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  1. Czech Model F-80C in 1/32.

    This is the cantankerous CM kit of the F-80C Shooting Star. Kit decals. Don
  2. 1/32 Italeri F-104J in JASDF markings

    Yes, these are the old Hasegawa decals. I used the Hasegawa decals for the himomaru and stencils where japanese was used, otherwise i used the Italeri stencils as they were better quality, readable, thin, didn't silver. Don't see many JASDF Starfighter builds in FS16473... can't remember seeing any at all. Jennings is thinking of doing some JASDF decals for the Zip in 1/32, would really be welcome.... Don
  3. JASDF aggressor in 1/32 from the Revell kit

    Sorry, forgot about this one. Build wasn't too bad, in all honesty it was a far better fitting kit than the Tamiya kit, after sanding down the major parts the panel lines were also very acceptable. Details not as good but don't bypass kit just because it's the Revell offering. Did take a lot of time and tape to mask, was part of the fun and challenge. Canopy was the kit part, it is the smoked version, didn't know there was a clear version.. Thanks for the positive feedback!! Don
  4. This is the old Revell 1/32 Strike Eagle kit built as a JASDF Aggressor, using the old Two Bobs sheet.
  5. My 2016 builds

    The hobby Boss kit was a pleasant surprise, some odd stuff/instruction issues but basic kit was nice to build. Don
  6. My 2016 builds

    All but the T-33 were nice builds, the CM kit was the worst fitting kit i had done in a long time. It was enjoyable due to being such a challenge. Don
  7. My 2016 builds

    Two more Czech Models T-33 Hasegawa Me109K-4 Don
  8. My 2016 builds

    Five builds for 2016, all 1/32 Tamiya Mk XVIe Hasegawa Ki61 Tony Hobby Boss IL2M3 Sturmovik
  9. Hasegawa Me109K-4 in a colorful scheme. Don
  10. 1/32 CT-133 Canadian Silver Star in NMF

    One of the worst fitting kits i've built in a loooong time. You've been warned!!! Don
  11. From the Czech Models 1/32 kit Don
  12. Some pics of 1/32 Sturmovik Don