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  1. I think that's a great idea. 'My' scale for airplanes is 1/48, and I"m rarely interested in discussions about scales other than that..although that's not to say that I don't learn a lot by reading posts that concern other scales.
  2. Thanks to you guys! I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age. For future similar questions, I'll do better research first. But..thank you again!
  3. I, too, am speechless!!!! Utterly FANTASTIC!!!! When I started looking at the photos, and got through the first 2, I thought I was looking at photos of the actual aircraft which you were using as your guide for painting and weathering, as Bob also wrote. I can't even imagine the skill and effort it took to create this stunning masterpiece. I am in awe, sir. Again, FANTASTIC!!!! I have both the GWH UB and the single seat version, but I can't help but wonder if I should even bother to build 'em, as I shall never approach the level of modeling expertise you've displayed here.
  4. Hey All, I'm working on my 1/48 Eduard Fw-190D11/13 airplane, and I don't know whether the cowl flaps can/should be displayed open when the plane is parked on the ground. I always like to show as much as possible, as long as the positions are technically accurate. Can anyone help me? I know it doesn't matter, but I'm planning to paint it as the JV44 aircraft 4...love the red underside with the white 'pinstripes' 😝
  5. I have 2 ZM Phantoms in my collection, as yet unbuilt, an F-4C and F-4S. And I have the Tamiya F-4B, also unbuilt. Until the Tamiya plane came out, it was my understanding that the ZM Phantoms were the number 1 choice for Phantoms. I was (am?) still waiting for a ZM F-4E late version, but before I buy another ZM Phantom, I think I"m going to wait to see if Tamiya decides to do more F-4 variants. Unfortunately, it may take some time for Tamiya to announce, and longer still for them to actually make available, any new variants. Just like the P-38J that I had a strong feeling would be coming
  6. By the way, in the Doog's video, he uses Gunze Lacquer GX002 Gloss Black under the KColor metallic paints, which I happen to have. In addition, just for completeness and to make sure I wouldn't end up with any weird interactions between paints, I got the Kustom Service KSW 100 Super Gloss Black to use under the Kustom Service metallics. In Doog's video, though, it doesn't seem, to my eyes, anyway, that anything could possibly be more glossy than the black GX002. At least I have several options to try.
  7. I surely will! Haven't gotten them yet...hopefully soon! ... I take it back...they came yesterday, I just didn't make it to my mailbox. They look really cool. Hopefully I'll get to try a few out in the next few days. Standby...
  8. The Doog's video is below. If you're not used to Matt, he can get, well, let's say a little colorful with his language. Some take offense to it, but I find it refreshing. Anyway, he does spectacular job with everything he does, building, painting, weathering. This was his review of the KColor (and Gaianotes) paints from several years back. This paint is what has been reborn with the new company.
  9. You are most welcome, sir! I'm so happy to FINALLY be able to get my hands on these paints. I hope we love them as much as the buildup promises!!
  10. Hi All, I wanted to pass on some information to everyone. I don't know how many of you have been aware of the paint brand KColor. Matt from Doog's Models has used the KColor paints, the metalizers, from an Italian manufacturer, and raved about the paint quality. For several years, I've been trying to find a distributer of this paint line, with no success. A short time ago, one of our forum members, Gwen Phoenix, was kind enough to inform me that the KColor company was out of business, but a new Italian company, Kustom Service, has started up and is producing the same paint that
  11. I just wanted to say thanks again, Gwen. I'm just about to send in an order to the new company, including some clear coat, and thinner. I am just thrilled to finally be able to get my hands on this stuff which Matt from Doog's Models has used many times and always has good things to say about the paint. I am not sure if he considers the KColor metallics as his 'standard' paint to make plastic look like metal. In any event, I never hear of really ANYONE else discussing KColor or their use thereof, but now that we have a line on finding these paints, I hope I find them good enough to be come
  12. Gwen, you are SOOOOO SUPER!!!!! I have continued to look for those KColor paints, and obviously, with your new information, I was probably not going to find them! I can't believe that you remembered our discussion, and followed through for me. I am so grateful! Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you!! Curt
  13. You are very kind, Gwen. I appreciate the offer of help, and I will do the same and let you know, if I happen to, miraculously, find a supplier! Curt
  14. Hi All, I just received, vie USPS, a copy of the subject book, written by WWII Ace Jack Ilfrey. I just read about the existence of this book, written in 1946, less than 2 weeks ago, somewhere in the modeling forums, either here in ArcAir, or Aeroscale, or similar. Once I knew about it, I immediate began looking on line to try to find a copy of this now quite rare volume. I was amazed to find a used, but like new, copy, through Amazon, for a mere $20.00, plus a few extra dollars for shipping, and it just arrived. The only way you could tell this from not brand new is just the ti
  15. Hi Gwen, I've tried contacting Matt, but he's become such a modeling icon that I'm sure he's sufficiently deluged with e-mail and requests for help with this or that, that he hasn't responded in the past on this very question. Perhaps I should keep trying. Then again, I'm sure he has pipelines to products that us 'ordinary' modelers probably can't access. Guess that shouldn't stop me, though! I appreciate your very informative responses! My best, Curt
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