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  1. Agreed on the Polished Aluminum. I'll probably use one of the other metal colors.
  2. Hi All, Hoping someone here can help me. I've done an extensive search on the internet and here, and failed to come up with detailed photos of the subject wheel well. Even the usually quite good walkarounds for various airplanes only give an incomplete look at the wheel well for a MiG-29. I'm interested, in particular, in the view looking toward the front of the aircraft of this well. I'm working on the GWH L4813 Fulcrum, and while the kit detail looks pretty good, I noted that the main wheel wells did not have the greatest fit, and the same goes for the nose wheel well. However, I wa
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have read and seen demos of using AK Gauzy Intermediate over the Xtreme metals, which it was supposedly made for. I have the Gauzy and will try that.
  4. Thanks, guys. Now, I have another P-51 paint question.. I know I've already stated what I plan to use to paint the natural metal finish areas of the airplane with in terms of paint brand and color, but I'm thinking that I'd like some opinions about this as well. The Eduard instructions do a great job of identifying the what parts of the fuselage and wings, on the real aircraft, were painted aluminum, and what areas were natural metal finish, and Eduard also provides their suggested paints and colors to use. I've seen several videos showing what paints some folks have decided to
  5. I'll give you that. And, I have one of the Tamiya P-47Ms under construction, plus another still in box, plus, a razorback still untouched that I need for a 'Hun Hunter XIV' build I am planning to do. I'll wait to see if the engineering and fit of this new Miniart kit is even close to the old Tamiya, and whether 2021-era molding technology will have superseded the still impressive Tamiya kit... The photos of the built bare plastic kit looks like it could maybe have nicer surface details, but we'll see... If those aspects are better, I'll get one of these. And maybe a razorback is in the w
  6. Thanks...and best of luck to you, too!
  7. Well, all, I started this thread on November 2, and I just worked my last full work day today. I have only a few hours left on Monday, 01/03, to check out, address some details, and then I'm officially retired. This thread turned out to be better than I had anticipated, and many thanks to all who posted here. Though technically, my retirement doesn't begin until next week, I think I'm going to be working on completing my first build as a retiree, one of the many Eduard 1/48 P-51D kits that I have in my stash. I'm almost done with the build, now doing the painting as it the build progresses
  8. No, I still don’t see any L4824 Su-27 kits available from any US stores. And, many, if not most, GWH kits are out of stock in many US model stores. I’m guessing that we are still not getting shipments from China in the container ships offloaded in Los Angeles. The GWH 4824 is the model that I want the most, and I can’t get one!! It is really aggravating!
  9. Hmmm, very cool, but looks like another GWH kit that we won’t be able to actually buy in the US.
  10. Could this kit possibly be better than the older, but still spectacular, Tamiya Thunderbolts? I have a hard time believing it until/unless someone will actually demonstrate this…
  11. Hi All, Happy Holidays! I am about to do some painting that I've never done before. It's on an Eduard 1/48 P-51D. I've never done any natural metal finish, much less NMF transitioning to a solid color, but that's what I'm going to try to do with my P-51. The rear of the fuselage and entire tail is going to be solid yellow, and from that point forward will be NMF. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to paint these areas, that is, what should be painted first, or how to do this paint job? I'm planning to do a gloss black base for the NMF, and I'm thinking I'm go
  12. SR-71 YF-23 XB-70 F-4 F-14 F-15 Su-27 P-38 Spitfire Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon
  13. OUTSTANDING! I'll definitely wait for the Caracal decals for my McConnell F-86! Thanks for this info.
  14. Hey All, I have what may be a stupid question. First, I know that the Eduard WWI plane models are 1/48 scale and the Wingnut Wings models are (were?) 1/32 scale, so there is a huge difference in the basics of their models. However, having never built a WWI airplane, I am wondering, from those who have built both a Wingnut and an Eduard WWI airplane (and, ideally, the same subject airplane) whether they think the Eduard versions are worthy of comparison to the WIngnut planes, taking, of course, the scale difference into account. I think 1/32 models are really cool, though I have
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