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  1. I don’t see how it’s a risk shipping TO a country. The packages go one way, from there to here, so it’s not clear how the virus being in the recipient county can affect anyone in the sending country. Also, packages from Europe can still get the the US, and you can get stuff shipped from some Asian countries via more expensive courier service, just not cheaper EMS. I’m thinking there is more to it than appears, maybe political.
  2. The exhausts are OK for a F-4J, but the intake fans are different between the USN and USAF. The USN engine doesn’t have the two angled supports for the center “bullet”.
  3. Just got mine from Megahobby, but I’ve given up on ever getting the one I ordered off eBay, as well as the Quinta Studios 3D instrument decals. They have all been sitting in a Moscow post office for two months with no sign of movement.
  4. I’d say Revell. The Hobbyboss kit is kind of a copy. The latest Revell C release (03901) is nice as it includes the bomb racks with LGBs, as well as includes the parts for the M on the sprue. I don’t believe that Rafales use Meteor. They use MICA EM and IR versions.
  5. I would just search for Lynx Mk88 walkarounds. Here’s one: https://b-domke.de/AviationImages/Lynx.html#Lynx_Mk88A And another: https://www.ipms.nl/walkarounds/walkaround-helicopters/2588-walkaround-westland-lynx-other
  6. The pictures I’ve seen show a single Sidewinder loaded on the left outboard pylon.
  7. I think he means add both outboard pylons, not just one. Don’t think you have to load missiles on both since there are photos of F-35s flying with only one Sidewinder loaded, but both pylons are installed.
  8. I haven’t heard anything about the fuselage being screwed up, but regarding the intake ducting not going all the way to the engine, the Hasegawa kit is not better in this aspect. Both kit intakes end at a blank wall, but at least the Kinetic kit has some interior ducting, and with the curvature of the ducting, you really can’t see anything anyway.
  9. The F-104 is one of their recent “gold” kits which have better fit and detail compared to their earlier molds.
  10. Because of all you get in the box (underwing pylons and tanks, AA missiles and rails), I’d recommend the Kinetic kit. I think the main thing it needs is IP dials or a new IP from Eduard because, although the plastic IP is nice, there is no dial detail, just blank faces.
  11. The ZM kit has the gill-type carb intake panels. It’s on the specific sprue added for their Mustang IV boxing. The Revell kit also has it on the sprues, but the current kit only provides the early unfilleted tail parts. Not sure whether any of the the Mustang IVs that had the gill panels were early ones without the fillet. Aerocraft models makes a late tail for the Revell kit.
  12. No worries. Ask me how I know the CMK GBU-12s are the wrong model....😉
  13. The original SK 37 was used as a trainer, so it likely carried weapons for training, but the E conversions were dedicated electronic warfare/aggressor versions, so likely not. I think you could make the kit into a trainer SK 37 by deleting the dorsal antenna and using the original plastic rear IP, not the PE IP.
  14. Are you sure those were Eduard and not CMK? It’s my understanding that the GBU-12F/B has the conduit that runs down the body, and GPS disc antenna on the nose, forward of the fins, and those aren’t on the Eduard GBU-12s that I’ve seen. However, that configuration is what is in the CMK “GBU-12” box (although the positions of the GPS antenna are 90 degrees off). It’s also possible that you got a Eduard GBU-49 that was misboxed, but that may have been a rare mistake, because they do make standard GBU-12s in the proper box. https://www.eduard.com/eduard/gbu-49-1-48.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=Gbu https://www.eduard.com/Eduard/GBU-12-bomb-1-48.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=Gbu For comparison, the CMK “GBU-12” https://www.scalemates.com/kits/cmk-5093-gbu-12-paveway-ii-laser-guided-bomb--700047
  15. Basically what’s shown on the box art. KB chaff dispenser pod and U95 jamming pod. Both available from Maestro Models. https://www.rebell.com/svenskt/details/kb-late-sen.html https://www.rebell.com/svenskt/details/u-95-storkapsel-jamming-pod.html
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