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  1. Nice clean build Ryan, great choice of decals, I enjoy the more unusual and little built air forces
  2. Looking good Ryan, interesting scheme tooπŸ‘Œ
  3. That is a really beautiful build, great job!
  4. That looks beautiful and one serious load of ordnance!
  5. All of the Mi-8/17s that I have seen/flown in have the same bluish grey colour main rotors and tail rotors, some were Russian owned an some were Ukranian, I cant comment on other users but thats been my experiance
  6. Fantastic finish, well done!
  7. Hi Loach Driver, No problem re the minigun, can I post the Kenyan Defender pics here?
  8. Many thanks 11bee, your very nice build clarified the rocket pod mounting fog quite a lot Thank you jeffryfontaine, I will see what I can find This is what I am trying to build, Kenyan Md-500 in Somalia with the same weapon system as used on those Ah-6C's, unfortunately I did not think to take photos of that rocket pod mounting at the time....yeah dumbass!
  9. Hi Folks, Firstly, this is a fantastic thread thank you. Are there any clear photos or diagrams showing how that rocket pod in the photos is mounted? What would be the best weapon to use as a base to create that Hughes 7.62mm Chain gun in 1/35, I guess its not readily available in 1/35 A question for ROTORWASH....Hi, why the photo of the Kenyan UH-1 at the foot of your posts? I had a look at that exact Uh-1 no 1502 and took a few photos of her about three months ago in Kismayo, Somalia and she looked pretty much newly sprayed in that same scheme?
  10. Solher1 I have been wondering the same thing, is there anybody out there with some info?
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