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  1. The clear base can be used in place of gloss black if desired. The gloss black is best suited for highly polished or mirror-like finishes. It basically does the same job in that it lays down a smooth, glossy surface to apply the metalizers.
  2. Aqua Gloss is good, but I have found it not to be as durable as x-22. Just my experience, though. Others may have better results with it.
  3. I believe you are correct in using too heavy coats. In this situation, I would spray two or three light mist coats, then spray one final wet coat, being careful not to go too heavy as to cause paint runs.
  4. Apparently, I didn't know, either. I have always used the yellow top. Interesting. I use the yellow top laquer thinners because it levels the paint well and dries faster. Gives a really nice finish. I just recently painted a car body with their gloss black and it was like looking into a mirror!
  5. I've had good experience with my No Name brand compressor. 3 gallon tank and comes with built in moisture regulator and pressure guage. Cost around $130-150 and is an invaluable tool to have. I purchased mine from spraygunner.com.
  6. I second this. I use Tamiya x-22 thinned with X-20A laquer thinner. Still gets a decent shine without dulling the NMF too much.
  7. DOT 3 brake fluid. Will strip just about anything off and safe for plastic.
  8. That's quite an ambitious project! Your hard work on the intake payed off really well!
  9. I use a few different airbrushes. But my favorite is the Proccon ps274. I also use the ps770 for very fine work or complicated camouflages. The ps274 is very easy to use and is very forgiving. It is also very easy to clean. Flush the color cup a couple of times with thinners and clean the needle and you are good to go. Price wise, the ps274 can be found for $100 or less and the ps770 can usually be found for anywhere between $220 and $300. The ps770 is more expensive, but it is a detail airbrush and a lot cheaper than the Iwata Custom Micron and does basically the same job. My general purpose
  10. One thing I have found that helps me out a lot when rescribing is to use a good made for use scriber. I like using the mrp scribers. They come in different sizes. They have a needle scriber, a square tip scriber, and a v shaped one. I have heard really good things about the Tamiya scribers, but they are a bit too expensive for me.
  11. You did a fantastic job of getting it to the finish line!
  12. Looking foward to getting a sheet! You always do awesome subjects! I still have a ways to go before I'm at the decal stage as I just started on it two days ago, so no worries.
  13. Has this sheet been released? I'm working on the Hasegawa C and currently in need of some decals. Surprisingly, for me at least, F-104C aftermarket decals are hard to come by.
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