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  1. Actually, in the end, the old Squadron lost almost of the the good will they had built up over decades. Non-competitive prices, little actual stock, “sale” prices that were actually higher than MSRP everywhere else, all after business types took over from the long time owners. When Squadron folded up, they left a lot of customers out of money for things they ordered, but never delivered. The new Squadron has to work to build back trust in the company.
  2. I’ve never seen a JA flown without the gun pack. In fact, I’m not sure that it’s just a bolt on pack that is intended to be removed. I think there are some openings in the belly skin for some of the components of the gun system, so that if you removed it, it wouldn’t just be the normal fuselage underside as on the non-JA versions. I suppose you could probably put four Sidewinders on an AJS if you wanted, but it’s doubtful the Swedish AF would use it in an air defense role as long as JAs or Gripens were available. The avionics upgrades don’t turn the AJS into an interceptor.
  3. Not that it isn’t fully deserved, as current events show, but that’s unlikely that’s what happened here. Either the address on the box was wrong, or most likely the PO misread it or just plain messed up.
  4. They released a 1/48 RF-84F and 1/24 Bayraktar TB2 drone, but think they folded up soon after that.
  5. Actually, it doesn’t “convert” one kit to the other. 50002 is the M version and 50003 is the J version. Externally, the M has the 6 blade main rotor and 4 blade tail rotor, while the J has a 5 blade main rotor and 2 blade tail rotor. While the kits share common sprues, they have unique A sprues. Both kits do have gunship and bench options, the benches are slightly different between the kits.
  6. The T-face mask includes masks for both the interior and exterior of the canopy. The standard mask is exterior only.
  7. Not to be smart, but one’s a 9-12 and the other one is a 9-13. Two different versions. The spine is larger on the 9-13, so the upper fuselage part is different.
  8. I guess we’re still waiting on new wheels for the kit. Aires just released their “Late” wheels for the kit, but while the “brake” side of the main wheel looks OK, the hub side is completely wrong. https://spruebrothers.com/ars4867-1-48-aires-b-26k-invader-wheels-paint-masks-late-icm-kit/ The main wheels did not have spokes like Aires put on their wheels. The real wheels had a bunch of little recessed slots. Also, the center hub extended out quite a way from the rest of the wheel. http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/bill_spidle2/a-26k_64-17653/images/a-26k
  9. Disappointing to see this thread deteriorating into a slap fight between two people. More disappointing that one of the people keeping it going is a mod.
  10. So, with the Academy clear parts being thought of as more accurate, and the Academy clear parts (not) fitting almost exactly the same on both HB and ResKit, that implies that they didn’t fix it at all. Need to see the HB clear parts on the Reskit cockpit to be sure.
  11. Actually, I believe it’s on the F sprue, which is unique to the F-104G/S kit and includes a bunch of pylons, as well as the S intakes and ventral fins. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/kin/pages/kin_48093_parts2.shtml Part F11 on the upper center, just below the center ventral fin. However, it’s not mentioned in the instructions, as are a bunch of the other things on the sprue, which includes Kormoran pylons and outboard AIM-9 pylons.
  12. I got the shipping email on 4/4, so two weeks ago.
  13. Back on topic, I just got the “early” F-111C cockpit directly from ResKit. The IP and consoles are provided by 3D printed decals, so hopefully making the “late” version is mostly just changing the IP decal.
  14. I’m confused by this thread. It’s it the in progress section, has a tag that includes “zvezda 48th”, but don’t see anything related to the new 1/48 Su-25 kit. What am I missing?
  15. Do you mean the 1/35 kit and this Eduard set? https://www.eduard.com/eduard/ah-1w-interior-1-35.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=Ah-1w The instructions show that still need the cockpit tub, seats, rear bulkhead, control sticks, and IPs. I think the Verlinden and the Lone Star Models (ex-Cobra Company) sets have complete cockpits.
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