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  1. Joel_W

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    If you weren't looking for decaling issues, you'd never see it. Joel
  2. Joel_W

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Giovanni, What a huge update my friend. Each step was done with your exact/precise style, and the end results certainly show your efforts to be well worth it. The no step areas are simply amazing, as there isn't a single issue. Same for the anti glare panel. The fix for the USAF looks really good, but I'm curious to see how hand painting the touch ups will match the decals, and fool the viewers eyes. In my case, just my one good eye is all you have to fool. , Joel
  3. Joel_W

    1/48 Accurate Miniatures SB2U-2 Vindicator

    Wolfman_63 Great progress for sure. She really is starting to look the part with the camo scheme now painted on. Joel
  4. Outstanding progress for sure. You camo paint scheme and chipping really looks quite good. if you're worried about the brightness of the Aluminum, the weathering will knock that down quite a bit. Joel
  5. Joel_W

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    John, Just beyond words. Simply detailing at a consistent level of a true Alien 🖖 Joel
  6. Janne, now that's a very interesting way to award well deserved places in a competition. I can see it solving a lot of issues I've heard of and seen 1st hand. Those that deserve recognition with an award get one, and those that don't, go home with the understanding of what they need to work on for the next competition. Joel
  7. Capt. Obvious. You're being way to modest. Just a fantastic build, and she turned out top of her class. the overall camo paint scheme has just enough weathering to look like a replica of a well maintained operational aircraft. the variation in panel line colors really makes a huge difference especially with the gray in the bottom recessed panel lines. Overall, the build is spotless, well done, and would do you proud in any competition or display presentation. Well done my friend, very well done. Joel
  8. Joel_W

    Ebbro 1/20 Scale Lotus 72E

    Capt Obvious, Thanks so much for stopping by and appreciating my most modest of efforts on the Ford Cosworth. It's always greatly appreciated. Joel
  9. Joel_W

    Ebbro 1/20 Scale Lotus 72E

    Slartibartfast, thanks my friend for stopping by and checking out the Lotus to date. It's much appreciated. I remember when I was in college a million years ago, I had a 1275cc MG Midget for a while when my MGB was strictly for the track till I sold it ( I'm still kicking myself for that). Anyway, I ended up buying a custom race exhaust header and then I removed the SU twin Carbs and installed a single side draft Weber. Instant power, and the sound coupled with the Abrarth exhaust was truly music to my ears. Joel
  10. Janne, this past April I entered my 1st IPMS regional in more then 40 years. made it to the final cut with my 1/48 scale F6F-3 but didn't make the top 3. My goal was to do my best, and see how I compare to what's out there these days. I'm competitive, and that's what I wanted to know. Now that I'm also doing cars ( a long time passion) it's another challenge. Cars and aircraft can't be any more dissimilar one you get to the painting stage the night & day. but it's the journey that counts for me these days. Joel
  11. Joel_W

    1/48 Accurate Miniatures SB2U-2 Vindicator

    Wolfman_63 Excellent progress on a most Challenging build. Generally, all USN aircraft had their wheel wells and landing gear struts painted the same color as the bottom of the aircraft, which I believe is also the case for the SB2U's. The inside of the cowl was usually some shade of light Gray . Joel
  12. Janne, Congrats to your daughter, whose smile on her face is worth more then all the 1st place awards you could have won. Be a proud & Loving Dad. That's the most important thing. I lived with you from the A6-A build from day 1 till you finally nudged it across the finish line. A great build for one of the worst kits out there. like I said numerous times, I would have long trashed it, and moved on to something else, but not you. You stuck it out, and brought it home to a most respectable finish. But as a seasoned veteran of the competition modeling trail, you know that judges judge only what's on the table, not how it got there. Judges by the IPMS rules look for errors and not so perfect as a way to establish the top 3 builds in each category. Otherwise it's just subjective reasoning between 3 judges like in the good old days. You should be proud of your effort and how it turned out. Joel
  13. 11Bee The cockpit detailing is simply outstanding, and really kicks up the Tamiya effort to a completely new level. Your Hair Spray technique for paint chipping really has a realistic look to it. Joel
  14. Joel_W

    Ebbro 1/20 Scale Lotus 72E

    Hey Bro, Thanks for checking out the Lotus to date. Glad you like my Ford Cosworth detail efforts. Of course you also got plenty of emails as I bitched my way through it all. Bro
  15. Nikolaos, The camo paint scheme really looks quite good. Looking forward to seeing it with its markings and National Insignias on. Joel