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  1. JackMan

    Water/Acrylic Based Filler?

    To piggyback on this thread, for those who have used the Perfect Plastic Putty (PPP), I have some questions: 1) What do you do when this stuff comes out of the tube semi-dried? Is there something I need to add to make it wet again? 2) How does PPP respond to rescribing after it has dried? I'm worried it might crack. 3) After it has dried, how does it react when you spray either Mr Surfacer or Tamiya Primer on top of it? Is it ok to scribe after the primer has been spayed on top of PPP? Thank you
  2. JackMan

    Question about raised panellines

    No, not THAT Lone Star. The Japanese Lone Star is this one: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/ And the Mirage 2000 correction set that Luigi is talking about is this one: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/LSR7214.htm And: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/LSR7215.htm Main Sales page: http://lonestars.web.fc2.com/SALES.htm I've bought from him before and he is an excellent gentleman to deal with.
  3. JackMan

    Question about raised panellines

    Luigi, your posts are EPIC! This thread needs to be pinned for future reference I can't figure out why Revell refuses to pantograph their fantastic 1/48 Rafale M down to 1/72.
  4. JackMan

    Feedback on super-hobby.com?

    Hi Tato, Thank you very much
  5. JackMan

    Feedback on super-hobby.com?

    Thank you! Apart from the slow mail, the shop does seem to have a good reputation
  6. Has anybody ordered online from www.super-hobby.com? They're based in Poland. As I've never ordered from them before, I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
  7. JackMan

    1/32 Tamiya F-4E Kurnass 2000

    Outstanding work! I really like how you explained in your video what color+thinner ratios you used and the type of needle size in your airbrush. Good stuff!
  8. JackMan

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    AWESOME Stuff! Great pics Thank you!
  9. JackMan

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Nice pics! Do you have any more shots of the slat + slat-wells? Especially the access panel shots? Thank you
  10. JackMan

    U S Army Canadair Mk5?

    Microscale sheet 48-115 has that scheme: https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/super/ss48115.htm
  11. JackMan

    Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C VMFA 212

    Magnificent! Love that paint work!
  12. JackMan

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    I wonder if Trumpeter will ever shrink their 1/48 kits to 1/72? There doesn't seem to be any announcement from them about it.
  13. JackMan

    F-4C Vietnam 1965

    Good luck! And speedy recovery