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  1. Gustav G-14

    thanks for the info sir! that serial # made my research a bit more easier. again, im no expert and i know some can look at a photo and tell exactly what model it is. im finding mixed info as to say it was G-10 then some saying it was an erla built G-14. it was mentioned he flew a G-10 with the same markings. what gets me confused is that the G-10 didn't have the gun bulges on the cowling or em i missing something? this is the sheet that caught my attention. it may give you some insight at what sparked my interest. http://barracudacals.com/proddetail.php?prod=BC48231
  2. Gustav G-14

    I appreciate your time Morrison. White 21 of IV./JG4 "franz wienhausen" has caught my attention.
  3. Gustav G-14

    alright ladies and gents! I snagged eduards newly tooled G6 and not entirely sure if i want to model a G-6 or G-14. I know there are parts in this kit to build it as a G-14. My question is, what exact parts in this kit are used for the G-14? I em by know means a 109 expert. thanks!
  4. Please delete!

  5. Please delete!

    scooter is SOLD!
  6. Recommendations on first kit

    can't go wrong with hasgeawa and zvezda 1/72 russian AC. I recommend hasegawa for 1/72 US aircraft as well.
  7. F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    Like you, the Eagle wins for me as well and I do agree about the markings for USN and USMC bird's having some nice artwork.
  8. Please delete!

    Scooter is currently pending. $30+shipping takes all the decals. really looking to push them away....,....
  9. Please delete!

    i'll take $20 for the scooter. Also looking for 1/48 Yak-3 decals.
  10. Please delete!

  11. Early mig-21 cockpit gray

    What would be a good match for the grey used in the early mig-21's? Doesn't have to be spot on but something close. Eduard calls for gunz H308 which is FS36375 but I want to see if there are other options. Thanks!
  12. A-10 found. Still looking for the decals.
  13. Best 1/48 A-6E kit?

    best is a subjective word. only options are the hobby boss and revellogram kits. kinetic's kit isn't even an option if you ask me. revellogram kit if you can stand raised detail and aren't afraid to rescribe a whole kit. they can be found for stupid cheap now a days.