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  1. Those B/L's look great Joel the whole build is looking good. KUDOS my friend. Scott
  2. It's more like a sandpaper consistency as opposed to rubber I have some photos somewhere I'll post some when I find them, all of them didn't necessarily have it done just another option. Scott
  3. FYI, we would paint non-skid on the steps of the B/L usually it was black in color it would wear off pretty quick to, just some more tidbits of info for you. Again looking good:) Scott
  4. Looking great Joel keep up the work my friend. Scott
  5. Just to give you an idea the two tone gull grey and white went away in in mid 80,s except for the GAG bird which was alway "00" nutz and the KA-6D and the where retired in 93. Scott
  6. It's kinda hard to determine the color there but I have seen it maybe a light black only thing is the photo depicts only the #3 turtle back panel coated those are the panels on the top of the fuselage count them out and you will see 3 panels starting from the canopy #2 and 3 where always coated unles at times it was a GAG Bird. Scott
  7. The walkways where painted with a non-skid type paint it's is a dark ghost grey in color to begin with but some times it was painted over so it's not black unless your dealing with pre 80s then it was a black Scott
  8. I've worked on A-4's, T-2's and FA-18C/D's but the A-6 is my true love ,as quarky as that sounds I love it when others model it as I've built probably built 20+ kits and still have 5 in the stash I have Trumps 1/32 A version but I'm really waiting for the E as that's the one I worked on plus the tankers anyway glad I can be of assistance, this is truely one of the most amazing aircraft the US ever had! Waiting for more progress it's looking good. Scott
  9. Sure that's a doable load we flew many asymmetric loads as well our sucaps where loaded thusly Sta1 2 mk82 on a MER a low load bottom station on the forward and rear, sta2 empty, sta3 2000lb DT, sta4 GBU 12 and sta5 2 rockeye (mk20) on a MER low load. Very rarely did we fly GBU 8 those are heavy GBU 12 and 16's where mostly used. Situation would dictate load outs but almost never on center line especially aboard ship, I've seen some wacky loads though so most anything is possible on the intruder. The SWIP upgrade enhanced the weapon platform phenomenally, there just wasn't that many of them.TR
  10. During the Gulf War,at the beginning we SUCAP "surface combat air patrol" with a load of 1 GBU-12, 2 rock eye, and 2 MK82's then we started putting 22 MK82's on all stations except sta3 centerline that had a DT. Scott
  11. Looking good Joel ..keep on chooglin. Scott
  12. Slats,stabs and verticle stab where the only places we applied it, it's was the corrosion control shops job to apply it and a lot of times it just wasn't done. Scott
  13. It's a tape kind of a silicone sheet with a sticky backing it's called out in the IPB " Illistated Parts Breakdown" as " leading edge tape" sometime we would use epoxy to reinforce its adherence we also sometimes just panted over the tape. In modeling I just use Model Master 1709 radome tan it's close enough to color. Scott
  14. After reading the squadron walkaround books I was disappointed anyway couple a years ago I was going to try and give a better understanding one day I may finish it ,if interested.. http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/general_discussion/f/9/t/145685.aspx Patiently waiting your progress :rolleyes:/>/>/> Scott
  15. Gad you went that way she looks wonderful, The A-6 just looks powerful you either love it or ya don't , the A-6 was a bird I really hated to love, I ended up teaching FRAMP,and was in VA-34 and VA-36 plus worked on Intruders at Strike in Pax River till we flew 527 out to the bone yard then I went to Hornets hated them I really mss the A6. Yours is looking great! Scott
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