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  1. That's a fair point Geoff. But as much as I love/loved this site in the past my very limited funds would prohibit me from doing that. I do understand that this website used to be his pride and joy and if being burnt out IS the issue that's more than understandable. Its just too bad so many of these incredible modeling sites have gone the way of the dodo the same way brick and mortar hobby shops have. I know of several that are no longer available that I used to enjoy tremendously and would love to access again. Its too bad there's not a way to do one of two things. ONE make this website work b
  2. Fair point Ken thank you. Because some of us DON'T know that. Thanks.
  3. Well I sure hope that this site along with so many others doesn't go the way of the Dodo. Good to know its here for at least a bit longer. I've really enjoyed this site.
  4. Chinese Eastern Airliner down. 132 souls aboard. No words on casualties as of yet. https://www.yahoo.com/news/state-media-report-crash-chinese-082919657.html
  5. Very much a copy write infringement no doubt about it. That's someone's blood sweat and tears. As someone who went to school for graphic design I'd be furious if someone did my work. Not that I've got much to show for my schooling but as an artist I'd be pressing a serious lawsuit. Plain and simple. That's a BIG NO NO
  6. I'm not trying accomplish anything just venting about the exhboritant prices of kits.
  7. I got my start in this hobby as a youngster. For my seventh birthday, my father and now stepmother purchased a bunch of model kits for me. When I got started in the early eighties yes I realize that things we're very different then what they are today. Everywhere I look, I see and hear that our hobby is dying. Yet we continue to allow these manufacturers to charge exorbitant prices for model kits and everything else. I routinely see model kits on eBay that are well over $100 that shouldn't be over $50. I wonder if there's even a solution anymore. If this trend continues our hobby will most cer
  8. You're one of the lucky ones. I placed an order and then I got nothing
  9. I was wondering the same thing. I'm wondering if they're going out of business. I purchased some tracky thingies not sure what's happening. I guess we'll find out
  10. Johnny, I wil have to say I hear you and I kinda agree with you, but how safe is rock climbing? How safe is paragliding? How safe is surfing? I get it, I do. I want them grounded for a different reason. I don't want anymore of these precious aircraft to be lost. Not just he people. But for preserving the history of it. ONE THE OTHER hand I LOVE Seeing them fly and if I had enough money to go up in one of them I'D JUMP at the opportunity.. Not that I'd fit in them.
  11. Reports of a B-17 crash at Bradley in CT. It must be Nine o Nine. Injures are being reported
  12. Relatively intact B-17 found with crew inside. https://www.divers-guide.com/en/news/1705-b-17-bomber-discovered-north-sea
  13. Anyone have a nose cone top for that model? I am missing mine. Its part numbers L1 and L12 respectively. PM if you do thanks.
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