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  1. Looks good!! Nice Hun!!!
  2. Guys thank you so much everyone! Excellent and valuable information. I'm very grateful Greeting Federico
  3. Beautifull Persian Cat and great tips to make good pictures!!! Thanks my friend!!!
  4. You're welcome. Where can see the gallery of the finished work? The link does not work
  5. Hello friends. I am working on the Italeri 1/48 Kit to represent a Viet Nam Huey but I have some doubts about the colors of the interiors and the rotor. Here I leave a photo of my work so far. Thanks for the help Regards
  6. Thanks Steve. I think I have everything I need to transform the Delta kitten into a Bravo. A resin cockpit with GRU-7 seats, PTID screen and LTS stick control for RIO. Two Lau 138 Bol rails and two BRU-32 bomb racks in resin. The kit already has the ECM blisters and LTS pilon, Lantirn and GBU-12 from Hasegawa Weapon Set and added GPS dome and reinforcement Rio step to scratch. I do not know if I forgot anything else. Some quick photos
  7. Thanks KursadA. Yes the decals are great!!
  8. Hi friends!! I plan to made the F-14B Santa Cat with some aftermarket stuff. And other more like Hobbydecal Pitot / AOA probe and Whelliant Wheels, etc. I did an Internet search of this beautiful bird but there are very few photos. Does anyone have reference photos of this bird that could share? According to the information that I have available this airplane in the year 2000/2001 still had not available the sparrow / Hawk Hud. It is true? Thank you very much
  9. Awesome work!!! Greetings
  10. Great Job!!! Congratulations!!! Cheers
  11. Great Tomcat!!! Congrats!!
  12. Nice Job Aigore!!! Cheers
  13. Thanks KursadA!!! The decals worked very well. I must say they are excellent. There is a lot of attention to detail in it.
  14. Thanks my friends!! I really appreciate your comments. Regards
  15. Excellent, just like the A-6E. I love this weathering!!! Congratulations