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  1. I missed that entirely, Dave. Thank you so much!!
  2. I have the Eduard MiG-23BN kit, using the Trumpeter plastic, and a TON of aftermarket stuff. I really wanted this, because I think the Flogger is a really interesting airplane. It is not beautiful, in any way, but it's really brutal and purposeful looking, sort of in the same way, to my eye, as the F-4 Phantom is (I'm not comparing the two, by the way, and I LOVE the F-4, so no flames from Phantom lovers, please 🙄). I have been hoping for some other manufacturer to come out with a 1/48 scale Flogger that will be at least MORE correct, if not completely correct, from the start, to avoid all
  3. Can anyone tell me what the part MK 108 in part 12 of the instructions for the 1/48 Tamiya Heinkel He-219 A-7 Uhu airplane is? I've never seen an opening in the spine of this aircraft, in any of the builds I have seen, and as far as I know, there is no kit part for MK 108, and since there is a cover (part A28) for that item, I'm curious why the instructions even mention it. Am I missing something? It seems odd, because the instructions even show that the area where that MK 108 goes is supposed to be painted the same color as the cockpit (TS-48), but if that area isn't designed to be open, w
  4. Great start, Dave. I'll be watching intently...I have this helicopter and a bunch of aftermarket stuff for it, but I have yet to touch it. I'm sure your build will inspire me to wait no longer!
  5. Gentlemen, I decided to do my He-219 cockpit with black Stynylrez for a primer, and then painted with Gunze H416 RLM66 (aqueous/water based). I think it's going to be perfect, especially after some weathering and drybrushing. While I don't ALWAYS prime my models, in this case, where the cockpit base is actually metal (to act as a ballast to keep the airplane from being a tail-sitter) I think a primer is not only a good idea, but necessary. I'm really glad I got the Eduard cockpit pre-painted panels, because the large number of individual panels is going to show off
  6. Thanka, barkin' and seawinder. I should have done some research before bothering you guys with a simple questions like this. Instead of worrying about a conversion from a Tamiya color to another paint brand, I should have determined the RLM color as you guys, and ElectroSoldier, suggested. I think you're right, that any dark gray will probably be just fine. I'm also using the Eduard cockpit repainted panels, so a close match to that color would be a good idea, regardless if the Eduard color is accurate or not. I agree that RLM66 is probably the better choice for a late war plane.
  7. HI All, Just about ready to complete my Eduard q/48 Spitfire Mk. IIa, and have finally decided that my next project will be the 1/48 Tamiya Heinkel He-219 A-7 Uhu, a model kit generously provided to me by my friend Rob (thanks, my friend)!. I've already done some dry fitting of parts, and they go together stunningly well, as one would expect for a Tamiya kit, even an older vintage one. One deficiency, however, are the paint color call-outs. They only refer to Tamiya paint colors, and in the case of the cockpit interior, they refer only to TS-28, a spray color that they call 'Gu
  8. Curt B


    I'll certainly post when I start the build, Brian! I know you don't specialize in Russian decals, but is there any chance you might consider doing a sheet for this one???
  9. Curt B


    It's probably going to be a bit until I get to it, Rob, but I'll surely let you know when i do!
  10. Curt B


    I understand that it has a huge surface for painting...but unless I mess it up badly during the build, I sure didn't spend $50+ to practice my airbrush and weathering skills!!!
  11. Curt B


    Well, today, I got the 1/48 Zvezda Su-57 airplane, plus some Eduard stuff for it (masks and detail set). I know this model is not the most detailed airplane kit, but it is of a different subject than I've had before, and looking forward to seeing what I can do with it!
  12. Gwen, glad it worked out for your hubble! It really stinks when you are expecting something to be a certain way, and it turns out not to be the case. I certainly get it!!
  13. I asked the same question, and didn't get an answer, but I am assuming that since they specifically mention flaps and slats, and not spoilers, that we will have to be happy without posable spoilers. But I could be wrong. Having ALL those control surfaces posable was one of the many reasons I got the AMK F-14D model in addition to the Tamiya F-14D, so I could have an F-14 with ALL the wing surfaces out of their 'normal' positions. I gather that the flaps and slats will be sufficient for posing the airplane in the 'crouched' stance, ready to fly off the front end of the carrier. I'm definite
  14. Not in a million years! However, the advantage to an insane amount of models in my unbuilt collection is that it's almost like having a hobby shop in my home. I can pick and choose from a vast array of different models at any time, so there's that. But be able to finish the entire collection? Maybe if I were 20 years old with a 90 year lifespan, instead of being almost 63...
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