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  1. JackMan

    Airfix 1/72 BAE Systems Hawk 109 'TNI-AU'

    Good one ! Nice model too
  2. From the same folks who gave us the beautifully made "Paradise of Phantoms", here are 2 more awesome videos "May the Force be with You" "She's Rain" Don't forget to 'like' the videos as this may encourage him to make more videos ( especially of JASDF Phantoms) Enjoy!
  3. JackMan

    My Japan trip...

    This thread needs to be pinned. Great info!
  4. JackMan

    R.I.P. David Hannant

    RIP, sir.
  5. You could build a standard F-14A Tomcat first, put it on hold until December when Hasegawa releases the "Top Gun" kit, then paint & use the kit decals for it.
  6. JackMan

    A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

    Yikes! Get well soon, John. You may want to wait until you recover or else the wound may become infectious, especially if you are doing sanding ( the tiny particles might enter the wound). At the very least, wear those surgical rubber gloves. Or finger gloves like these: https://cdn.dick-blick.com/items/352/07/35207-1002-2ww-m.jpg https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1kAtYo8fH8KJjy1Xbq6zLdXXay/Hairdressing-Three-Fingers-Glove-Black-3-Finger-Heat-Resistant-Finger-Glove-Salon-Styling-Tools-For-Hair.jpg For sanding: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10047843 Makes it easier on the fingers & thumbs. Good luck!
  7. JackMan

    A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

    Hope to see the pics soon, John. Models of A-6Bs are rare.
  8. JackMan

    RSAF Tornado squadrons

    If you are looking for Saudi Tornado decals, I highly recommend the Miliverse sheet: http://miliverse.com/index.html Sheet no: MV-72101 http://miliverse.com/products.html
  9. Boyhood memories of 1/72 Airfix and 1/72 Matchbox boxarts. There was always something about those boxarts that fascinated me as a boy. Naturally, I gravitated towards that scale.
  10. JackMan

    Revell Flying Saucer Model Recalled

    This will teach Revell. They wouldn't have had this fiasco if only they'd done the right thing and downsized their fantastic 1/48 Rafale M into 1/72.
  11. Would the F-15X be better for countries like Japan & S. Korea? Because I foresee that if there's ever going to be conflict there with certain unfriendly communist countries as their neighbors, these communists are going to be throwing LOTS of cheap fighters at them and try to overwhelm Japanese & S.Korean fighters with numerical advantage. Since the F-15X can carry more AAMs than current Japanese F-15Js and S.Korean F-15Ks, would the F-15X go someway in addressing the numerical superiority of their enemies? Just thinking out loud.
  12. JackMan

    Decal F-4EJ

    An alternative: https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/ho15rizx0gmlojr7tdt1.html Others: https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/rzvdqkiqwfzhbufebtzi.html https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/30lmqrry4chexbwrsd0r.html
  13. JackMan

    Water/Acrylic Based Filler?

    Thanks Karl. I'll try that
  14. JackMan

    Water/Acrylic Based Filler?

    To piggyback on this thread, for those who have used the Perfect Plastic Putty (PPP), I have some questions: 1) What do you do when this stuff comes out of the tube semi-dried? Is there something I need to add to make it wet again? 2) How does PPP respond to rescribing after it has dried? I'm worried it might crack. 3) After it has dried, how does it react when you spray either Mr Surfacer or Tamiya Primer on top of it? Is it ok to scribe after the primer has been spayed on top of PPP? Thank you
  15. JackMan

    Question about raised panellines

    No, not THAT Lone Star. The Japanese Lone Star is this one: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/ And the Mirage 2000 correction set that Luigi is talking about is this one: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/LSR7214.htm And: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/LSR7215.htm Main Sales page: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/SALES.htm I've bought from him before and he is an excellent gentleman to deal with.