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  1. Tamiya1/48 p-47d Kit is not sealed but nothing is missing. Asking $25+ shipping. I accept paypal.
  2. Like the title says. Looking for an airfix 1/48 seafire 17 and 1/48 pr.xix spitfire. Got a Tamiya 1/48 p-47d I'm willing to trade.
  3. randypandy831

    Takom chieftain mk.5/5p

    Pending trade.
  4. Here to sale this kit. Takom 1/35 chieftain -mk.5/5p variant -kit is 100 percent complete -nothing is missing -$30 + shipping Payment -mo -paypal -concealed cash "at own risk" Shipping -I ship with usps. Trades -currently only looking for a tamiya 1/48 p-47d "not a razorback"
  5. randypandy831

    Airfix Mustang

    Judging from the cad photos, I thought it was suppose to have the early tail option? Another missed opportunity I guess. Hopefully eduard will get it straight.
  6. randypandy831

    Mig-21pf markings

    Will be starting a new project soon. Got the eduard boxing but none of the marking options amaze me. Looking at doing a hungarian bird. Is there any decals sheets for the 21PF? I see a lot of sheets for the MF and Bis.
  7. randypandy831

    Wolfpack 1/48 T-38 Talon assembly question...

    Noted. I thought I did something wrong when doing this step. Wish they would release the charlie variant already.
  8. randypandy831

    New Tool Bf 109G-6 from Tamiya

  9. randypandy831

    Resin cockpit for hasegawa 1/48 f-16

    I had the aires pit for a 1/48 hasegawa viper and I sanded the living hell out of the tub to get the fuselage halves together. Eh, I even had to sand the lower fuselage halve to get it to fit. From what I know. The aires pit for the tamiya and hasegawa viper are the same.
  10. randypandy831

    Gustav G-14

    thanks for the info sir! that serial # made my research a bit more easier. again, im no expert and i know some can look at a photo and tell exactly what model it is. im finding mixed info as to say it was G-10 then some saying it was an erla built G-14. it was mentioned he flew a G-10 with the same markings. what gets me confused is that the G-10 didn't have the gun bulges on the cowling or em i missing something? this is the sheet that caught my attention. it may give you some insight at what sparked my interest. http://barracudacals.com/proddetail.php?prod=BC48231
  11. randypandy831

    Gustav G-14

    I appreciate your time Morrison. White 21 of IV./JG4 "franz wienhausen" has caught my attention.
  12. randypandy831

    Gustav G-14

    alright ladies and gents! I snagged eduards newly tooled G6 and not entirely sure if i want to model a G-6 or G-14. I know there are parts in this kit to build it as a G-14. My question is, what exact parts in this kit are used for the G-14? I em by know means a 109 expert. thanks!
  13. randypandy831

    Please delete!

  14. randypandy831

    Please delete!

    scooter is SOLD!