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  1. America is not a continent. North America is a continent. South America is a continent. America is the United States of America, a county located in the continent of North America.
  2. From what I’ve seen, the SMTs painted in the standard Fulcrum grey/green scheme are different than the ones painted in the three color grey splinter scheme. The grey/green SMTs seems to be sometimes called MiG-29SMT (R) and are newer (2015-2016) production that the older “splinter” SMTs. Not sure if the grey/green SMTs are all new builds, conversions of the older SMTs, or a mixture. The external differences that I’ve seen on the grey/green SMTs are a large boxy fairing on the sides of the rear fuselage under the tails, and extra small white domes facing rearward just above the rudders and facing forward under the outer wings (likely RWR or ECM gear). Also, the grey/green SMTs seem to have blue code numbers while the older splinter SMTs have red codes. If you are making a grey/green one, you’ll need to make sure it has the changes. Grey/green SMT https://www.airliners.net/photo/Russia-Air-Force/Mikoyan-Gurevich-MiG-29SMT-9-19/5641013/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8ya12oINid7ouCvcAw%2BdRgNWEyUEPp3R2Du8f7n7eQpLfhY0PNoI4KWOVBG8qs/CrULfREnZMGZ%2BrjuN2f7v3gh5LULtVlYMNZBNkQ/v6qAfqbUKS1Rm/vHKC3xnQ4ug%2Bx5IlbA8ZxonX9Aqy/L0Q%3D Splinter SMT https://www.airliners.net/photo/Russia-Air-Force/Mikoyan-Gurevich-MiG-29SMT-9-19/5136137/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8ya12oINid7ouCvcAw%2BdRgNWEyUEPp3R2Du8f7n7eQpLfhY0PNoI4KWOVBG8qs/CrULfREnZMGZ%2BrjuN2f7v3gh5LULtVlYMNZBNkQ/v6qAfqbUKS1Rm/vHKC3xnQ4ug%2Bx5IlbA8ZxonX9Aqy/L0Q%3D
  3. I think somewhere, my Tamiya kit needs a hug........
  4. Thanks for letting me believe what I want to.
  5. Little to no information or photos have ever been released, certainly not enough to make an accurate model.
  6. Looks good! Not sure how many were still flying in Korea with the original flat top canopy and also carrying the ventral turret. Hopefully it will include the plug for the lower turret and the bulged canopy in the box.
  7. The G kit was their first kit and had some issues with the nose, as well as an inaccurate tail turret. I don’t know if these were fixed in later boxings, but Modelcollect has a correction set that you can order from their web site, which also includes the wing root strakelets that should have been included for an ALCM carrier. Also, the kit didn’t come with possible wing flaps, but these may come with the correction set (my correction set didn’t have the flaps, but others says they got them). The H kit came after the G and should have the new nose and comes with extended flaps. The G correction tail turret and strakelets are N/A for the H. Other than that, they pretty much have the same issues, like undersized underwing tanks, missing antennas, incorrect ACES seats, and so on.
  8. Nope, absolutely nothing. Kit isn’t out, no one actually has one, but still same old slap fights drawing lines on pictures.
  9. Looks like the instructions for the F-104J are up. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10616930 Uses the same spoked wheels as the F-104G kit, which indicates that the tire size is incorrect for one of the two versions. Given that the dished wheels are yet used, might there be a F-104C also on the way?
  10. I don’t think the Daco part shown for the forward RWR in the photo is correct for the CF-104. That’s the one used on US F-104Cs in Vietnam. Although both used the same rear RWR fairings, the CF-104 undernose fairing was more streamlined and looked similar to the Belcher Bits part.
  11. I thought this was answered in the other thread. There is no Academy lightweight gear. All of the boxings that Academy released are versions that used the heavyweight gear, and that’s all that is included in their kits. The closest you’ll come from Academy is in the AFV Club F-16B Block 20 reboxing, which has resin flat gear doors and wheels, but the actual struts are unchanged.
  12. Pretty sad to be talking about someone committing suicide and then add a smiley face emoji. What does it take to get banned at ARC?
  13. I haven’t seen any actually in the US yet. Megahobby has a preorder and they say September. https://www.megahobby.com/products/preorder-b-1b-lancer-bomber-platinum-edition-1-48-revell-germany-est-release-date-sept-2019.html
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