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  1. Hi Steve. Well the Revell's kit is a D30. Kokomo is a D25. They have a little big difference: the landing light under the left wing! If you saw the Tamiya's P47D and a Revell's one you will see what i'm talking... So this project is dead for a moment... Thanks guys. Marcelo
  2. So guys thanks for all. But can i build the "kokomo" with a Revell's kit? Marcelo
  3. Thanks for the replay. So, this P47 has some particularities: the color that tamiya manual show us is a mix of xf4 and xf5. Can i paint it with OD? Many profiles shows this diferent green tone. No bombs and under wings pylons, correct? And a little red dot in the wheel center. Am i correct? MArcelo
  4. Hi guys. Well, another day another kit. This time i have a P47D by Revell, 1/72. But i don't want to use the kit's decals: balls out and the other version that i don't remember now. So, i asked a friend and he gave to me a set from Tamiya's P47D: Kokomo! When i start a little search in the web about this plane, i saw somethings tha i really don't understand: 1 - this particular plane have only 6 machine guns? 2 - had or had not the wings pylons under the wings? Carring or not carring bombs? Thanks a lot. Marcelo
  5. Hi guys. Well i know that G12 is a converted G6 or G4 etc. Well, the Academy kit is very cheap. Can i use this kit with a Hi_Tech resin part to convert the G6 in a G12? Does anyone knows the Hi-tech resin parts site? Thanks. Marcelo
  6. Hi guys. Well another question about BF-109. How to convert a 109G in a G12? "From early 1944 a number of G-2s, G-3s, G-4s and G-6s were converted to two seat trainers, known as the G-12. An instructor's cockpit was added behind the original cockpit" from Wikipedia. Well, what is the best kit to do this convertion? An academy 109G6 is the best choice? Thanks guys. Marcelo
  7. Well, so far so good... We have the top 109: Finemolds, and the simple mortals: Academy and Revell. Well Academy's 109 build the versions: G-5 and G-6. Revell's ones build (G-14, G-14AS, G-10, G-6AS). So what do i need to correct these models? Aftermarket accessories! Thanks Marcelo
  8. So the Acedemy canopi or even hasegawa's one are too narrow??? It's a bad news... Once time ago, i was building a Me262, revell. The canopi is terrible, so a friend of mine give to me a new canopi from hasegawa and fits ok....If doesn't works i'll buy a squandro one. Thanks a lot, MArcelo PS: Mikester do you have any photos of your 109G? Sites?
  9. Hi guys. Thanks for all replies. Well let me see somtehing: 1 - i agree 100% with you Chuck and Mikester. This revell's kit have some problem with spinner and propoller. But i didn't know the canopi problem. 2 - get some finemold is the solution but here where i am this is very difficult. The revell is a great solution! I'm not a purist; 3 - as steve N write: quickboost have a set of resin to build a correct spinner and props. The canopi i'll try with some friend or buy a Academy 109G. What do you think now? Am i right?!? Marcelo
  10. Hi guys. I'm searching for another 109 and i saw a Messerschmitt BF-109 G-10 - 1/72 Revell 04160. Is this a good kit? Thanks a lot. Marcelo
  11. Hi guys. Thanks a lot everybody. Pep. I'll go to Miami very soon. My wish list is very big. I want aircraft model kits in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72. In 1/32 scale: New spit from tamiya, zero, P51D, from Eduard, Bf109 E4/E7 trop and E3, some P47, Hasegawa Stuka, it's an example. Well now i'll search every store to buy these itens. Thanks again, MArcelo
  12. Hi guys. Where in Miami-FL can i buy some good kits and airbrush? I want to buy 1/32 (Tamiya kits), 1/48 and a lot of 1/72 all aircrafts...And my two badgers.... Thanks Marcelo
  13. Greg. One more quaesion: and for Twin Mustangs, can i do the same procedure in the wings? Thanks a lot Marcelo
  14. Hi Greg. I read all this topic and bring back the main subject, i have some questions to do, ok?!? 1 - For P51 with Allison engine, model A and A36 Apache, the wings panel lines will be filled too? 2 - Wings of RAF Mustangs follow the same procedure? 3 - P51B and C, same questions! Now, some pics that you post doesn't open can you post these again? Thanks a lot, MArcelo
  15. 3- Not sure what you mean or what the question is. IT'S NOT A QUESTION. I have som informations for painting Mustngs in NMF...
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