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  1. The A-26 Invader kits go together very well. I'm building the new K variant that just came out and you can't even tell that some parts are two pieces. Then again, the fit of the nose can be tricky to fit right.
  2. Typically two to three days slightly covered. If possible, do not touch the bottle after decanting the paint as the heat from your fingers can cause the propellant to release, therefore causing the paint to rise rapidly out of the bottle. It's best to let the propellant gas out over two or three days.
  3. I would reeeaaally like ICM to tool up a new tool 1/48 B-26 Marauder. They did an outstanding job with the Invader kits. About the same size. Should be a no brainer! Other than that: 1/72 B-32 Dominator 1/32 F, RF-101B 1/72 B-1B(come on, modelcollect!) 1/48 Su-47
  4. Well! That is certianly a mammoth project you got! And welcome back! Glad to see one of my favorite modellers back in action, here!
  5. I'm cautiously optimistic about the new kits coming out. Still wondering who will be doing the tooling. Kinda speculating as to who it may be. If I recall correctly, isn't Jetmads based in Turkey? I know they do high quality resin kits. Could it be that they are venturing into IM kits?
  6. Really good store! I have ordered from them a few times. They sometimes have early releases that are a little more difficult to find elsewhere.
  7. Dot 3 brake fluid will strip just about any paint. Even laquers. I use it all the time to strip paint off of my model car bodies. Just make sure you wash your hands really well.
  8. One of mine that happens fairly often on another site. You open a thread and the poster goes into great detail about how he/she got started into the hobby. Gives a complete history of said subject, why they chose the subject, their inspirations on what led them to choose the kit, their childhood fantasies,ect. After about five paragraphs, they finally get to describing the build. Then, they go into great detail about the markings, any aftermarket, what they did to make the aftermarket bits fit, ect. Another two paragraphs later, you finally see the pictures of the build. Usually, I just skip a
  9. So, sitting in my vehicle before clocking in to work, I see an all white C-32B doing touch and goes at Montgomery Regional Airport/ Dannelly Field. Not sure why they are doing touch and goes in Alabama, but a nice treat indeed! I occasionally see Birmingham's KC-135's as well. It's nice to be able to work at a place right at the end of the runway.
  10. Outstanding! I love the paintjob!
  11. My brother actually saw the plane go down today. He works next to the airport. He told me the plane was waving its wings pretty violently and was having trouble regaining control. Don't know for sure, just what he told me. The plane was flying from Columbus AFB with a stop at MRA, then to Tallahassee,FL. For some reason, the pilot lost control after takeoff. Wish I knew more. I'll try to find another article on it.
  12. A T-38 heading from Mississippi to Florida crashed today near Montgomery Regional Airport. Both pilots were killed. https://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/news/2021/02/19/columbus-t-38-jet-crashes-montgomery-killing-two/4516708001/
  13. I have used imgr before and I liked it. They have preset image sizes you can use when you upload your photos. They have one for forums like this one.
  14. Outstanding build! You did a fantastic job with the rescribing!
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