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  1. Another incredible build! I believe that no matter what you build, aircraft or helicopters, they all turn out top notch!
  2. Some more info in the Bonhomme Richard and the recent fires onboard the Kesarge and JFK. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/35046/navy-chief-uss-bonhomme-richard-fire-damaged-most-decks-gutted-island-warped-flight-deck
  3. Oh dear. Is it just me, or does this draw parallels to the Fitzgerald and McCain incidents? I don't know much about Navy protocols, so I 'm not going to comment about it. Just strikes me as odd that there have been two fires within a week of each other onboard two LHA's.
  4. Very cool! Although I would need about 6 dozen of those. I think I have around 250 bottles of paint on those shelves alone. Not to mention all of the paints for my car models.
  5. I don't know how your store is set up, but I found this across from the model aisle. There is an aisle that has a different assortment of shelves. I got this one on clearance for 50% off. It still ended up being around $60, so not that cheap.
  6. Wow! I'm flattered by your words! Although, it's nothing really special. I think at some point in our hobby, we all come across this problem of trying to find space for our ever growing hobby.
  7. Some more pics of the interior of the ship showing the extent of the damage. The ship has now listed to port towards the pier. All personnel have evacuated the ship. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/34862/firefighters-evacuated-from-still-burning-uss-bonhomme-richard-after-it-lists-towards-pier
  8. Fellows, may I ask that we cool it with the derogatory comments please? I understand free speech and all, but there are other forums out there for that kind of talk. That being said, does it look like the ship might be salvageable or a total write off? It looks like the flight deck was burned through in a couple of the pictures that I saw. The superstructure will of course have to be replaced. In a couple of places on the hull, it looks like the paint has bubbled and burned off. Could it be that the fire got hot enough in places to compromise the hull integrity?
  9. I don't know if it will be economically feasible to repair the ship. The entire superstructure will have to be dismantled and replaced. Then again, I have seen miracles happen.
  10. No thinning required. Just load up your airbrush and spray. Word of warning, though. Do not leave your airbrush without cleaning it thoroughly after you use stynlrez primer. It tends to dry quick and will lock up your needle if there is any residual primer left on the needle. I forgot to clean mine one day and the only way to get the needle out was to use a pair of pliars. Other than that, it sprays beautifully! You can really hose it on and it will level out very nicely. Badger does recommend using a pressure setting of around 30-35 psi.
  11. I have had my paints stored in plastic bins over my desk for the longest time. Every time I needed to get a particular paint out to use, I would have to pull the bins down, try to find what I needed, and then put them back up. As I have very limited space in my room( my desk is in my bedroom, it's the only place I have), I needed to find somewhere to put them other than the shelf to free up that space. So, I went to Hobby Lobby to see what they had. This is what I came up with. It's not the perfect solution. But, it beats having to get those heavy bins down from over my head. It would be nice to have a dedicated modelling room, but this is doing the job to keep the dream alive.
  12. Some updated information on the current situation of the fire. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/34819/navy-says-at-least-one-fire-continues-to-burn-on-the-uss-bonhomme-richard
  13. It's not looking good. It is now being reported that the bridge and superstructure is on fire. The bridge has partially melted and its mast is leaning bad. The ship has taken on a list as the fire continues to burn throughout the ship.
  14. Up to 21 injured so far. Thankfully, no fatalities.
  15. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/san-diego-fire-rescue-responds-to-fire-on-uss-bonhomme-richard Praying for the safety of everyone involved. No details yet as to how the fire started.
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