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  1. Bump, still some kits left. Rocsec1, it was definitely my pleasure.
  2. Pm all replied. Viper,mustang,spad,panther, and MG are pending sale.
  3. Im 100% legit and have the feedback to prove it. I ship with usps I accept payments in the form of paypal,mo,and concealed cash at your own risk. Located in fayetteville,nc $30 per kit + shipping. Mustang,viper,spad,panther, and jesta are SOLD!!!! Jug,panzer II,Valentine,and Matilda are still available.
  4. Im 100% legit and have positive feedback to prove it. I ship with usps I accept paypal,mo, and concealed cash at your own risk Im located in fayetteville,nc Harder steenbeck ultra 2 and 1 up for sale. -was purchased in 12/20 -only used once -comes with nozzle tip cleaning brush at no extra cost. - $80 + shipping. SOLD!
  5. Only real option right now is tamiya and trumpeter. Hoping eduard would release a 48 scale kit.
  6. I'm 100% honest and have the feedback to prove it. I ship with usps. Located in NC. I accept the following payments - concealed cash "at your own risk" - money orders - PayPal "prefer this method." Dragon 1/35 panzer II ausf.a - Kit 6687 - all contents in box - full interior kit -$30 + shipping Tamiya 1/35 panther ausf.d - kit 35345 - all contents in box -$30 + shipping Tamiya 1/35 Matilda red army -kit 35355 -all contents in box $30 + shipping Trade
  7. Agreed!! This forum has a good amount of rivet conters. I like my builds to be accurate as well but not so much dead on. I'm pretty excited about this kit. The deco set doesn't do anything for me because the cost adds up fast considering the kit,decals, and correction set. Save the money and use mr.surfacer to fill the rivets.
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