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  1. The Aerobonus presents the new F-14 pilots with lots of mistakes,the pilots' bodies are the same with their F-4 pilots ,wrong suits and helmets and the right seats,I suggest you ignore them.
  2. Looking forward to seeing them flying side by side.
  3. I think so, except the upper fuselage, other parts look the same.
  4. Sorry,I repaired the link, can you see now?
  5. I use the GWH 1/48 Mig-29 9.12 early kit to build the Polish red 77.
  6. 做得太棒了,kasl套件的舱盖内框相当吸引人。
  7. Hi everyone, this is my latest work, a F-14A PLUS, the kit is Hasegawa 07212, the decals are from the Furball, I also used AIRES resin parts and royal resin wheels to improve the details. I photoed it with my old work S-3B and my latest finished elevator base, hope you like it.
  8. Looking forward your new deck crew in 1/48 scale!
  9. Good to see new deck crew, and new pilots are needed, too. The Aires' resin pilots have nice detail but I think their faces are too small, I have to modify them myself.
  10. I'm also on moxdao

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