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  1. Proxxon variable speed rotary tool along with the converter it needs. Also get a set of diamond grinding bits. The diamond bits can be found on amazon for around $10 or so.
  2. I use this. It's pretty much the same and you can find it on amazon. But, it's a little pricy as most of them are. Also, the DAP rapid fuse ca glue he mentions can be found on amazon as well, I believe.
  3. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.usatoday.com%2Fstory%2Fnews%2Fworld%2F2022%2F04%2F04%2Fworlds-largest-aircraft-ukraine-wreckage%2F7270638001%2F&h=AT1iC33Mm44rIDuSlsNJ5lx90WgPqEBfatqfy_-a2W_JNPDJl6MufxHNrYiDZweA2106YtsqNLvX8NvR3OcKYaJ3MSkA3opF7hgxrAACZo-kb-DPIiY6JsxYz4QfrOrZL8G7 Such a sad sight.
  4. I have one, but it is too small to fit the lid in it.
  5. There comes a time when tools you have had for years need to be replaced. It served me well over the years, but the lid has fused itself to the jar. And no amount of pressure, cleaning, or heat would make it budge. Here's to another ten years, hopefully!
  6. From what I have been reading about the second aircraft, the wings and tail assembly have already been built for it. They just need to be assembled on the fuselage. Then again, I may be wrong on that. If correct, it would make a lot of sense to recover everything they can from the original and transfer it to the second plane. Thoughts on this idea? But, with everything going on in Ukraine, this is the least of their worries, right now. I really hope the brave people of Ukraine can pull through this senseless war.
  7. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/44575/we-finally-get-a-tragic-look-of-all-thats-left-of-the-giant-an-225-mriya-cargo-jet The entire front of the plane has been destroyed. The rear of the plane looks salvageable and maybe a couple of the engines. I think the wings suffered too much damage to be salvageable. I'm wondering if they are able to graft the front fuselage of the second partially built plane onto the rear of the damaged one. Or, they might be able to use the entire fuselage of the second one and scavenge what they can and basically build a new aircraft. It looks like
  8. It's been quite a journey! I have been following your build since almost day one. I look forward to seeing some paint on it!
  9. The president of Ukraine just confirmed that the An-225 has been destroyed.
  10. Also managed to catch three JANET 737's going into and out of Las Vegas.
  11. I know I'm digging up an old topic. But I had to share this. Looking at the flight trader app, I see an E-6 Mercury flying a race track pattern around Montgomery. Pretty cool to see it on the app, and then to look at the actual plane as it flies around. Not sure what it is doing, but pretty interesting to look at.
  12. One tip I can offer is to leave the needle chuck on but slightly loose. It provides a guide to insert the needle back into the body without hitting the inside of the airbrush. Also, if you are still looking for a good airbrush that won't break the bank, I highly recommend the Procon ps270 and ps274. Both wonderful airbrushes that are around $90-100. I buy most of my airbrush parts(and airbrushes as well) from Spraygunner.
  13. If you are looking for a good compressor, I highly recommend the No Name brand from Spraygunner.com. I have I believe the 3 gallon tank with built in moisture trap and regulator. It can be bought for around $130-140. I haven't been disappointed yet with it. It's also pretty quiet. Might be worth considering.
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