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  1. Very interesting about 737-800 Nok Air Decal home made do u have some more for nok air decal? am very like this Best Reggard
  2. Very nice Chilien Airforce 1-16 Ready To Fight :)
  3. Fujimi 1/72 No additional Resin and Photoech Original out of box 4 Day finish Talking With Aribic My Little F-14 Sqd. Sorry About Realistic Dust 1/1 :)
  4. Sure Thank your Sure Sure friend My F-14 Ali cat nearly to complete Will Post soon
  5. Thank you So much all friend :D See u next Mission ...... Mid East Also.... :)
  6. Just Finish and This is my first time for ARC WEB Need your Comment and Respect all i take 6 day to finish Thank you
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