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  1. A real paintjob!!! Nice Work!!!
  2. Super nice Job Janissary! Greetings
  3. Great job Lucio. I am still attentive, although I think I will not build another Hasegawa cat with the offers of Tamiya, AMK and the future of GWH. In my experience several areas with Hasegawa are quite disappointing: air intakes, cockpit, landing gear wells, wings, landing gears doors were a headache, the angle of the landing gear and especially the seam between the front and back of the fuselage. The angle of the Lantirn Pilon, the Phoenix pallets are soo ugly and some more. Soo many pieces in this kit are wrong but with dedication a good result can be achieved
  4. Ohhh !! That would make me happy very happy !!! In addition to VF-1, VF-114 may be present
  5. Thanks Whiskey! The Santa Cat decals are an excellent sheet like all Fightertown, but pay attention to the badge on the top fo the wing. It includes a black and white but it must be clear.
  6. Excellent work. I will look for another hobby.
  7. Excellent work Lucio. Unfortunately the post was late to help me with my Hasegawa kit.
  8. I await the final product. Some errors may be fixed before launch or maybe later. Now I am somewhat away from modeling and do not follow the development closely.
  9. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you like my job.😉 Elmo in this link you can see the step by step in the painting and the effects. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Jolly-Rogers-Uruguay-642735759169069/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1325035694272402 Let me know what you think. Regards
  10. This was my last compilation finished a couple of months ago. It's the Hasegawa VF-213 Blacks Lions kit transformed into an F-14 Bravo. I use a Black Box cockpit, Pitot and AOA probe from Hobby Decal, Wheelliant resin wheels, Fightertown VF-103 Jolly Rogers Cruise 2000-2001 and Fightertown data stencils, two AIM-7 and one AIM-9 from the Tamiya kit and one Lantirn and two GBU-12 from Hasegawa's weapon set D. DSCF1698 by Federico Rocha, en Flickr DSCF1704 by Federico Rocha, en Flickr DSCF1722 by Federico Rocha, en Flickr DSCF1718 by Federico
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