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  1. Romanian F-16AM/BM "Carpathian Ghost" Scheme

    Gunship Grey - FS36118, Grey – FS36270, Light Ghost Grey – FS36375, are indeed the correct colours.
  2. 1/48 AH-64D Block II

    Both types of blades were in the "Taiwan Army" boxing of the E. The original style are on sprue 'F' and the new type on sprue 'H' I've double checked the non Taiwan boxing 07414, and it has both types as well.
  3. 1/48 AH-64D Block II

    Glad to help, look forward to seeing pictures of the finished build
  4. 1/48 AH-64D Block II

    PM sent to you
  5. 1/48 AH-64D Block II

    The "E" Apache Guardian kit comes with the new bits, however the Taiwan Army boxing doesn't include the upturned exhausts This is the one you want
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if there is a conversion set in 1/48 where I could obtain the large side sponsons as found on the -SD and MH-47 variants of the Chinook. I see Werner Wings does such a set but in 1/35, any plans to scale this down to 1/48? TIA
  7. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    Maybe he didn't approach it and is frozen stiff with fear of the missile landing 2 meters in front of him.
  8. Tamiya 1/32 F-15E - Getting ready for airbrushing

    and watch every speck of dust in your house settle on the fresh paint. It's big model to paint in one go, personally I would paint it in stages over a couple of nights and each night place a cover over the newly painted area until dry. Although the dowel will come in handy at times.
  9. NSAWC F-16N Adversary Cockpit?

    Kinetic do a boxing of the NSWAC F-16N, not entirely sure whats included in the box but I would imagine all the correct antennas will be in there.
  10. Pre-shading

    The problem I see on Darren's(I'm not out to bash him) build above is that although the Grey has a good level of weathering, there is no weathering (visible in the picture at least) of the Black areas. Does it make it a poor build.....no it doesn't, it's just one man's interpretation of what he wants it to look like. Pre-shading, post shading, Black or White basing, and so on..... are all techniques that if used correctly can enhance an otherwise mundane model, on the other hand if used wrongly they will ruin it. The problem is that everyone and their dog jumps on the current fad bandwagon as if it's fashionable to do so. I've been Black/White basing for years but only ever heard it called that in the last 2 years, to me it was just low lighting and high lighting certain areas.
  11. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    Is it any darker than the other one, I would've thought the Brown/Tan would have been the same? https://hiveminer.com/Tags/nsawc%2Csikorsky Didn't realise that the 'Sierra' wore this scheme https://hiveminer.com/Tags/longhorns%2Cmh60s
  12. How do you get better at modeling?

    Everyone starts at the bottom, but how quick you progress up the ladder is down to the individual. A technical mindset along with an artistic eye play a big part in modelling as does the correct attitude. But as others have said, expecting "pro" results after only 8 models is wishful thinking at it's best. The way I look at it is model building is a form of art therefore go and compare the works of the great artists, Van Gogh, Renoir, Constable, Picasso, Warhol, Matisse, da Vinci and so on....... You can't can you , as each had their own style and area of interests which is what made them great. What is classed as pro model building anyway?
  13. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    Here's better scheme in my opinion http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/Sikorsky-MH-60S-Knighthawk-S-70A/2290216
  14. How do you get better at modeling?

    A lot of the guys on here and on other modelling forums have been building for more years than they may want to admit( I’ve been at it off and on for over 35 years), so don’t expect too much too fast. However I’ve seen guys that have been at it for years but can’t even get the basics right. I think the main thing to learn is to learn from your own mistakes and believe me there will be many, even now I make mistakes or just realise that I could’ve done something a better way. Also the old saying “measure twice, cut once” is true, always try something that you’re doing for the first time on a scrap model or piece of plastic before committing. If if looking at forums for advice always try to get several opinions before taking the first one. This place is probably the best for answers and remember the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask.
  15. International shipping changes

    Utter craziness from USPS, can't believe how pathetic and dated their service is. Hopefully this won't affect your business, as your products are second to none and in my opinion the increase in postage which is obviously outwith your control is still worthwhile.