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  1. I've recently bought the old Monogram 1/32 Mk IV Panzer kit. I have an idea for a project, building the model as one of the Syrian Mk IVs that fought in the Six Day War in 1967. I need a Dshk 12.5 machinegun for the project and can only find aftermarket pieces in 1/35. Will the difference between 1/32 and 1/35 be that evident if I use the smaller gun on the build? I guess my only other option will be scratch-building the MG and I would rather not have to do that. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice! Thanks a lot, Gary.
  2. I just wanted to post an update. I received an email this morning with the scanned instructions from a modeler in Denmark. So, with the decals I've ordered off Ebay, and the new instructions, I'm good to go. Thanks again! Gary
  3. Thanks Gregg! It's good to be here! I appreciate the welcome too. Gary
  4. How about one like this? It's a Mirage F-1 in the service of the Confederate States Air Force. It is part of the Nathan B. Forrest Squadron based at Biloxi, Miss., here seen in maritime camouflage as per its primary mission of anti-ship interdiction. Gary
  5. Hello everyone. I recently bought the Grand Phoenix FJ-4B Fury 1/48 model and it came without the instructions. Does anyone out there have a copy of these instructions that they might scan or copy for me? I would be very grateful! Thanks, Gary Brantley
  6. Sorry to have posted in the wrong forum. Gary
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