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  1. This one is an awesome looking cat!!! Superb work!!!
  2. Thank you guys a lot! Here are some better i hope pics a friend of mine helped me.
  3. Thanks a lot everyone. Now hope the Tamiya D to arrive... 🙂
  4. This is my latest built, The classic hasegawa kit but with additions. Cockpit AIRES with PE details from Eduard. Afterburner sector AIRES with Hasegawa exhausts Brassin AIM-9 TAMIYA GBU-12 Blackbox PTID and Lantirn stick in the cockpit Master pitot and AOA Part of FighterTown decals and Hasegawa Decals Antiskid above the inlets is from HB Body Texture Spray. Gunze paints for the main TPS pattern Antiglare HATAKA Laquers paint Model master final finish varnish Flat Laquer Feel free to have any mentions
  5. OH! Thank you very much Pappy!!! Something i didn't notice, in fact i was not awair of it!. (Is somekind of Air bleed Doors?) Thank you!
  6. Yeap correct!! As i recall Airfix had a disc a yellow one with something looking as a sunshine :p .. Cartograf really nailed this one!
  7. Weak point is that what ever has to be done open... It is very difficult to close especially the air Brakes. And also very difficult is the wind screen because in my case it was smaller than the Fuselage...
  8. Hello!! About the panel lines i realized a problem when i first saw the Kit, half of it was pretty well engraved but the other Half... was like plain!! So i engraved it just to make it possible to have a pin wash... I came with a conclusion with the KINETIC kits.... never Buy the first production!! I have done the same mistake with The EA-6B and this one... but i was pretty lucky with the F-16I and the SU-33 ..
  9. Thank you both!! Hard to believe it too that is a descent Kinetic kit.
  10. My latest completed model is from Kinetic Models and is a part of the Falklands War The Super Etendard in 1/48th scale. The model is OOB,colours From Gunze for lower and upper surfaces and the Final Varnish Model Master Laquer Flat, Very good kit good overall fitting except from the Windscreen that was a bit tricky cause was 2mm smaller than the Fuselage also with some minor mistakes especially in the AM-39 Missile carrier (completelly wrong!!!) But i will live with that! Feel free to mention any mistakes. Cheers, George.
  11. And the last photos of the project ... Te whole model was delivered a coat of Model Master Laquer Flat Varnish and made a dark black wash just for a little effect. The Final Result is just Below... Thank you!
  12. Thank you Guys!!! The colour was a puzzle to be Honest!!! But the best part followed!! And... the Decals must Go on!!! :) Simply superb!! The decals are Super!!!That is the best quality that i have used since one time i tried Two Bobs Decals The entire model was taken care with a soft cloth and i didn't use any Gloss varnish, The shine that you can see is only by rubbing the surface. The undersise of the Aircraft was a bit easier to get this shiny appearence because the already Gloss white Thinned with Levelling just shines by its self
  13. After a long search in the web i couldn't match an exact colour From Gunze to paint te upper surface of the plane. The lower one was easy H316 Gloss white, Sky blue from TAMIYA for the Flag,Gloss Black for the Radome and H308 for the stripe between the Fuselage and the Radome But the upper was a puzzle..so decided to play a game!!! I mixed a Dark Sea Grey with intermediate Blue and fom pics matched the colour sa much as i could. imagehostingimagehostingimagehostingimagehostingimagehostingfree image hostfree image host Next step.. Decals I hope you like it!
  14. Thank you Zac! That's the reason i Started this year!!!
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