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  1. My real first try at some weathering. Paints used were Tamiya and Mr color along with Mig pigments, AK interactive washes,and Abteilung 502 artist oils. This was a very exciting build for me and at one point I was ready to trash it completely. Thanks to Doogs models videos, I had to press on. This builder is really a great modeler. I hope you like my first try at the weathering, I really had fun. Kind regards, Steve
  2. Thank you crackerjazz. I let this one go to a good friend. I want to build the same kit but fix the rudder decal a bit better and add weathering. I think Ill explore my options though for a different resin cockpit set. Plus I just started using Mr color paints which are just super quality for workable finishes. Two of my favorite builder videos are Doogs' models and Plasmo on YouTube, I like how they pay attention to the smallest of details and describes the methods they use. Kind regards, Steve
  3. Thank you Dutch. I do like to look at it sitting on the shelf. Looks good with the other two.
  4. Thank you Sir. I'm just glad to have it finished. Steve
  5. Thank you Phantom. I already know I'm going to build the exact same kit but fix the rudder decals better. Steve
  6. Thank you Geoff. I'm glad to have this one off the shelf of doom. Steve
  7. This one has been sitting around for about 4-5 years finally was able to finish it. I used the Aires resin cockpit set, burner cans, wheel wells, Eduard Brassin wheels, brass pitot tubes and sensors. Paints used were Tamiya liquid primers, Mr color paints, Testors model master, Mig paints, Vallejo, Alclad II aqua gloss, and Goo-Gone. Hope you like how it turned out. Kind regards, Steve
  8. I just can believe how excellent the Aqua gloss works. It has already knocked off 24 hours of dry time. I also picked up some Mr hobby gx100 super clear gloss, its kind of strong smelling so have to wear an approved respirator mask, but it works great also. I'm a little skeptical spraying over decals with it yet. I will have to try some old decals and see how it reacts. Kind regards, Sreve
  9. I sprayed a few drop tanks with future, but stopped using the future and switched over to Alclad II aqua gloss, which dried within 10-15 mins. I want to re-coat over the future to see if it would dry as fast as it did over the ones I didn't use future on. Most likely I wont be using future anymore due to AlcladII aqua gloss having a superior finish and a much faster drying time.
  10. Thank you Roberto. My friend Carl actually came up with the paint design. His father had the real one painted up similar to this one. Kind regards, Steve
  11. Outstanding work on both kits Don. Thank you for for posting. Kind regards, Steve
  12. Thank you C2j. I have another one to do, but we haven't decided on a paint scheme for her yet. She is a nice kit to build. The struts and landing gear legs are reinforced with brass rod which is a great idea when your landing gear legs and wing struts are resin. Kind regards, Steve
  13. A very nice kit to build, the 1/32 Stearman Silver wings kit has very good details inside and out. I added the fuel lines using solder wire and support wires using EZ LINE. Kind regards, Steve
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