RJchqwE&app_name=mweb2x
  13. scotthldr

    RAL7047 Telegrey 4 alternative?

    Hi Tobi, I saw the Xtracolor RAL7035 and thought it looked quite close, looks like that'll be the route to go although FS16515 lightened may be good as well. Now I need to find a match for RAL 5012, the Revell offering looks too bright? Need to get back to building more run of the mill aircraft
  14. scotthldr

    Greek A-7E (and not A-7H)

    If it’s set 2054, it’s the SJU-8 seat in it.
  15. Hi all, Looking for an alternative to RAL7047 Telegrey 4 in enamel. TIA