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  1. Hey Rich, Thanks a whole lot...and yes, it helps a great deal!!! Curt
  2. Hi All, I've done some research, but have not been able to determine an answer to my question, which is: Were any F-4C variants painted in the Southeast Asia paint scheme at the factory, or were they all painted in the Tan/Light Green/Dark Green scheme in the field (in VIetnam), over the Gull Grey/White original scheme? I am working on the 1/48 Zoukei-Mura F-4C, and wondering if I do any chipping of the finish, whether the chipped area color should be grey or down to yellow chromate or natural metal. I thought it would be easy to find an answer to this, but I haven't been success
  3. Spectacular build, great photography, and a touching story!
  4. Hi there! Yes, I had looked at the paint colors suggested by the instructions, though oftentimes I end up using colors that are better (at least to my eye) than those recommended there. So, I was looking for ideas for other colors that people may have used and were happy with. I probably should have acknowledged the instruction recommended colors as part of my post...but thanks for response!
  5. Hey All, I'm beginning a build of the Zoukei Mura 1/48 F-4C. I'm planning to do a Vietnam era plane in 'standard' Southeast Asia colors, with consideration to moderate to significant weathering (dirt and fading, primarily). I'd like to do this plane in lacquer, so ideally, I'd like to use either MRP or Gunze Mr. Color paints, but I also have many colors in the Tamiya (Acrylic), Mission Model and AK Real Color lines. Anybody have a set of 3 paint colors they've used to good effect for an F-4 in SEA colors?
  6. I second the recommendation for the Mig Ultra Glue! I've only been using it for a few months, but the stuff is really, really good. I've never wanted to use super glue on clear parts, so this stuff is fantastic...no worries about fogging of clear parts, and it dries crystal clear, so even if you happen to get some of it on a clear part, you can't really see it after it dries. Plus, it is surprisingly strong. I can't recommend this stuff highly enough!
  7. Thanks for your comments, Brian. Based partially on the responses here, I've decided to move ahead with my first F-4, the ZM F-4C. It will be interesting, for sure! I'm aware, vaguely, of the corrections you refer to. Those are too intense for me...and from what I've seen of completed ZM F-4s, the corrections are subtle, and the lack of 'fixing' won't make MY F-4C, to me, anyway, any less of a good model than it would be with the corrections.
  8. Hi Dave, and thanks for your response. Actually, the question was about the building experience, and not about the F-4 variants. I know that we've only got the F-4B available from Tamiya, though I am truly hoping, as I'm sure many of you all, that Tamiya will be doing multiple variants of the F-4 in the future. I realize that Tamiya does not have the best track record regarding offerings of multiple variants for many aircraft (their P-38J was a HUGELY hoped for P-38, and we were so lucky to have gotten that one already). I'm sure that projected sales have a great deal to do with how Tamiya
  9. Thank you all for your opinions. These were EXACTLY the kind of words I was looking for from you! I think this tells me that I ought to just do the ZM F-4C first, and then see if that experience says let’s try another way or to just do the F-4S and then head on to the Tamiya. I appreciate the input, folks!
  10. Hi All, I'm just looking for opinions from folks who, preferably, have built both the 1/48 Tamiya F-4B, and any of the Zoukei-Mura F-4 series. I got the ZM F-4C and F-4S kits before the Tamiya F-4B came out, and I've held off getting any of the other ZM F-4 series or the Meng, hoping that Tamiya will eventually expand their F-4B into many more variants. Anyway, back to my question. If you were me, not having built any of the F-4 kits that I have, what would you suggest I build first? I'm concerned that if I build the Tamiya F-4B first, that this will potentially spoil me and th
  11. Thanks, guys...I really appreciate the thoughts and opinions. I'm thinking that I'll give these rivets a try. I know it will be scary, but we should all try to broaden our horizons, true?
  12. Hey All, First off, I know that rivet decals are nothing new, and many of you have used them before and shown your work, which has always been impressive to me. Eduard has come out with a rivet set for the Tamiya 1/48 P-38J (ER48003). HGW also has rivet set for the P-38J. Both of these sets run in the $55-$65 range, which places these rivet sets at almost the same price as the kit itself. A modeler, 'Details Scale Models' just recently posted a full kit build that includes application of the Eduard rivets, and he did a super impressive job! I was just curious about
  13. I’ve used Tamiya Extra Thin for a long time, (the lighter green cap variety) and have been very pleased.
  14. Thanks to alternative and Andy for making me feel at ease with the e-mail. Not sure if I'm going to go that route or not, as Andy points out...it's awfully pricey for one small part, especially given that I have options to replace the part already, albeit not ideal options.
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