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  1. I absolutely understand that the interior set could not have fit into the exterior prop as seen on the show, unless the interior was reduced in scale, and that the real exterior prop didn’t have a lot of detail. For that reason, I’m fine with it not coming with an interior. But it still seems overpriced to me for an injection kit.
  2. To be honest, not impressed for the price. No interior, and the body and warp nacelles are mostly large, simple shapes, with little detail. $50 seems a bit pricy for what you get.
  3. I’ll bet the actual number of transactions completed daily on ARC are only a couple. Not even close the volume that places like Sprue Brothers, Scale Hobbyist, or even Squadron do to get their rates. Plus, it would be asking USPS to give the discount to hundreds or thousands of people, instead of one place.
  4. It’s become almost impossible to sell a large kit, like 1/32 Trumpeter jets such as the MiG-29 or Su-27. There is no way to compete with commercial volume pricing from places like Sprue Brothers or Scale Hobbyist, which charge about $10, regardless of the size of the box. No one is going to buy my kit and pay $30- $40 shipping, unless the sale price is drastically reduced. At those rates, they can buy a brand new kit cheaper.
  5. The photos of the set on the Sprue Brothers web site show that they are the barrels. The ends of the barrel are thick to anchor the ends of the cooling jacket, but the middle is thin so it looks like that is some distance between the cooling holes and the barrel. Probably overdone to get the effect, but that’s pretty much how they are. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/masam48114.htm
  6. You can read their FAQ. https://www.missionmodelsus.com/pages/tips-and-tricks-faq Q: CAN I THIN MMP PAINT WITH ALTERNATIVE THINNERS: NO A: Yes and No. You can thin MMP with water however it must be distilled. DO NOT use tap water. Tap water contains chemicals , minerals and rust that will affect your finish. B: DO NOT ever thin with Glass Cleaner, wiper fluid, lighter fluid, alcohol, Lacquer thinner etc. You will destroy the paint by contamination, ruin your finish and the high performance properties of the paint. This includes Windex which includes alcohol and ammonia. You will destroy the paint. This also includes during color changes. Please clean your airbrush with water and follow up flush with our thinner.
  7. Decide for yourself. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/80072-revell-super-hornet-with-lessons-learned/ https://youtu.be/FACbQaRX54A
  8. I can guarantee you that, regardless of what Scalemates says, the 1/32 Jaguar kit was never released, either by Kitty Hawk, or Trumpeter who were rumored to do it first. Yes, there are decals, but it’s usually done by companies that also did them in other scales and simply scaled them up in anticipation that the kit might be released.
  9. I believe Revell is more accurate ( if you discount the flat spine), but is a much more difficult build than the Trumpeter kit. Having both, I’d rather deal with the Trumpeter kit.
  10. What’s the minimum number of sheets required to be sold to make a profit versus the number of people who will buy this conversion?
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Python 3 on a Ra’am. They always seem to be carrying the latest and greatest stuff like Python 4/5 and AIM-120. I’ve only seen the Python 3 on the Baz. I think the Ra’am came in service after the Python series had moved onto the 4/5. Baz were already in service when the Python 3 came out, so they carried them for a while, but I’ll bet that currently they just carry 4/5.
  12. I don’t use anything other than their own thinner with MMP. I’d also recommend using their polymix as recommended.
  13. The -I carries Python 4/5, which uses the normal rails and adapter. For the -C Baz, it depends on the Python model carried. The Python 3 had longer wings and required a longer curved adapter pylon between the wing pylon and the rail. When the Python 4/5 was carried, it was the normal rail/adapter. It was possible for Baz to be seen carrying both sets of adapters on the same aircraft. (long curved adapter outboard and normal adapter inboard).
  14. This? http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/Fulcrum/0627.html Odd Rods IFF.
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