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  1. Has anyone heard when Trumpeter is going to release the ELINT version of the A-3?
  2. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket canopy for the 1/72 Hasegawa SR-71?
  3. Does anyone remember whether Pegasus or Moeibus made a model of the movie version of the Proteus?
  4. jim1956


    Ok I will look up that article on the RB-47H in Hyperscale. thanks
  5. jim1956


    Thanks, Falcon50EX. I don't know when I'll be starting the conversion; but I seem to be interested in building ELINT, recon, and SIGNIT aircraft such as the EP-3, the RC-135, and the RF-4C (all of which are in my stash). The Roden AN-12 (ECM) variant also looks good Murph I have the Flightpath conversion, but from what Jennings is saying, I may have to perform major surgery to get it to fit and look good. I have a aftermarket cockpit for the B-47 as well as engines and nacelles.
  6. who was your father? was he active duty or reserve at McChord? I was a FE on C141 around that time frame (1983-1997).
  7. Does anyone know of an aftermarket cockpit in 1/48 for the Hasegawa RF-4C ?
  8. jim1956


    thanks, X plane fan. an excellent picture which will help when I do the conversion on the Hasegawa kit. also, thanks to Jennings for the additional info.
  9. jim1956


    Anyone who is familiar with the RB-47H. Can you tell me if the aircraft had an antenna wire running from the vertical fin to the fuselage? The photos that I have accessed don't seem to show one; but the model instructions for the Hasegawa kit do. Thanks.
  10. I have the AMT/ERTL 1/72 RC-135V model without the instructions. Does anyone know where I might get a copy? I have checked Ebay, but no luck there
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