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  1. caudleryan

    Italeri 1/48 F7F-3 Tigercat

    The cockpit looks great!
  2. caudleryan

    1/48 F-20A 187th FW Alabama ANG

    It sucks, though. I found a couple of good cameras. Not DSLR quality, but should hopefully take better pictures. Just have to pony up the funds now. I'm still slogging away with this build as I really want to get it done. Not just for this group build. But because I haven't finished a model in almost three years. And this group build is just what I need to get it done. I really appreciate all of the compliments! I hope to be back at it in a week or so!
  3. caudleryan

    1/48 F-20A 187th FW Alabama ANG

    So, I just found out that the camera on my phone just quit working. Until I can afford to buy an actual camera, all updates on this build are on hold. I will continue on with it, though. Hopefully, I'll have enough money to buy a decent camera next week.
  4. caudleryan

    1/48th Boeing B-52H 'BUFF'

    I've been following this build for quite a while! Each update just gets better and better! Outstanding work!
  5. caudleryan

    1/48 F-20A 187th FW Alabama ANG

    Thank you. I used the kit supplied decals for the cockpit. They worked out pretty good.
  6. caudleryan

    1/48 F-20A 187th FW Alabama ANG

    So, I managed to get a little bit done on this build. I have the fusalage mostly put together. The cockpit is done. I had a lot of fit issues with the spine area trying to get rid of the ugly seam I was left with. I'm also having some fit issues with the lower fusalage piece. But, I'm managing to whip it into shape. Not without a fight, though. YIKES!!! Not going to be fun to deal with that! So, that is where I am at the moment. I know the pics aren't the best, but hopefully they will show up ok. I'll he working on the wings next and joining up the lower fusalage to the upper. Thanks for watching! Ryan.
  7. caudleryan

    Early panel line wash

    Chuck Sawyer did this technique on his 1/32 F-15 aggressor. Worked out well if I recall correctly.
  8. caudleryan

    1/48 F-20A 187th FW Alabama ANG

    Thanks a lot, guys! It feels good to work on a model again. I'm using the freedom model kit with Speedhunter decals. I'm hoping they will fit close enough. If not, then I may have to come up with something else for the markings. I got the cockpit mostly together. I used the kit decals for the instrument panel and the side consols. They snuggled down pretty well once I put on enough setting solution. One thing I did was to test fit the front fusalage pieces together and mate them to the rear fusalage. The fit wasn't spectacular. So, I glued each front piece to the rear fusalage to make one whole fusalage half. There are still some gaps, but it is a lot better. So far, the kit goes together pretty well. I'm not a fan of the multi piece fusalage, but with some patience and a lot of test fitting, it shouldn't be a problem. I'll snap a few pics today and try to get them uploaded tonight after I get off work. Thanks for tagging along! It means a lot to me!
  9. So, here is my entry for this group build. I have ordered decals and should be here in a week or so. So, what if the F-20 actually went into service? With the F-16's going to active units only, the Air National Guard picked up the F-20 to fulfill the role of protecting airspace in The US. As most of you know, our house was hit by a tornado back in January. We ended up losing our house. But we managed to get all of our belongings out and into storage. We have found a new house and should be signing the paperwork for it by Wednesday. And, if all goes well, we will be moving in by next week. But, for the time being, I am staying at my dad's house. I finally managed to get my modelling stuff over here including my table and air compressor. So, what better way to get my motivation back than to start building models again! And that is the goal here. To try and finish this one by entering in this group build. Sorry, starting to ramble on, here. At the moment, I only have my phone to take pictures. The quality won't be the best, but I hope I can still share with you. I'll start on the model shortly. Thanks for reading and I hope to have an update soon.
  10. caudleryan

    Hey, thats not real group build, starts soon!

    Does anyone know if the Revell An-225 is in the states yet? I've been wanting to build one as a USAF version. C-5 replacement is what I'm thinking. I tried eBay, but the ones on there are priced pretty high.
  11. caudleryan

    1/144 EC-135 ARIA

    Looking forward to seeing this one come together!
  12. caudleryan

    Iwata Neo CN dual action airbrush any good?

    I just bought a Mr. Hobby or gunze gsi(whichever one it is) ps274. Just tested it out and absolutely love it! Just tried black basing with it and it performed beautifully! I got mine at spraygunner.com for $92. It performs just as well if not better than my harder steenback evolution 2n1. I have yet to try the ps770 as I bought that one as well. I have heard extremely good things about that airbrush as well. I will be trying that one out next.
  13. Waiting for an update from you is like waiting for your 20 oz t-bone steak to come out. You are drooling with anticipation and your mouth waters! But when it does come out, you are every bit as satisfied. I'm hungry now.😋
  14. caudleryan

    We were just hit by a tornado.

    We're doing good! We'll have an estimate on the house in a week or so. I'm staying at my dad's house for the time being. So, once we get the insurance payout, we'll either rebuild on site or move into another home. Really depends on how much the insurance payout covers. Ideally, I would like to find a bigger house and property.
  15. caudleryan

    We were just hit by a tornado.

    Thank our lucky stars it hit on a Saturday. If it had been a Friday or Sunday, people would've died.