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  1. this aircraft not exist ;) the last aircraft delivred to 641/470 IAP (regiment with polar emblem) was 38 blue. The scheme also doesn't exist, all production su-27 for soviet/russian regiment was in standart scheme... I think like said Shorty84, it was a creation of the authour, in takin decals for two aircraft different and making it's own flanker.
  2. The instruction was wrong, for example in begemot decals, they said that 34 blue of afrikanda and 34 blue from Kilp-yavr was the same aircraft. In fact they are two aircraft different, the 34 blue of 9 GvIAP from Kilp Yavr was delivred in 1991, at the 941 GvIAP and was 11 red. In 2001, the 9 GvIAP was formed at the same base between the 470 GvIAP and the 941 GvIAP. Other exemples, the camo scheme on flanker on the north (on this aircraft) was not correct. All the production flanker for Russia between 1985 and 1996 have the standart camo scheme like you did in your model ;)/>/>. All the
  3. very good job!!! This flanker are a midle production serie, with the RWR on tailborad in green and not in white. Flanker of 641 IAP at Rogachevo, trasfered in 1994 at the 470 GvIAP at afrikanda AB ;)
  4. what a work! I'm impressed, excellent job!
  5. no sorry, here the withdrawal of your planes with 3 photo: http://volnodumie.ucoz.ru/news/2008-02-22-48 Here video and camo of 55 blue from Afrikanda, i think you can take in exemplke, all the flanker have the same camo, so: http://my.mail.ru/mail/karpenko1994/video/3/9.html
  6. no sorry, here a link with 3 photo of this withdrawal: http://volnodumie.ucoz.ru/news/2008-02-22-48 Video showing camo of 55 blue, and the representa http://my.mail.ru/mail/grem.62/video/_myvideo/25.html
  7. hey! photo of your plane when it was withdrawal from Afrikanda in 2001. Like you can see it's a standart camo!
  8. Great project, i follow your topic!!!! For info, the SU-27 Ub in first photo, is not the same aircraft, after merged at kilp-yavr in 2001, it's become 54 blue, your plane are ex-54 blue from Afrikanda. Note that after 2006, the forward part of plane, until the end of the canopy, have been repeint, and the planes have received new red star, like you can see withe photo off Alexey Zemlakoff taken in majortity in 2009, befor the withdrawal of regiment to Besovets AB. If you don't have, this is photo taken near 2003 (I think) link for the last: http://walkarounds.scalemodels.ru/v/walkaround
  9. Hello, I'm waiting for the new flanker like su-33 from trumpeter or aviation art, any news? any date of release? I search on the web but I don't find the release date... Thanks
  10. thanks for your comments! dryguy, don't woory, I just broke the windshield , i forget to mention it, I search a new windshield part... so no the trumpeter windshield is fine in reality,but not here on my model. ;)
  11. hello, here my last model, a su-27 flanker from trumpeter. It's the ex 14 red from 941 IAP (livred in 1992, in 2001 this flanker became the 36 blue in 9 GvIAP, after he go to besovets AB and became 36 red, an this year he was modernized in su-27 sm3 and delivred to Krymsk AB). My model represent the 36 blue in 2003/2004 at kilp-yavr air base. I use some linden hill decals (this plane was not represented in the "flanker in the north" decals, so i use decals from 35 blue and 09 bleu to do the 36. Sorry for my bad english...
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