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  1. Those 3 above are still revered. Kitty Hawk, Kinetic, Trumpeter & Hobby Boss.......not so much. Especially with the prices they're asking.
  2. Oh I hope the Marines choose the ShinMaywa US-2. That might convince Hasegawa to come out with a 1/72 one to complement their ancient PS-1. I've always wished the US would have leashed a couple of US-2s for their SAR ops in Japan.
  3. I doubt if there are as many Vietnamese, Indians or Bangladeshis traveling all over the world in as huge numbers as china-nese and so are less likely to spread the disease to other parts of the world....as what china has done. I also don't think they will lie and hide it as much as the CCP did for several weeks. A heroic young chinese doctor was arrested by the CCP for telling the truth. He is now dead because of the virus. I doubt that. Because many countries would rather trust the US than the CCP, especially when it comes to laws that protect Intellectual Property. No, not all. Just the ones who are still patriotic. Or the ones who have realized that, cheaper costs or not, china just isn't worth it. And yes, they might still outsource overseas....just not to china. They ( especially the pharmaceutical companies) have started to realize the danger of outsourcing everything to china. It's only a matter of time before they pull out.
  4. It's actually already happening. Countries like Japan are looking towards Vietnam, Indonesia, India to transfer their manufacturing to them. Or are already making plans to bring the industries back to their own countries. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world realizes that even if things cost more, they'd rather buy them if they were made in their own country.
  5. I have no links because they were sent via Whatsapp. Not sure who was the original sender because when you are part of a few Whatsapp groups, you get forwarded a lot of stuff from other people who themselves received videos that were forwarded from others. However, I do recall seeing that clip of the 7-8 police officers beating up the young woman on one of the TV news channels. Can't recall which one ( BBC maybe?) Firstly, you have to take what comes of the CCP propaganda machine with a pinch of salt, especially if they say there are "no new cases". Secondly, much of what is happening in the US and most of the world is a direct result of the CCP not being honest with what was happening in Wuhan. They kept it hidden for weeks before it got so out of hand that they couldn't hide it anymore. They even arrested a young doctor ( who has since died of the Wuhan virus) because he dared to tell the truth about this new virus and revealed in cellphone videos about what was happening over there. The mayor of Wuhan has admitted that around 5 million people had already left the city before the lockdown order was given. You can imagine with the Chinese New Year traveling rush, with packed public transports, and the rush back after the New Year, how many of those folks had already come into contact with others and had spread the virus. I just pray some scientists will quickly find a cure.
  6. There have been (secretly recorded) cellphone video clips of how the Chinese authorities enforced isolation of suspected cases. Multiple human rights violations. People were dragged like animals and stuffed into isolation cages. One man was beaten, kicked and carried by the arms and legs from his home to an isolation center. This was done in front of his family. At their regional airports, people were dragged, screaming & shrieking, and stuffed into make-shift isolation containers which appeared to be airliner cargo containers & airline food carts with a plexiglass goldfish bowl window welded onto the side. These people, still screaming and banging on the inside of the cargo container walls, are then forklifted onto trucks and driven off somewhere. There is a clip of 7 -8 young police officers brutally dragging a young woman ( maybe in her 20s) down to the street, all 7-8 of them kicking her repeatedly while she was on the ground, then grabbing her by the head and stuffing her into a police van. China has been successful because of brute force and treating people like animals rather than human beings. This will NEVER work outside of China.
  7. How a redneck prepares for the Corona virus:
  8. Please accept my sincere condolences, sir. May she rest in peace.
  9. What about Alan Sherpard's A-4M from the movie The Right Stuff? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj06C0GzgHs https://www.impdb.org/images/thumb/f/f4/Right_Stuff_Skyhawk3.jpg/500px-Right_Stuff_Skyhawk3.jpg Or others: https://www.skyhawk.org/sites/default/files/images-buno-158148-158435/158170-a-4m-ddjun73-vx-5-xe-15-clk-harry-tyrpak-pmc.jpg https://www.airfighters.com/photo/214105/M/USA-Marines/McDonnell-Douglas-A-4M-Skyhawk/160256/ China Lake: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/vkNJuatUVD_ESPk1QZY4hiYJuEuHVGMMVJFmipDRo7-HB_bVt6lasbZ0dCFU5Cj990CdMMGdVXHSrbhg6YY6BXTM6HCiuVYW (Tail art looks similar to the F-86 Sabre Drone from Hasegawa) https://modelingmadness.com/scott/korean/preview/hasegawa/09306.htm
  10. Maybe the upcoming Hasegawa kit might have the colors: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10674836
  11. Splendid shots! Thanks for posting!
  12. High Planes : https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-rf-111c-reconnaissance-pallet-accessories-1-72/ Although, reading the "IN MEMORIAM" part, it may be that the recce parts were originally from Plane Bits. But I'm not sure.
  13. I agree. Reading the article I kept wondering about how they knew about the pilot's watch and other stuff that made it seem as if the authors had a front seat view of what happened. I, too, suspect that they added some flair for dramatic purposes.
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