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  1. Where does the Mirage 2000-5 stand after the move onto the new injection process, are there plans to re release the kit, as I’m still waiting for a replacement for the grossly inferior/defective kit I was sold.
  2. Just looks like dark Silver in that picture.
  3. Thank you, I dare say it will be obvious when I get round to it now that you've mentioned it.
  4. Thanks for the warning Norbert, just to clarify that I remove approx 1mm off the base of the rear wall and this will make it sit square on the wheel wells?
  5. Hi all, wondering if any one knows the correct colours for the intakes, wheelbays and airbrake wells and doors on the F5A. Looking to model one in either SEA or Asia Minor scheme. TIA Scott
  6. Thanks for the reply Froggy. Figured it wouldn’t be a straight forward build looking at the instructions, as you say one slight mistake early on may render it unbuildable later on. May leave it for now until I get the modelling mojo back in full swing, the last kit I started didn’t do me any favours so need a simpler kit to restore my mentality 🤪
  7. Hi all, looking to start building the KH AS365 soon and was wondering if there is anything to look out for or I should be aware of regarding the build. TIA Scott
  8. Maybe the flat coat hasn’t been mixed properly in the jar/bottle or maybe over thinned? General rule for most spraying is a couple of light coats followed by a heavier wet coat should see you fine. A heavy coat to start with normally results in a chalky White appearance
  9. It’s Denmark that flew the CL600 not Norway.
  10. I actually prefer the Yellow, I find that it makes your eyes wander around the cabin more.
  11. 1/48 CL215/415 1/48 T-37 1/48 TA-7C, correct shape 1/48 NH-90 1/48 AB-212ASW what happened to Italeri?
  12. Mmmmm interesting, what are the differences between the TH-55 and the NH-300C?
  13. If you’re referring to the strikes in April 2018, it was 31 Sqn. The 8 Tornado’s were pooled from both sqns at the time with the other being 9 Sqn, none of the a/c wore any Sqd markings which had been the case for sometime across the whole Tornado fleet. 4 Tornado’s were used on the strike which each a/c carrying a pair of Storm Shadows under the fuselage, ASRAAM’s on the inner shoulder pylons, a pair of 2250 ltr “Hindenburg” tanks, TERMA pod on the outer port pylon and BOZ pod on the outer starboard pylon. The a/c that took part in the strike were ZA601/066 ZA556/047 ZD716/084 ZA585/054 Hope that helps.
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