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  1. She's probably 20 years old by now, but she looks brand new! Well, except for the canopy.
  2. Got the stitches out today. All is well. Should heal up nicely.
  3. The doctor said it didn't look too bad. He went ahead and put in three stitches so it could heal faster. It'll make one cool scar, though!
  4. I have the imigur app on my phone. The linking features don't seem to be there anymore. I just gave up on them. Trying out fotki now.
  5. Happened yesterday at work. I managed to cut my middle finger with a jig saw. Fortunately, nothing too serious, but could've been.
  6. Duh! I should have read the topic header a little bit better! I hope it all works out! Those markings look tricky.
  7. Looks great! Any idea on what markings it will be?
  8. My sincerest sympathies to you and your family at this difficult time.
  9. Another top notch model. I think this one is my most favorite one you have done so far! You nailed the canopy! I'm also interested in the brand of nail polish you used for the canopy.
  10. Another top notch build! Don't sell yourself short. That is a stunning build by any means!
  11. Long time, no see! Always loved your builds! Exceptional model!
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/reports-kobe-bryant-killed-in-helicopter-crash-in-calabasas-194537553.html He was 41 years old. His daughter was also among the five dead.
  13. Doogs models on YouTube has a comparison video between the ps770 and the custom micron. Pretty much a direct comparison between the two. Might be worth checking out.
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