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  1. cheers for that buddy.exactly the info im looking for.much appreciated
  2. the vampire kit looks nice.always wanted an injection moulded kit of the t.11 in 1/72....kind of like a bus,you wait for ages then 2 come along at once ha ha...i wonder if the will be the same kit...also looking forward to the gnat with the yellowjacks decals
  3. hi does anyone know the exact colour shades in humbrol that are appropriate for an iranian desert camo f-5 in humbrol paints....for example there seems to be 2 "sand" clour paint in their range and just wondering which would be closest.thanks
  4. yep,i actually seen that,that was why i was asking,but thanks for the heads up anyway :wub:
  5. any one know if the new [as in not available just yet but its on their website] gnat t1 in 1/72 is a brand new tooling or a re-issue of their previous ancient release,thanks
  6. ah,i see,thanks for that
  7. sorry if this has been asked before but is the italeri 1/72 mb326 the old super model kit re-issued in the same manner that the super model mb339 has been or is it their own 1/48 kit down sized to 1/72 and if it is,does any one know if it still comes in the same orange plastic that the 1/48 was released in,thanks
  8. no prob,i know all too well about limited shelf space.as i say it was just an idea/suggestion to look into
  9. you could try the hasegawa f-16 with the thunderbirds decals.im pretty sure its not in production at the moment but i got 2 from kingkit,or you could try kitkrazy,although secondhand both kits were unmade and complete with decals and instructions..i have bought from both sites regularly and never had a problem with either...just an idea if your stuck buddy
  10. fouga


    thought so,very similar in layout to the mb 339 kit too
  11. fouga


    howdy all,its been a while since i was here,can anyone tell me if there is a review here on the italeri 1/72 mb 326 and also if it is a re-issue of the old supermodel kit as i suspect it is.tnx
  12. fouga

    pilatus p-c9

    thanks for that
  13. ok,how about either kitkrazy[www.kitkrazy.com] or kingkit[www.kingkit.co.uk].....both are shops in the uk and both specalise in hard to find,second hand and out of production kits...i buy from both of them on a regular basis..they might have a mitsubishi f-1 kit
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