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  1. gibo2016

    UH-1B Vietnam markings verification

    Thanks brother. I'll do just that.
  2. Hello guys. I'm gonna show you a model. I just want to know if such really existed or if it's completely fictional. Hope someone can help me out helicoptero-us-army-uh-1b-n-64-13912-vietnam-during-1967-easy-model-di-36907_4_1200 by timothy33csa, on Flickr Don't mind the "AMRY". Just wanna know if the rest is true
  3. gibo2016

    T-38A Pilot name

    Thanks aspret. I have another problem though. I didn't think of this before but, should the markings be indented the same way on the other side? What I mean is this tigers by timothy33csa, on Flickr Do you think it should be number 1 where the portside and starboard have the same indent, or number 2 where it should be the opposite. Cause I see some aircraft are like number 1 and some have markings indented like number 2
  4. gibo2016

    T-38A Pilot name

    Thanks Hooker169. Too bad though. I really liked the scheme. But if I can't get the names, I might just go for the one on your pic
  5. gibo2016

    T-38A Pilot name

    Hello guys. I wanna do this scheme so bad but unfortunately the quality isn't really top notch. I cannot fully read the pilots' names on it. 67-14920 37BS 28 BW by timothy33csa, on Flickr I think the first one reads as " MAJ RALPH _______ The other reads as _______ STEVE RUSSEL. What do you think
  6. gibo2016

    Academy F-15C MSIP II (12531) decal question

    I've misunderstood. Thanks. I see it now. I just googled Hwang + Fini flight and poof there she is. 85-0100 in the flesh with 2 kill marks.
  7. gibo2016

    AH-1Z Cobra in 1/72? How to?

    You can also use the Amercom Ah-1Z. It's basically a rip off of the Forces of Valor Viper. I've used that one to make an UH-1Y.
  8. gibo2016

    Academy F-15C MSIP II (12531) decal question

    Oh I see. Well I guess that settles it then. 85-0100 never had 2 kill markings at any time and no F-15 bearing the redhawk tailart with the number AF 85 - 100 wore those kill markings ever
  9. gibo2016

    Academy F-15C MSIP II (12531) decal question

    Oops may have spoken too soon. WHat do you mean by "that line jet"?
  10. gibo2016

    Academy F-15C MSIP II (12531) decal question

    Thanks gents. I guess 85-0100 is out of the question now. I would be doing 78-0473 instead
  11. Hello guys. I'm thinking of getting this kit. I'm interested in the markings of 85-0100. s-l1600 by timothy33csa, on Flickr As you can see Academy depicts it with 2 kill markings. I've seen another kit which shares the same markings. GBH IIRC correctly. Anyway I want to know if 85-0100 really did wear those 2 kill markins at one point. Only pics I can find in the net doesn't show it does 84908_1515231611 by timothy33csa, on Flickr Decals of the ACADEMY KIT. I could also opt for the other Oregon marking aca_12531_decals by timothy33csa, on Flickr
  12. Hi guys. I just wanna confirm something. Forgive my ignorance but our store ran out of Tamiya Flat white and Black. They do have the gloss/semi gloss black and white though. So assuming I want a matt finish on my model, would it give the same effect as if I used flat paint from the beginning?? Coz I generally paint like this 1. Paint 2. Gloss coat 3. Decal 4. Gloss coat 5. Matt Would it matter in whatever way if I used Gloss Black or Flat black from the beginning?
  13. Hello guys. I was looking to do a 1/72 UH-1Y. I could sort out the parts to get UH-1N to look like one. Problem is the decals as there are to my knowledge none in 1/72. I was looking for easy to do schemes. I'm particularly eyeing to do a HMLA 167 as their insignia is easy enough for me to replicate and I understand that this unit also served in Afghanistan. And if I could find one scheme depicting one that actually served in Afghanistan, the better. Doesn't have to be one from the 167. Any squadron would do provided that there's no squadron markings so I can still copy the scheme with ease. For now this is the scheme I could do https://www.google.com.ph/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2F2.bp.blogspot.com%2F-YJVzmqLDvi8%2FVSSWZRpO9zI%2FAAAAAAABHNc%2FAxtYkZHT4ds%2Fs1600%2F1605135.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsnafu-solomon.blogspot.com%2F2015%2F04%2Ftodays-debate-does-uh-1y-huey-fit-into.html&docid=pNFY4smBs_mHSM&tbnid=ej19WyOZG8I-PM%3A&vet=1&w=1600&h=1067&bih=613&biw=1366&q=uh-1y 1605135&ved=0ahUKEwjN_Kf599XRAhWFJ5QKHZ2LCAsQMwgYKAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8 It's from a simulation raid in Yuma Arizona. This is the one I'm also interested in. Only problem is I can't quite gripe its serial/BuNo as you can see from the pic ( it's from wikipedia) Edit: Oh yah, I'm looking for one with door gunners, not just ones with LAUs.
  14. gibo2016

    How do you apply overlapping decals

    I was worried that after putting micro sol on the first layer and then I get to putting the microset for the 2nd decal that it might activate something and ruin the decal. This helps a lot. Thank you so much.
  15. gibo2016

    How do you apply overlapping decals

    Hi Admiralcag Do you put setting solutions on your first layer, let's say something like microsol or do you apply them after you placed the second layer?