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  1. Simple colors, but looks great in a splinter scheme. Great build!! Don
  2. Thanks for the positives, guys!! Happy with the build, a Marine phantom with a loadout with Snakes, nape, and rockets!! Can't go wrong with that loadout!! Don
  3. Finished off the SOD. AOA decals, Videoaviation Snakeyes, AMS Mk 77 fire bombs.
  4. When I did this build I was using Photobucket. After they did their thing, I went to Imageshack. Don't know how to fix this so the pics are clear, I may have saved the pics to disc. I'll have a lookaround. What parts are you having problems with? Don
  5. I've never tried brush painting them, can experiment and get back to you. I used Tamiya dullcoat over the build, XF-86 I used these paints and their recommended primer on a P-38 Trumpeter build.74-660 is their recommended primer. Found the primer airbrushed great, glossy smooth... let it set up and dry. then hit it with a Metal Color overall. Masked with tape to spray various panels and the tape pulled up the paint and primer. Not small amounts, but BIG sheets of paint!! Had to strip and start again. Stripping was easy, just used tape. Primed with Tamiya rattlecan primer and then AS-12 for the main color coat. All panels after this were done with the Metal Color and the same paint behaved great!!! Not my first go round with painting and surface prep. Was able to mask and spray 45minutes to an hour after, and subsequent panel spraying afterwards I had great results. I used Tamiya tape, green painters tape, no pulling up of paint. A gear bay door I had painted with the black primer had sat for a week. More than enough time to dry. Really happy with how this one turned out. I since have found I could use any paint as a primer with no worries of pulling up the paint. Is my go to NMF paint, along with Tamiya rattlecan metallic. HTH Don
  6. Nothing accurate about this scheme, just playing with Vallejo metal Color paints. Had a bad experience with them before, just wanted to beat them into working. paints work really well, no hesitation using them. Don
  7. Time for something different
  8. Have to say, I started a build on LSP on the Super Bug, Had to walk away ( maybe for good ) as you are constantly fighting the kit. Not in a simple scrape here and there, more like half the parts are from Revell, the other half from Fisher-Price, with Fisher -Price parts fitting better. Now, I know, we're model builders, we make art from little bits of plastic, but for a mainstream kit maker that's shown so much promise lately, this is a BIG let down with the amount of work needed. Did build the Trumpeter Bug, wasn't easy either but did finish. If you really want one of these, buy it NOW before the molds get old and the "fit" gets worse. Don Does have a nice decal sheet, the VX-9 bird looks appealing.
  9. I've been doing this for a while. Keeps the bench clear, things better organized. P-38 Trumpeter up on the board. Don
  10. Ships, armor, cars, figures? I know it says AIRCRAFT resource center, but might be a way to attract builders to future GBs if they were all included (as much as possible) Purists may disagree... Don
  11. Yup!!! Really did attract a lot of builds. One small suggestion, and maybe I missed it, a post in the car/armour/sci fi, ship forums alerting them to a Revell everything GB might have included more builds. Would your next GB have room for these? Don
  12. I see that, too. See some of the the non aircraft forums have seen 1 year anniversary dates on some threads. I remember when Zone Five started... not a lot happening there, either....good luck... Don
  13. I used to do a lot of group builds here, but I build 1/32 so I've spent most all my time at Large Scale Planes. Going through the history of past GBs can see a steady decline, especially 2018. Lots of reasons (life, work, etc) why, but it seems like they're almost done? Nobody build anymore? Nobody care? Don
  14. Hello Joel!! How've you been? Miss you at LSP. Don
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