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  1. Thanks GreyGhost - I had heard that something was wrong with the window - I will still build it as a fun build Wayne
  2. Thanks Wh1skea, I did notice the detail is a it flat, would be nice to use the other kit, but as I have this already I will build it as it is. Wayne
  3. Hi Guys, new to ARC, I have been on Britmodeller for some years. I would like to join this GB with the 1/25 AMT /ERTL 'General Lee" Dodge Charger please Thanks Wayne Wales, UK
  4. AMT? Plymouth Roadrunner, built circa 1997 - Brush painted matt yellow with a gloss coat or three - I seemto recall I stuffed up the road-runner decals
  5. Thanks Donss3, always useful to have more pics. W.
  6. Still looking for suitable light aircraft parts please, see drawings, can anyone think of a light aircraft with similar wings and tail? I could do with a scrap Islander tail please as I can modify that to suit Thanks Wayne Photo c/o (http://richard.ferriere.free.fr/3vues/aermacchi_al60_3v.jpg)
  7. Hi all, newbie here, usually on britmodeller but I have been directed here as well. Question I have is, I know there are no kits of the Aermacchi AL-60, but what is there in existance that might be modifed / kitbashed into an AL-60? I saw a kit once at a model meet that looked similar but I didn't buy it for some stupid reason. I forget what plane it was now but it was a bagged kit with a clear fuselage and I think an American plane. Any suggestions please. Thanks Wayne
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