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  1. The long gun muzzle is already in the early kit from reports. The wing will be the big difference between the early and late kits. Other stuff like TISEO and ARN-101 should also be in the late kit, if they aren’t already on the sprues common to the kits. I think that I’ve already seen the inboard pylon mounted flare/chaff dispensers on the sprues in the early kit.
  2. Don’t overthink this. “Early” and “Late” are mostly made up terms by modelers and model companies to differentiate F-4E model kits with different parts in the box. I think he’s just joking anyway.
  3. It isn’t so much “production” as it is configuration. While changes were made on the production line, in many case the changes were also the retrofitted to earlier F-4s that were built without the features. When modelers talk about “early” F-4s, they usually mean ones with the short gun muzzle and hard wings. “Late” F-4 are usually thought of as those with the longer Midas 4 gun muzzle and slatted wings. Mostly it’s the wing change as the differentiator as the newer gun muzzles started coming out before the slatted wings appeared in production.
  4. I suspect that the “in stock” is there just for their shopping cart system to process an order because it won’t allow anyone to order something that isn’t in stock. That’s why there is a large explanation on the item page that it is a pre-order only.
  5. As noted in other threads here, the recent forum software update killed the img code function. You have to use direct link, an address that starts with https..... and ends with .jpg. Don’t use any link with [img] in it.
  6. No problems here, either just now, or in the last day or two. There was an issue a few days before where the front “what’s new” page wouldn’t load, but you can bypass that by going to store.sprue brothers.com
  7. There’s a report on HS from someone who has the kit that both gun muzzles are in the box. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/take-a-look-at-the-zoukei-mura-f-4e-rear-fuselage-t518389.html#p2749614
  8. I would guess that most of the Skyhawks used for aggressor/adversary training were E/F models. They were more built and, other than being newer, I don’t think the M model would have added much performance improvement over the E/F, especially those resisted with the larger engine.
  9. I don’t believe that they come as PDFs. All I’ve seen is the photos of the corrected instruction sheets on their FB page.
  10. No, that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the short pylon that doesn’t run the entire length of the cabin on the port side. Like on this one carrying the torpedo.
  11. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the Romeo squadrons. I’m asking mainly about the B models.
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