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  1. JackMan

    Note for all you 1/72 Phantom Phans....

    To quote: On Dec. 2, 2018, Hyakuri Airbase will celebrate the end of the 302 Hikotai’s operations with the F-4 with an airshow. Beginning next year, the JASDF will operate only two Phantom squadrons at Hyakuri: 301 Hikotai with F-4EJs and 501 Hikotai with a variety of RF-4E and RF4EJ used in the reconnaissance role. The last flight of a “Samurai” Phantom should be in March 2021. Taken from here: https://theaviationist.com/2018/07/03/japan-air-self-defence-force-unveils-new-special-colored-f-4ej-phantom-at-hyakuri/ From the above link, it seems only 302 Hikotai ( Tactical Fighter Squadron ) will stand down their Phantoms by this year. If the above quote is true, then Hyakuri will still have 301 & 501 Hikotais when you get there next year. But I guess we'll have to wait & see if that's true. And Luigi, no worries. We all understand your frustration with Hasegawa's policy of "grab-it-now-or-wait-20-years-for-it-again". I feel the same way about Fujimi and their 1/72 Skyhawks, Intruders, Corsair IIs, and (until Airfix's release), their British Phantoms too. They're sitting on a gold mine when it comes to these kits but they seem to focus on ships, cars, etc these days. Sigh. By the way, could you elaborate on these 2: I have both the kits and would like to know more on what's wrong with them. Can I use spare Italeri/Academy/Hasegawa Hornet tailplanes to correct the F-15? ps. Sorry for thread hijack.
  2. JackMan

    Note for all you 1/72 Phantom Phans....

    Thanks for the heads up, RCAFFAN. For those who like the scheme that RCAFFAN posted, here's something for you: http://www.masm.fr/galleryjapanF4EJ-7 Kokudan.htm To piggyback on the JASDF Special Schemes, I think the other upcoming JASDF Special Anniversary schemes are the F-15J kits by Platz: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10571294 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10568664 And this highly deadly weapon of mass distraction by Hasegawa: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10571811 By the way, those helo schemes are not just fictional. JGSDF actually painted their Cobras that way: http://www.masm.fr/galleryjapanJGSDFBellFujiAH-1SCobra.htm I guess their plan is to kill the enemy with cuteness 🙂
  3. JackMan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 15/11/2018

    Wow! I never realised that! Good catch
  4. JackMan

    Italeri 1/72 Top Gun F-14 and A-4 set

    And they're not even including the motorbike from the boxart! Those fiends! :D The inspiration for Iceman's unit markings: https://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2739&idCategoria=1&idSottocategoria=3
  5. JackMan

    Thud Pilots

    Great site! Thanks for posting it
  6. JackMan

    1/72 Custom 2199 Zero

    Wow, that looks pretty bada$$. I love the way you painted the exhaust.
  7. JackMan

    AV-8B+ Hasegawa 1/48 with loads of extras

    Love that weathering, especially on the droptanks. Good work!
  8. JackMan

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    Ah, I see. Thank you
  9. JackMan

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    Just curious, why a swap of the J-7B & J-7G fuselage halves? I thought we only needed the J-7B's gun parts to make a 2-gun J-7G? Why the entire fuselage half?
  10. JackMan

    Review: HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet in 1:72 by Sova-M

    Yup, I'm in the same boat as Kingoalie. I was undecided on this kit and now I must have it. Thanks for posting the pictures.
  11. JackMan

    F-8H VF-201 Decals

    Oh no! I greatly admired Tom and his wealth of knowledge. I'll miss him. Rest In Peace, sir.
  12. JackMan

    Early NASA F-104's

    https://www.scalemates.com/kits/153476-rocketeer-decal-rd72007-f-104a-and-g-nasa-officers https://hlj.com/1-72-scale-f-jf-f-104a-nasa-progressors-rokrd72008 (Thumbnails on the left) https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10338813/60/4 http://www.internetmodeler.com/scalemodels/nraviation/Rocketeer-Decals-1-72-F-104A-G-NASA-Officers-2-0.php
  13. JackMan

    Quality of life tools?

    I have to agree with you there. I used to buy the cheap hardware store cutters until I decided to take a chance and get a couple of those Japanese modeling cutters. I was blown away by how good they are. It's like a hot knife through butter. Very smooth cutting with zero to very little resistance. And they don't leave ugly cut marks. They are more expensive ( eg Godhand brand) but they're worth the money. These things make it so easy to cut the part from the sprue. And they are designed to cut very close to sprue part that holds the kit part. This saves you the trouble of sanding away the waste plastic. If you do have to sand, it's usually very little. I highly recommend these dedicated modelling cutters.
  14. Excellent footage. Thanks for posting
  15. JackMan

    Hey folks! Still around, sort of....

    Glad you're still around, my friend :)