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  1. Hello guys. I was looking to do a 1/72 UH-1Y. I could sort out the parts to get UH-1N to look like one. Problem is the decals as there are to my knowledge none in 1/72. I was looking for easy to do schemes. I'm particularly eyeing to do a HMLA 167 as their insignia is easy enough for me to replicate and I understand that this unit also served in Afghanistan. And if I could find one scheme depicting one that actually served in Afghanistan, the better. Doesn't have to be one from the 167. Any squadron would do provided that there's no squadron markings so I can still copy the scheme with ease. For now this is the scheme I could do 1605135&ved=0ahUKEwjN_Kf599XRAhWFJ5QKHZ2LCAsQMwgYKAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8 It's from a simulation raid in Yuma Arizona. This is the one I'm also interested in. Only problem is I can't quite gripe its serial/BuNo as you can see from the pic ( it's from wikipedia) Edit: Oh yah, I'm looking for one with door gunners, not just ones with LAUs.
  2. I was worried that after putting micro sol on the first layer and then I get to putting the microset for the 2nd decal that it might activate something and ruin the decal. This helps a lot. Thank you so much.
  3. Hi Admiralcag Do you put setting solutions on your first layer, let's say something like microsol or do you apply them after you placed the second layer?
  4. Hello Guys. Firstly I want to say sorry as this post is a duplicate. I've erroneously posted this question in the armor section under tips and tricks and I can't find the option to delete it. My apologies to the moderators. I hope you can delete that thread Anyway so I'm using microscale solutions and it normally goes like this 1. Wet decals 2. Apply microset to area where I'll put it 3. Put decals 4. Apply microsol So my question is what if you have overlapping decals like for instance a Begemot Russian star where the red star is separate from the blue outline. Also saw this for some British roundel where you put the red circle on top of the Blue. How do you apply the solutions for overlapping decals?
  5. Hello guys. I'm using microscale products. So basically I wet decals in water, apply microset in the area where I'm gonna put it, place the decal there then apply microsol. But I'm wondering how do you do it for Overlapping decals. Let's say Some decals like begemot has the red Russian star separate from the blue outline. Saw this too for some British roundel where you apply the blue circle separate from the red. How do you do this? When should I apply the microsol?
  6. Hi. I just took the pics from the net. The one with multiple brands of pilots belong to a modeller while the sar figures are from the PJ production website. I'm not sure what brand the depicted helo is. I can confirm though that the size difference between a caesar miniature figures and this particular set from PJ is huge. But regardless I still ordered some pilots. They're not that costly anyway that's why I like this brand. If there is some size excess/deficiency, I'll just modify. Very small anyway as I only do 1/72
  7. Guess that settles it then. It's PJ that is in the wrong scale not the others. I checkedout Reedoak, thanks for the suggestion. Looks awesome but the pricetag is a bit more than I willing to spend for a figure. Perhaps I may just modify other figures instead.
  8. Hi guys. I bought the vietnam UH-1/Ah-1 4 man crew awhile back. I used it for my blackhawk along with some figures from Caesar miniatures. The PJ productions were severely undersized. I am unable to provide pics of my own since I already cut them and modified them. But I found a pic in the net beside other 1/72 figures This one is from the SAR 4man crew. Still looks very small I just want to know if other PJ productions are like these. I was thinking of ordering some modern pilots and it'd be a downer if they weren't the right size. I hope they're constrained to these helicopter crew. There's also an AH-64 crew that I may want to get my hands into. Anyone have that? Are they the right size? I'd appreciate all the help
  9. Can I apply all the decals already and wait some minutes. And then after apply the microsol simultaenously. Or do you do it per decal for instance apply 1 decal wait some minutes then apply microsol. And only afterwards you proceed with decal 2?
  10. Thanks for the help guys and nice work there. I'd be happy if mine even came remotely close to looking like those. Those really look the part. Thanks for sharing That's awesome. Will look forward to getting that decal then Hi. It's for 1/72. Thanks for the heads up
  11. Hello guys. I wanted to do a 4-tone soviet camo Mig-29 and I was eyeing to do this one I have 2 other photos of this one but all of them are for the starboard side only. I was looking at the patterns for other 29s in the 115th and it seems they were sporting a different camo pattern. Any chance you have a reference for another mig in a similar pattern? Another bird I'm considering is this This is much easier as there is a complete art-drawing. But this was only a developmental/test/demonstration aircraft and I want something that serve so I'd prefer something else but I will take it for consideration. There are plenty of pics of the 115th but unfortunately I don't have the decal "MOCKBA" and printing my own decal is not an option So unfortunately it has to be one without this marking. Worst case scenario I'd have to improvise my own pattern but I'd really rather not. Any help would be greatly appreciated (DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Pics not mine. Pics are taken from dif websites like the No copyright infringement intended)
  12. Thanks for all the help gents. Those are some great references. I think I'm gonna switch to doing that Dyess T-38 instead. Thanks for the help. Pretty hard to find pics of these trainers in this scheme on the net. For the top and bottom I'm just gonna imitate the other T-38s where theres a roundel on the The left side and a small "usaf" marking on the right. If some lad comes up with some real pics showing otherwise, I'll just redecal it.
  13. Hello guys. I was planning to do a T-38A low vis. I'm pretty sure I can source the decals for it. I'm particularly interested in this (see pic) But it's very hard looking for sources in the net. I need help with the top view, the bottom and the other side. There's plenty of Material for the other schemes which they had the big "USAF" marking at the port but since is a low vis, I'm not so sure if that's case. Any help would be very much appreciated Disclaimer notice: Pic doesn't belong to me. No copyright violations intended. Kindly remove pic if necessary
  14. Thanks for the help. I'll model my colors to reflect your drawing. I know you said there's really no telling of it's brown or the olive green but it's alright. I won't lose sleep over it.
  15. Hi guys. So I'm in the process of selecting a scheme for a Mig-21SM/MF (has to be soviet/USSR or Russian) and I've narrowed it downed to a few. My top choices are these. First the earth brown camo from the academy 1/48MF which I have no prob with since I can just easily follow the camo pattern. But this takes the cake for me. I dunno if I'm allowed to post this. Please kindly inform me if not. I've no prob deleting it. I just want to know if it exists. And I need help with the camo pattern from the other side and the top part. Also as you can see both choices are 2 tone brown. I dunno if they used different shades or if they the same. Are there existing pics showing mig-21s in this colors And oh yah. I just miraculously came across this awesome scheme from a flight sim blog. So there's really no info of this bird around. From the drawing it looks something like that from those art drawings from the wp.sp site or something. But I searched it there dice