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  1. Hi Drifterdon,


    I am about  to embark on a 1/144 scale conversion of the Minicraft KC-135R into an RAF EC-135W Rivet Joint using the Welsh Models CV23 set.  I was wondering if you had made any further progress with your RJ conversion since your last post on your conversion at all?


    Best regards


    1. Drifterdon


      Unfortunately my model building has come to an abrupt halt as I recover from total knee replacement surgery.   I'm itching to get back to the bench but the new knee says otherwise.  Let me know if you have any questions I may be able to help you with.  On a side note, I wasn't overly impressed with the resin in the Welsh Models conversion set.   I ended up modifying the nose and side fairing to more closely represent what the RJ's look like.



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