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  1. To be honest, this site has been abandoned by the owner and left to its own devices. Until Steve decides to change the forum software, or give moderators more power, these spambots are going to continue. Nothing is stopping them. It’s entirely their choice how long they keep it up, when they start, and when they stop.
  2. Thanks, got that one just before you reported it. Easy one to miss, only caught it as I have been erasing these things non stop for the past 5 hours.

  3. Glutton for punishment? Every GD set that I’ve seen has been hot garbage, and that includes the Buffmaster rebranding. And who can forget Super Bug Models? Searching for any of these brands in these forums will result in a fair amount of hilarity.
  4. First, I’m not sure that’s a real aircraft. Looks more like a digital rendering. But what pod are we talking about? The one by the right rear main gear wheel? The fact that one end of the pod overlaps the tire suggests that it’s outboard of the wheels, and not under the rear fuselage. If it is outboard of the wheels, what it’s attached to? Also, there is the funky angle of that pylon, which doesn’t make sense, plus it would make more sense to be attached to that small outboard underwing pylon. If it does really exist, I’d bet more that it’s an ECM or ESM pod.
  5. Aside from the mold release issues, raised rivets pose another problem for modelers. That is filling seams. It’s difficult to fill and sand the seams when they are surrounded by raised detail because you usually end up destroying the detail. Making a tail boom in 4 parts to get around the mold release issue, just makes this worse. How do you replace the raised rivets that were damaged or removed? How do you make replacement rivets that are the same size as the ones that were removed or damaged?
  6. The instructions on the Tamiya page for the A-1H show just one exhaust piece D8 in step 4. https://www.tamiyausa.com/media/files/61058ml-224-7d06.pdf Same with the A-1J kit. https://www.tamiyausa.com/media/files/61073ml-222-8646.pdf However, the Scalemates instructions for the A-1H show the two parts for the exhaust. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/5/4/104854-48-instructions.pdf As does the A-1J. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/6/2/113962-12-instructions.pdf At some point after th
  7. The pod on the left wingtip is an ACMI pod that transmits the aircraft’s position and flight data for ground stations. Looks like the Cubic P5. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-4701-f-16a-general-dynamics--163604 The “bombs” on the racks look more like Laser Guided Training Rounds. https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/products/enhanced-laser-guided-training-round.html
  8. They had to make brand new upper and lower fuselage halves, all of the parts associated with lift fan, positionable exhaust ( 3 positions), and optional unweighted gear struts. They even made a new canopy frame because the area of the upper fuselage where the rear of the frame meets is different due to the fan “hump”. I wouldn’t be surprised if making a B from the A kit is a lot more changes than making a C from the A would be. The main reason the I can see them not doing a C is because sometimes Tamiya seems to stop short of making obvious variants from the same mold. Unused pa
  9. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/galaxy-model-tba-f-35b-c-lightning-ii-25mm-gun-pod--1520446
  10. I would definitely be interested in one of the original greenhouse glass models, but like others here, taking a wait and see attitude, given the company making it.
  11. I believe Testors is long gone, except for maybe making paints, and that might be gone too. The chances for getting parts for old kits from them would be zero, even if you could contact them. That kit is a rebox of an Italeri kit, which is long OOP. Good luck in your search.
  12. Just scroll to the very last post. That’s about the only comment about how they work as decals.
  13. Did you get a message that your order was shipped, with a tracking number? I ordered something from them on Dec 27, and got a shipping notice and tracking number on Dec 31, and it’s showing up in USPS tracking.
  14. David Merriman is a somewhat well known name in the Sci-Fi modeling community, so unless someone is faking his name, it’s legit.
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