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  1. like the title says, i'm looking for the following kits Tamiya - 1/35 T-72 Dragon -1/35 T-34/76 kits # 6418,6092,6479 Hasegawa - 1/48 mk.I hurricane
  2. I'd like the kit to be accurate but I'm not AMS about it. I'm worried more about the fit then anything honestly. I've scene the kitty hawk plastic but have not ran into a build thread to see potential build threats.
  3. whats the scoop with the kitty hawk 1/48 SUE kit? All is see if kinetic kits. judging from what i have read, kitty hawk seems to get better from each release. has anyone built or have this kit in their hands?
  4. What is the difference between the IDK Shot Mk.5 Centurion and Royal "Brits" Mk.5 centurion? I got an IDF Mk.5 kit and was seeing what would have to be done to make it an English tank. thanks!
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  6. Bump. Will do a bundle deal on decals.
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  8. Sorry for the late response. I'll pm you.
  9. Yes, the eagle is still available.
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  12. Yeah, finding marking for a USAF spad in 1/48 is a pain. Most if all in 1/48 are USN bird. I wish zotz would release a 1/48 sheet. Seems USAF spad decals are for the 1/32 market.