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  1. How so? Neither Ukraine nor Taiwan have F-35s, and no country that does have F-35s is going to war with Russian or China over them.
  2. There are a lot of articles, videos, etc. about which shot is better, but there are so many that it just ends up confusing the issue without answering it. Some say this one is better, some say it doesn’t matter. One of the questions is side effects, but you can find people who have had side effects to any one of the vaccines, while others who took the same vaccine had no side effects, so that’s not really a clear choice either. I’m in the get what you can camp. Right now, the only one that I probably would pass on is the Astra Zeneca shot. I got the Moderna shot because that’s simply what
  3. Looks great! Does the kit include the TFR pimple on the nose in the first release? The buildups and decal profiles on the Airfix web site only show the original smooth nose.
  4. The D version is the recon version. There are usually camera ports in the rear fuselage or in the rear bomb bay. This article explains it. https://www.scalespot.com/reviews/kits/ju88d1-icm/review.htm These are the instructions for the D-1 kit, so you can see if the same parts are in the A-4 kit. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/4/5/3/1191453-75-instructions.pdf
  5. What scale are we talking about? If it’s 1/48 scale, the F-4B is a raised panel line kit, while the F-4E is a recessed panel line kit. I think there may also be some slight dimensional differences that make mixing wings and fuselages not completely straightforward.
  6. Yes. The -EJ was just a license built non-slatted F-4E. There were some changes, like the deletion of bombing capability, but they looked the same.
  7. I wasn’t responding to your post. I was responding to the OP who said he was doing a F-105G and was looking for bare metal decal sheets.
  8. 105Fs didn’t start getting converted in 105Gs until 1967, so I doubt any F-105G ever flew combat in either NMF or the silver paint.
  9. Got my first Moderna shot last week. Little arm soreness right after, but only lasted about 10 minutes. Had a very slight headache the rest of the day (not enough to really bother me, just enough to know it was there), but everything cleared up the next morning and been fine since. Now just waiting until I get the second shot in a little over three weeks time.
  10. I would opine that the P-38 F/G/H versions are more desired by modelers than the J/L versions. I suspect the same holds true for the F-4B over the F-4J.
  11. It’s true, CE didn’t include the correct -S ventral fin either. However, it’s very easy to sand the -G fin to the correct angle.
  12. The upcoming release of the F-104S had been announced quite a while before this.
  13. The RF-4EJ (as opposed to the recon nose RF-4E) is just an gun nosed F-4EJ that can carry a large recon pod on the centerline pylon. There may be some cockpit differences for controls for the pod, but I haven’t seen any obvious external differences (other than the pod when carried). I’ve seen both Kai and non-Kai RF-4EJs
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