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  1. Italeri 1/48 AB-212 ASW

    Any sign of this being released?
  2. I'm wondering if anyone is able to help with the following request on another site(Fighter Control a British Military Aviation site ), the guy is after the identifications of the following while he was on tour of the state. He was unable to stop and get photographs etc etc....... Between Denver and Grand Junction maybe one third of the way there we passed a petrol station on the LHS with a pole-mounted A.7 in Marine c/s at the entrance.Between Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, again at a petrol station, this time on the RHS, I saw a pole mounted F.4 in a dark c/s with a Huey-Cobra in light c/s to its RHS. Thanks in advance
  3. 1/72 NAWC Aircraft Division decals

    Fightertown Decals did a NAWC F-14 in 1/48, never seen anything in 1/72? From the photo it looks like it was a standard size of font used for the NAWC/AD throughout, would it be hard to get these printed on their own?
  4. Enamel Burnt Iron

    Xtracolor X508 Burnt Iron.
  5. RH-53D MCM HM-14

    Do a Google search for Mk103 and Mk105 Mine countermeasures, you'll get some pics of both. Sounds l.ike a great project.
  6. The "First" S-3B Viking

    Is this one of the ones you already have? Found this one of it later on in life, looks like the same scheme and another one How do you post the link without the picture appearing?
  7. Questions about color UH-1D Huey

    Just to echo the above the interior is 36251, although a lot of chipped paint and patch up's. For the rotor head I mixed 36440 with Silver about 50/50 when I did my AB205.
  8. Whats available aftermarket wise for a 1/32 F-4F

    Unslotted stabs, easily fixed by filling the slots and sanding.
  9. f16f blk 60

    Yes it was, 48002 and some of 48005, however both were rectified pretty early on and going by stock turnaround you'd be very unlucky to get one now through a model shop. The early ones still creep up on Ebay and the like from time to time, and sadly there isn't anyway to know until you open the box.
  10. Sorry for not having any recent updates, however nothing has been missed. Build on a go 'very' slow due to flu and work. Hopefully get back into it this coming week.
  11. PAF soon to tour CONUS

    Doubt it as they are still at Lossiemouth I believe, waiting for the weather at Kef to clear.
  12. PAF soon to tour CONUS

    Well they're on their way over to you. They night stopped at my local RAF Lossiemouth last night and are due out to Keflavik this afternoon. Supporting the PDF is an A400M and a TBM 930. Surprisingly they are only travelling with ten AJ's meaning only one spare. they must have faith in their jets. Edit: there maybe a Transall with them as well, as one has just flown up the West coast of Scotland heading to Kef. Edit: there is no TBM930 with them, I was given duff info, it's actually a French Navy Falcon 50, don't know if will go as far as Canada or will turn back once the PdF cross all the open stretches of water.
  13. 1/48 Revell AH-1F

    That's looking rather smart or should I say rather tatty. Looks fantastic and the weathering looks spot on
  14. IAF Fouga Magister

    Very nice, can't beat a bit of day-glo over camo on the shelve.
  15. 1/48 PZL Mi-2 Polish Border Guard

    Very nice indeed, makes a change from the drab greens and greys .