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  1. Right you are Tank. That shot the seat backs are just resting in place but I intentionally cast them long so they could be trimmed for different usages. For instance if you wanted to soak them in hot water and create more sag you will need a little extra strap. I did not include the top mounting bar but do talk about it as a scratch part in the instructions.
  2. The molds are all complete. Now I need to work over instruction sheets and take a bunch of pictures for building reference. I'm thinking this one may be ready for release next weekend the 27th providing I am not tied up with the arrival of grandson #1. So here are the resin pieces that come with the set What we have here are; Forward Bulkhead Aft Bulkhead Four person canvas bench seat Three person canvas bench seat in stowed position New sliding side door Power transmission housing (2 triangular pieces) Fire extinguisher In addition to these are cutting templates for the floor, ro
  3. Here we have the fore and aft bulkheads fresh out of the mold along with the door. The forward bulkhead configuration is accurate other than it lacks the lightening holes in the uprights.
  4. Hi guys, yes indeed I have been making some detail sets for this 1955 helicopter kit. So far I have completed the cockpit set and a clear parts set and am currently working on a cargo bay detail set. If you are interested in ordering any of this stuff there is a page on my website now that dumps into a paypal shopping cart or you can email me directly for larger orders. Http://www.swannysmodels.com
  5. It's done, see my site, http://www.swannysmodels.com , for all the details.
  6. Today I start reviewing the final production discs. Looks like this will have to be a three disc set. Should have cover artwork finalized this weekend.
  7. So far I have 'floated' two float planes this way with no problems - very easy to do just not cheap. Production has been a bit of a pain because this one is in high def so you get to see all the warts and pimples.
  8. Still in editing with hopes to have ready in about two weeks, here is a preview ....
  9. Well, a lot of time has passed. Has there been anything new on this kit???
  10. How's that build going? Would love to see some pics.
  11. This important "Tools and Tips" file was destroyed during the hacker attack. At last it has been reconstructed with all new tricks. http://www.swannysmodels.com/Alclad.html
  12. Not long ago someone somewhere made a comment about being interested in seeing all my Luft '46 projects in one shot, well - here it is. The Luftwaffe stable, circa 1946.
  13. Recently I have been using Future as a setting solution. I wet the decal with warm water as would normally be done. Once the decal can move on the paper, decal and paper are dipped in Future then is applied to the model. Excess is wicked off with a piece of tissue paper after decal has been positioned. Once dry decal is settled down and sealed, model is ready for next step in the weathering process. Final coat of dull coat wipes out the shiney spots around the decals. If you find you screwed up and need to remove the decal soak it briefly with Windex or used a cotton swab soaked in Windex to r
  14. Patrick, Thank you for the comments. I found this one at Historic Aviation - not one of my regular shops but sometimes you can get odd stuff there. However, Tamiya is currently getting ready to reissue this kit with the Kettenkraftrad and you can pre-order it at Great Models. This is a nice model, OOB it goes together very well with virtually no filler needed. The QB and Aires aftermarket pieces seriously improve the kit's look though and do require some filler to use.
  15. This is the Tamiya release of the AM Tech 1/48 Ta.183. I replaced the inlet, exhaust nozzle and seat with Quick Boost parts and the engine/wheel bay is replaced with the Aires piece. The canopy is the Squadron vac replacement. The second Ta.183 in the background is one I built when this kit was first released by AM Tech back in 2000. and here is the link to the build article with more pictures ... http://www.swannysmodels.com/Ta183.html
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