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  1. Thanks guys! I will have a go at it hehe. Nice model that one Tim looks stunning!
  2. Thanks J How many coats more or less? And what paint do you recommend? Any undercoats?
  3. Can anyone help me with a few tricks for painting white airliners?
  4. Try Tamiya XF-57, XF-62 and XF-64
  5. 1/48 CSH-2 Rooivalk 1/48 SA-330 Puma 1/48 Pilatus PC-7
  6. Okay thank you! I`ll try to make a few over the weekend. Another thing... do I have to make the designs myself? For example, I want to make decals for a south african airways 747.
  7. Very nice looking model. I have a revell 1/32 mig 21 in my stash. Want to paint it in angolan colours but the whole thing needs to be rescribed first... not looking forward to that
  8. Thanks guys! I'll try to get the software and see what I can do but first I'll read a bit more.
  9. I want to make my own decals? I've got a laser printer and lots of decal paper. Only thing I want to know is how to make the designs so that they are accurate and in scale? Is it at all possible?
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