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  1. I just saw that Reskit is coming out with really beautiful looking 3D printed improvements to the 1/48 Hasegawa A-7D/E intake and landing gear. It looks fantastic, though close to twice the price of the kit itself. Combined with the Reskit exhaust, that should make for a fabulous Corsair II. While not having new moldings of the A-7, I’ve always liked that airplane, and the plane it was derived from, the F-8. The upgrade looks amazing!!
  2. Agreed that the GWH A-10C appears to be the next ‘best of’ Hog kit, and I’m truly hoping this is the case. I think it’s always great to have a clear ‘top of the heap’ kit for a given aircraft, as it makes it easy to 1) recommend such kit to others, and 2) have an easy ‘go to’ for any project you do involving that airplane type. In my experience, Tamiya is typically that ‘go to’ kit for many, many aircraft types and variants, but while Tam continues to come out with clear flagship kits (e.g., 1/48 F-4B, F-14A and D, F-35A & B, P-38F/G, H and J), they are also being challenged in many area
  3. Thank you, sir! And I agree, this IS the fun part, seeing the plane finally ‘pop’! It’s going to be one of the demo planes, 2 tone gray with historic WWII D Day invasion stripes on horizontal stabilizers and wings. Thus, very limited weathering, which is going to be new to me. Perhaps more of a challenge to do a really clean airplane, but will define the panel lines, as even those can be seen on the photos of this air show A-10C, using the 2Bobs Heritage Hawgs decals. It’s also going to have the ailerons split as the air brakes, the flaps are going to be fully extended, and the canopy ope
  4. Thanks for all the vids!! Getting more anxious now, seeing how good the plane looks. WHEN are they gonna release this thing?!?!?
  5. Just a super bad snapshot of my Academy A-10C primed and ready for paint (with engine nacelle upper inside bulge glaringly obvious).
  6. Agreed on both sentiments, and going back on my own thought of holding off commentary until plastic is in-hand, that short vid shows what looks to be a truly excellent inlet fan, and ideal fan depth inside the nacelle. And, if you watch carefully, you'll even see super short glimpses of light through the fan blades, promising even better engine structure than some of the aftermarket stuff for the Academy kit.
  7. Well, the point about the Academy engine nacelles being bulged on the inboard side was a detail I'd completely missed until mentioned in this thread. I've just completed priming mine, and ready to start laying down paint probably later today. Frankly, that detail doesn't bother me, but it does look like the GWH kit has avoided that design/molding error. It won't stop me from completing my Academy plane, nor building a second one that I already have, but hoping that the GWH kit doesn't have any as yet unseen shape issues...but I agree with scorvi. Let's get the GWH kit in hand and see what
  8. viperbite, thanks for the links to the facebook pictures. Since I happen to be working on the Academy A-10C at the moment, it is a good time to compare the details. It appears that the GWH plastic has more prominent rivets and other surface details, which may be less than desirable, although the tail end of the fuselage, and the aileron details, look quite good and show more than the Academy kit does. I'm guessing that it might actually take getting the plastic in-hand to determine which is 'better'. I will certainly be getting the GWH kit...just hope it shows up sooner than later.
  9. I know I'm way late to be adding to this thread, but once I heard about the ZM F-4G, I figured a late (slatted wing) F-4E wouldn't be too far behind. I'm only surprised it took this long!
  10. Well, I FINALY got my Miniart P-47DD-25RE Advanced kit today! Wow, what an impressive model it is! i only hope it fits together as well as its parts are detailed! i've been wanting to do a Gabby Gabreski P-47 for a long time, and Miniart has even done that for me, with Cartograph decals, even! Cann't wait to start it!
  11. Are you talking about resin aftermarket upgrades or resin full kits? I have many resin aftermarket upgrades for various kits, and I agree that resin upgrades are amazing in terms of the level of detail they provide. However, the latest thing, 3D printed parts, are even better! So, what were you referring to? Also of interest to me is the F-86 Sabre. It's my favorite 'vintage' jet plane...I just wish some manufacturer would come out with THE absolute definitive 1/48 or 1/32 F-86. I'd buy several of those in a heartbeat!
  12. @AV O and habu2, yes, I know that the 8N plane did not have the invasion stripes painted on top of it, which is why I decided to take that plane out of consideration for my project. While the overall grey of the plane I chose to model is pretty bland, I knew the stripes on the wings and horizontal stabilizers were on top of those surfaces as well as thhe bottom, hence, my choice! 😊 @Guard Hog, you absolutely were of help, THANK YOU!! This is why I love this site...getting help from people who know so much! To the extent that details can actually be seen (as opposed to adding d
  13. @Illu and Guard Hog: Thanks a ton!! While none of the photos covered the specific aircraft I’m modeling, your images are enough to tell me that I should paint the stripes all the way around the outboard flaps, even on the forward part of the flaps that are hidden with flaps up. It looks like that is a probable paint job on my jet, and unless someone finds specific photos of ‘my’ jet with the flaps deployed, no one can dispute what I’m going to do. I’m sorry to have bothered you guys with probably THE most trivial painting question ever asked here, but I so appreciate your input!!
  14. Thanks, guys. I'm inclined to agree with you, and unless I get any other info supporting the alternative painting, I'll just paint the exposed part of the flaps. Again, many thanks!
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