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  1. scotthldr

    Tips for white decals over red paint

    What Tornado are you doing? Depending on the complexity of the lettering it may be possible to mask the decal after it has been applied and sealed, then overspray with White, basically the opposite way you already thought of.
  2. scotthldr

    Help and Advice

    His unit would have been VA-35 ' Black Panthers' deployed WestPac January - July 1968 as part of CVW -9, operating a mixture of A-6A and A-6B a/c His picture will probably be here https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cvn65-68/index_029.htm
  3. scotthldr

    Argentinian OV-1D question

    Not often going by available photographs but they did at times
  4. scotthldr

    ESCI/Italeri Mirage F1 CT/CR Ejection seats.

    Definitely the Mk10, however there are several sub versions of the Mk10 I think you need either the 10L or 10Q. Comparing the seat in the F1CT with the 2000-5, I would say the 10Q is the closest.
  5. scotthldr

    VFA-101 to deactivate

    “That’s because the Navy has yet to start the process of naming a home base for its East Coast F-35Cs. It requires extensive environmental impact studies before senior leaders make the final decision on where the squadrons will go. And that, Navy officials say, isn’t expected to start until the mid-2020′s at the earliest.” Do they have a choice, I thought Oceana was the only base on the Eastern seaboard that could handle the permanent basing of fast jets
  6. scotthldr

    1/48 Hasegawa AH-64D AZ National Guard

    Looking good so far, I wouldn't worry about the screens as once the canopy is on you'll struggle to see them, although I painted mine Satin Black. The correct colour for the AH-64 is 34031 'US Army Helo Drab', which as you say is a Black Green which fades to a Greyish appearance . The closest you'll get in Tamiya is XF51 but it will require some Black added to it. For weathering purposes lighten with Medium Grey rather than White. There are several manufacturers that do an exact match both in Enamel and Acrylic.
  7. scotthldr

    Italeri 1/48 AB-212 ASW

    Any word of a release date?
  8. scotthldr

    Kit Pricing

    That works out at £12.00 GBP, I personally find that expensive for a 1/72 Tiger Moth containing only 42 parts , maybe I’m out of touch?
  9. scotthldr

    Kit Pricing

    Definitely sounds like something isn't right. Here's a link to the 2018 Airfix catalogue with the UK RRP's usually the kits can be found in model shops for a couple of pounds less. I would say that the Australian importer is bumping up the prices somewhat. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2018/page/3.html?
  10. scotthldr

    Kit Pricing

    Is the kit in question the one that comes with the No12 LASU option? If it is then that is available here in the UK for £8.99 approx AUD $15.60, however earlier releases of the same kit different decals are as low as £4.99, approx AUD $ 9.00.
  11. scotthldr

    F-4F ICE vs F-4E radome differences

    Just compared my photos of Hellenic F-4E AUP's against pictures of Turkish F-4E 2020's, pre ICE Luftwaffe F-4F's and JASDF F-4EJ's and can't see any difference in overall shape. Yes, the different colours being Matt Grey, Matt Black and Gloss Black play tricks with what your eyes see and what's actually there. Also on some of the pre update aircraft the radomes seem to have the dialectic finish applied further back, again giving it a sleeker appearance .
  12. scotthldr

    F-4F ICE vs F-4E radome differences

    Newer radome, never heard that before? Finished in different colours certainly but anything else is news to me.
  13. Sorry to hear of this, never had any direct dealings with him but he seemed to be a very knowledgeable chap and only too willing to share and help others. Thoughts with his family and friends tonight.
  14. scotthldr

    Ecuador Mirage F.1

    Just to confirm what Laurent said, MB Mk6