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  1. That’s one of the markings in the 1/35 ICM kit.
  2. Thanks! Hellfire on both sides and no TOW would be OK too, right?
  3. When did the USMC AH-1Ws discontinue use of TOW and replace them with Hellfire? Trying to figure a load out for the 2000 - 2002 era. TIA.
  4. I see them. Make sure you select “next page” at the bottom of the 1/48 product listing. It’s set 48-22.
  5. I’ll definitely be in for at least three of the 1/32 sets.
  6. That was my first thought too. I just got the Phase Hanger Resin set, and it was just a couple of dollars more for a lot more 3D printed parts, plus easier to assemble as you don’t have to cut the kit center pod to attach the exhaust like you do with the Wolfpack.
  7. Looks like the Wolfpack Design sets are in stock at Sprue Brothers.
  8. I don’t believe any of the F-14 models had dual controls.
  9. Almost all USAF fighters have had a hook since the 60’s at least, maybe earlier. They are for landing on runways and having problems like no flaps or brake failure, or an aborted takeoff. They are meant for runways that have an arrestor cable system to prevent running off the end of the runway in case of an emergency. Unlike on carrier aircraft, the hook, gear, and airframe aren’t rated for the stress of a carrier landing. It’s just meant for an aircraft already on the ground and I believe the deceleration is a lot more gentle than the carrier arrestor system. Of course, aircra
  10. Quinta makes a set for the Tamiya kit, but you’re adding another $50-$60 on top of the price of the kit. Plus the Quntia set doesn’t include seat belts, so that’s another set to buy. If you’re doing just a A-A load out, it’s correct in that there are really only three missile types, but the kit missiles are generally simple and undetailed, except for the pair of new tool AIM-9Ls added in the BK boxing (previously there were only AIM-9Ds in the kit, even in the “1994” boxing, and those versions were long out of service by then). I did a review of the BK boxing 20 years ago for HS,
  11. The main issues are decals for the IPs and side consoles instead of raised instrument/switch details, recessed panel lines on parts like the forward fuselage and wings, but raised panel lines on the main fuselage, poor weapons (except for the AIM-9Ls added in the last Black Knights release), raised panels on the sides of the nose ( looking like scab armor), and a cockpit that hasn’t changed since the very first release, so only the original round radar display in the rear cockpit. You’d need to get a new cockpit, rescribe parts of the fuselage, and find better weapons on a kit that’s quite ex
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