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  1. Hi All, Since i didn't know what category the answers to my post might be, I thought I'd put this topic in the General category. I've heard/read a wide variety of opinions about Kinetic models in general, many not very positive. I'm sure that Kinetic must have a 'best of' Kinetic kit. I don't know all the aircraft that Kinetic offer for sale, but I'm curious what folks think is 'the best' KIntic airplane in 1/48 scale. I'm just looking for opinions. I've got lots of airplanes, but not a single Kinetic kit...yet. Which one is their best?
  2. Steve, BEAUTIFUL airplane! I’ve been pondering that very paint scheme for one of my P-51D buildings , now I’m even more sure I want to do that!! I’m generally not a fan of blue on vehicles, cars, motorcycles or airplanes, but that shade of blue just really POPS!
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. I can’t say that I’ve seen any photos that show the painted areas either more or less glossy that the natural metal areas. And, for what it’s worth, I had not planned on making the natural metal areas particularly shiny, except maybe for a few scattered panels that could represent replacement panels.
  4. And, to along with my 2 Airfix Tropical Hurricane Mk I airplanes, I got the Xtradecal X48146 Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Pt. 2 Hawker Hurricanes decal set. I may end up using my brand new Silhouette Cameo 4 machine to make masks so I can paint many of the markings. I would use the decal sheet as the guide to create the masks. Ambitious, I know, but we'll see.
  5. Hey All, I've just begun doing pieces/parts of the new 1/48 Eduard P-51D. At the back of the instructions, on page 19, the instructions show the places on the aircraft that they call Aluminum Lacquer, and the other spots where Natural Metal Finish is supposed to show on the plane. Do any of you have a 'best choice' for the Aluminum Lacquer color? I plan to use a variety of AK Xtreme Metal colors on various panels in the areas identified as 'Natural Metal Finish', but i'm at a loss as to what paint to use to cover the 'Aluminum Lacquer' parts of the plane. I was thinking just use the Mr. Color Silver paint, but now I'm not sure. That's what the instructions suggest (either C008 lacquer or H008 aqueous acrylic). Does anyone have any thoughts about what the metal paint color should be, or close to what it was in reality? Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
  6. LOL Dave, thanks for the English lesson...seriously. I usually pride myself on my vocabulary...and I'm chagrined to learn I messed that up!!! Just so people get what you were writing about...I'd referred, in my initial post, to 'ordinance' rather than 'ordnance'. Dave corrected me, as he should have, and I appreciate it, and I edited my post so as not to look overly ignorant.
  7. Hey guys, I see you've already discussed the new packaging for the lacquer based MRP paint, in the plastic bottles with flip tops. My first experience with MRP was with the glass bottles that had the hard plastic screw on tops. I REALLY liked those. My first experience with the new bottles was not good. While you may be correct that there is less likelihood of plastic jars cracking during shipment compared to glass, the flip tops can also not be fully seated or can be affected by heat. That's what happened in my first purchase of the plastic bottles; one bottle top had come open and spilled a large quantity of paint into the bubble wrap. Thank goodness it was wrapped that way. Had the wrapping been paper or other porous substance, the paint would likely have oozed out of the shipping box. Matt from Hobbyworld (a US distributor) told me that the first shipments of MRP in the new bottles had some history of the tops not being sealed completely. Hopefully that issue has been addressed. By the way, Matt did send me a new bottle of the color that had opened in shipment.
  8. Hey guys, in the interest of letting you know what happened with the SOTAR... I sent the airbrush back to Spraygunner, on a Wednesday, and had an answer back from them the following Monday. They took the airbrush apart, and noted that the part where the nozzle sits was not machined correctly, hence, apparently, any different nozzle would not have sat correctly. It looks like that part was not machined, or not machined properly from the factory. Also apparently, that is why the spray regulator with arms was not sitting properly. Spraygunner worked on the originally defective part, and they gave me the option of taking back my original airbrush, which they were able to repair, or to wait for their next shipment of new SOTARs, which is supposed to be in before the end of the year. I thought it was great that they gave me the choice, and I asked them to send back a new one when available, and they also offered to open he new one and check it out before sending to to me to make sure all is well. I am very happy with that service. The only part that I find disconcerting is that they saw the same problem, with a spry regulator on a SOTAR that they had, which is telling me that this manufacturing defect may be widespread. They acknowledged that.
  9. Thanks for the idea about the canopy....I saw a comparison between the GWH canopy, and his version, and it's quite different! Regarding Capt. Hwang, he is a U.S. Air Force pilot, but I don't know if he was born in the U.S. or a naturalized citizen. I'm guessing that if such a term as 'morted' is used in place of dead or killed, that that may be a pilot or military slang.
  10. Thanks to all of you, and Hubbie in particular about the canopy. I've just looked for the canopy on eBay and elsewhere, and it looks like it's no longer available. I have written the creator of that canopy directly, so maybe I'll be in luck! Thanks, Dave. I guess I'll need to open my 4804 box and check for weapons/ordinance, as the post you pointed out shows sprue shots with same.
  11. Hello Haneto.  I just got a post on a thread I started today (Saturday, November 16, 2019) that discussed the single seat F-15C canopy that you have been making.  I used the link that had been posted, and searched for 'Fairy Hobby 48008' on eBay, without success.  Are you still making these canopies, or are they still available?  I would be interested in 1 or 2 for the Great Wall Hobby 15Cs that I have.  Thanks.  My e-mail address is cabasner@earthlink.net.  Regards, Curt Basner.

  12. Hi All, I have the Great Wall Hobby S4804, Limited Edition, F-15C Air National Guard Jeff Hwang kit. I haven't actually pulled the kit apart to verify this (it's still in its box), but I don't think the S4804 kit has any ordnance. I see that GWH F-15C MSIP II (4817) kit is available, which it seemed not to be for some time, and I assume that THAT kit does come with at least some ordnance. Can anyone tell me what ordnance is in the 4817, and whether ordnance is the only difference (besides, decals, of course) between these two kits. Thanks for any help.
  13. LOL Agreed! That is my thread over there, too 🙂
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