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  1. My apologies. I completely forgot about those two.
  2. I got to see them flying over a couple of days ago along with a P-51 and a couple of F-16's. Flew right over my job for a couple of hours. If I'm not mistaken, these are the only F-35's in the country to have fully painted tails?
  3. Steve has been extremely busy with his job since covid hit. As I understand it, he has been working upwards up to 70-80 hours a week to stay afloat. Family and health comes first. Coming from someone who had to work those kind of hours before, it will very likely put you in the hospital as it did me. I'm sure when he is able to, he'll be back.
  4. It would be really nice to have one in 1/48! Kinetic, are you listening?
  5. You certainly did an outstanding job! The paint finish is phenomenal!
  6. Use a funnel. I'm using this one to let the paint dry. Sorry for the poor quality pics, just snapped them real quick so I can share.
  7. Another useful tool that I use regularly is UV curing clear resin. But, it can be pricey, although the bottle will last you a lifetime. I use it to reinforce seam lines, making new clear parts, and filling in windows on airliner kits. Once cured, it can be sanded, drilled, scribed and painted over with no problems.
  8. Yeah, I just reported a couple more people. I haven't seen it this bad in a while.
  9. I was reading on facebook that Maj. Shul just passed away from cardiac arrest. He was 75 years old.
  10. I have found ICM's plastic pretty soft. Tamiya extra thin has worked well for me and it's pretty much the only glue I use for their kits
  11. The clear base can be used in place of gloss black if desired. The gloss black is best suited for highly polished or mirror-like finishes. It basically does the same job in that it lays down a smooth, glossy surface to apply the metalizers.
  12. Aqua Gloss is good, but I have found it not to be as durable as x-22. Just my experience, though. Others may have better results with it.
  13. I believe you are correct in using too heavy coats. In this situation, I would spray two or three light mist coats, then spray one final wet coat, being careful not to go too heavy as to cause paint runs.
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