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  1. Air, I guess. The post label says “Small Packet BY AIR”. I had “Processed Through Facility BEIJING CHINA” 6/26, 7/5, and 7/12. “Process Through Facility ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS)” 7/16 A couple of days in transit in the US and then delivered 7/20
  2. Got my correction set today, but no flaps. Just new nose, tail and turret, Strakelets, and the cruise missile set.
  3. Although that kit has resin narrow wheels and flat gear doors, the struts are still the heavyweight struts. The full lightweight gear is only in the Tamiya Thunderbirds kit, as well as the old Hasegawa and Revell kits.
  4. I have no problems spraying them and they work fine for me. I only use their brand thinner. My only recommendation is to use a primer first.
  5. The original turkey feathers were a bit maintenance intensive, and also sometimes fell off. US Eagles eventually removed them, figuring that the maintenance advantage and weight savings of removing them outweighed the reduced drag of keeping them. Plus, US aircraft normally have plenty of tanker support, so a bit more drag isn’t a problem. The Israelis kept the turkey feathers on their A-D models for quite a bit longer than the US, but eventually also started removing them. The F-15Is all retain the turkey feathers, which are made of carbon fiber, rather than the metal of the originals.
  6. The B-52G correction set by Modelcollect.
  7. That looks like a RBT. Definitely not one of the interceptor versions.
  8. Z-M kits are not usually discounted like other kits are.
  9. There is the Werner’s Wings set. http://www.wernerswings.com/resin-35-17.html
  10. Well Mr. Sleepy, if that really is your name, if you read this thread, you’d notice that a comment above mine mentioned the whining over at LSP about the HobbyBoss B-24, and I was responding to that comment ( hence the quote). If you need me to explain it again, I can type slower.
  11. I guarantee you that the issues with the HB B-24 (seams through the turret glass, completely incorrect wing root profile) are far worse than the divots on the Hasegawa F-104 wing. In any case, the 1/48 AMK F-14 thread over here beats everything.
  12. Technically, at least three more 1/48 F-104 makers. Old Revell (before they merged with Monogram), Hawk (which was reboxed by Testors), and Lindberg (less said, the better)
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