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  1. Capt. Obvious, 1st off, just a great job of polishing those navigation lights. As for your great ejection handle experiments, I must say that you really covered way more options then I could think of. I usually end up with using a very fine tip black magic marker to make those lines, and more often then not, they come out looking, well, to be honest about it, like crap as I never can keep the spacing, angles, and thickness the same. I really love your broom idea, and you've got enough yellow bristles for a life time. Joel
  2. Joel_W

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 917 K

    Dekon70, Wow!! 5 in the stash. Sure hope that you start to build them and post your work. I'm going to be buying the John Wyler 917K as I'm a huge Team Wyler fan. Joel
  3. Joel_W

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    I build the Trumpeter retool, an indeed they corrected the fuselage, but the wheel wells were still wrong. Took me several weeks to correct them the best I could. Still a really nice kit of an iconic aircraft. Joel
  4. Joel_W

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    John, The level of detail you've achieved is simply mind boggling. Joel
  5. Joel_W

    GWH 1/48 scale Lockheed T-33A early ver.

    Giovanni, Thanks so much for those most kind words. Glad that you like my mix for the ADC, as well as how the T-33A build came out. Joel
  6. Joel_W

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Giovanni Excellent work on scratching out the 1st splitter plate. Joel
  7. Joel_W

    F/A-18C Blue Angels

    Paint color really looks quite good. Joel
  8. Joel_W

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    AFM, Looking forward to reading through your Monte 70' build. Joel
  9. Joel_W

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 917 K

    Finally time for another update, small as it may be. I must confess that this summer, my 1st as a retired person, I've gotten the saltwater fishing bug again, and have been fishing both from pier and boat at least twice per week. That has cut into my previous day time modeling schedule for sure. But now that I've got most of the basics back and in some what control, I don't need to devote so much time to fishing 101. Also, since the finish of the T-33A, I've slacked off some needing to recharge my Mojo batteries, as I've been finishing one build, then starting the next one, even on the same day for years on end. 1st up was replacing the Dzus fasteners. For that I just used some .040 sheet stock and punched out discs, then just glued them in place. The prototype had two small electrical panels under the large dash panel, located right directly behind the front suspension A arms. You can clearly see them when looking through the side windows, so I scratched out both from sheet, a few bits and pieces, & rod stock. I've also drilled out the holes needed for basic wiring. right now they're just dry fitted to get a feel for how they look. You'll also notice that I glued in a piece of sheet to help block the opening to the wheel well. Fujimi really did a pretty poor job of recreating the cockpit, but I decided not to try and do a complete rebuild, which would be far to much effort, as I'm not so sure I can correctly emulate it. There are two seats in the cockpit as per FIA rules, so the 2nd seat which was never meant for anyone one to seat in is as small as the rules would allow. Right behind it is the battery. I started to add some details such as the battery cell caps, a temp tie down strap ( for visual effect), and the back mounting bracket. I really need to scribe a separation line between the casing and the floor, as it now looks like the one piece it is. I've taped up the front and rear body panels to the bottom tub to see if it does indeed look like a Porsche 917K. sure starting to have that look. Next up my is to complete the cockpit with a little more added details. as for the seat harness, I'm leaning towards the Tamiya 1970s F1 harness in Red. The price is half that of the fabric ones, and being inside the cockpit, I'm not so sure that cloth is really needed. Joel
  10. Joel_W

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 917 K

    I'm trying to finish up my next update, so there should be some posted progress very shortly.As to the issue with Gravity paints, the status was changed to claim via Pay Pal. I sent Mate two more emails, as well as Pay Pal requesting information. Mate never responded to any of them. Pay Pal gave him till 6/18 to send a response, which as I said he never did. So today Pay Pal issued me a full refund. I checked my order at the Gravity site, and it's still listed as on Hold. Not sure what's going on there, but since I 1st tried to order from Gravity paints, Mate has twice stopped accepting orders stating he's backlogged. I've never heard of any company doing that. My guess is that he's having issues getting needed supplies so he can fill his current orders. Joel
  11. Joel_W

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Giovanni, Nice to have you back at the bench. Just work at your own pace and don't push yourself to do more then you feel comfortable in accomplishing at one time. Excellent work on those intakes. If closing both intakes up works rather then trying to replace both splitter plates, I'd close them up. But that's just me being a lazy old retired guy. Joel
  12. Eric, I do believe that you're correct in your assumption that the Alcads are formulated to adhere to enamels as their own gloss black primer is enamel based. But as I said in my previous post, I've never had any issues using Tamiya primer which is lacquer based, nor Mig primers which are Acrylic based. Joel
  13. Joel_W

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    AFM, Those intakes in the before pic aren't even close. That's just pure sloppy engineering, and then the "Good Enough" for the average modeler so it won't eat into the budget to fix them. Excellent job in getting to fit correctly. I gotta just break down and try that AV Plastic Putty. I use Vellejo's Acrylic putty for small jobs, but it's not the greatest, and my go to Bondo must be sanded every time. Nice bit of engineering with the sheet plastic to force the sides into the correct alignment. Joel
  14. Joel_W

    1:48 Lockheed Martin F35 -B 617Sqn RAF

    Outstanding build for sure. Joel
  15. Joel_W

    Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C VMFA 212

    Very nicely done. Your weathering using the Black Basing Technique really came out extremely well. Joel