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  1. Thank You Guys! Still have a lot of work to do. I have to find someone to make the decals for the airwing for both America and Kitty Hawk. I tried and fail 3 times.
  2. Feeling better. Post updates next weekend.
  3. Long Beach is part of my Task Force. BigE,Bainbridge,Long Beach. All Nukes Task Force One!
  4. Working on the island and flight deck at this time. Post photos tomorrow.
  5. I took the J.F.K hull and flight deck and convert it into America. Lots of detail done to the hangar bay. I had a guy from Shapeways design the island for me. It turn out great. Have photos of build here.
  6. Just too see if the flight deck fits on to hull with mods. I retired on 2nd of July so plenty of time to work on my builds.
  7. This is part of my Tonkin Gulf Fleet. 4 Supercarriers ,LPH,2 Nukes cruisers, 4 destroyers,1 missile cruiser,1 combat store ship AFS-7 San Jose. All serve in Vietnam, Thanks for looking.
  8. doing the starboard side. still a long way to go.
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