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  1. Too bad Hasegawa doesn't have the business sense to upscale their wonderful 1/72 F-111s . They'd easily sweep aside the Hobbyboss and Academy kits. I'm sure there are folks who don't mind paying a higher price for a more accurate kit.
  2. That last picture is splendid! I love the weathering
  3. Academy decals, especially from the older kits, do have a reputation for being difficult to settle onto the kit. In fact, as Eric posted above, they can be horrible. Oh, they look great alright. But once they come off the backing sheet, it's hit or miss. Almost always miss. The best bet is to trash them and get aftermarket ones. Alternatively, the red crosses and white backgrounds on your ambulance could be masked and painted.
  4. Hmm, I'm not sure how to describe it but, to me, the Revell/Monogram kit has more "Thud" to it than the HB one. Can't quite put my finger on why, but it's a lot like the old Monogram F-4C Phantom. Though outclassed by today's kits ( ZM, Hase & Academy), the old Monogram kit seems to have "more Phantom" to it than the others ( certainly for the C model). It just feels right. Regarding the HB F-105 windscreen, according to this build: http://www.internetmodeler.com/scalemodels/aviation/Hobby-Boss-1-48-F-105D-Thunderchief.php it would seem that a pilot figure would not be able to see through the windscreen because the instrument panel and glare shield are so high. The builder has also pointed out other inaccuracies.
  5. http://airwar.ru/other/draw/f105.html http://airwar.ru/other/draw/f105 thunderchiefatl.html http://airwar.ru/other/draw/f105d.html http://airwar.ru/other/draw2/f105d_revi.html
  6. Brilliant work on those pilots! Enjoyed reading your in-progress report
  7. Very nice! May I ask what problems you encountered? I've got the same decals too and haven't used them yet. Also, can I ask if there was any see-through effects for the white decals ( ie, did the red paint "see-through" the white decals)?
  8. Some motivation for you: John did a fantastic job on his Echelon kit.
  9. I'm surprised that it's difficult to get ESCI kits in Italy, given that it is an Italian brand. It's a pity because ESCI was the next best option to Fujimi, despite not having separate slats and raised panel lines in the wings but recessed ones on the fuselage. To me, the recessed lines on the fuselage were on par with the Fujimi ones. Hasegawa would make a killing if only they'd downsize their awesome 1/48 Skyhawks. Going back to the Hobbyboss kit, I take it not many will be getting it? Given the price and odd-shaped ordnance.
  10. Just out of curiosity, how difficult is it to get the old ESCI Skyhawks (1/72 scale)?
  11. One of my favorite planes. It has a sleekness to it; like a sharp arrow. I think you really nailed the camo paint. It turned out really well. I like the load out too. Good work!
  12. Yup, that foxtrotalpha article has a link that leads to a twitter account where others are talking about the flag change. Someone there revealed that one of the production companies is china's Tencent Pictures. So it's being funded with chinese money.
  13. Awesome pics, Gabor! It's obvious Modelsvit really put a lot of thought into the design to make it as easy as possible for us modelers.
  14. Yes, I too like the original version. The rivets were actually very finely done (unlike some of the Trumpeter man-holes). I was hoping that they'd do a Mirage IIIC with same type of rivets because I quite like those bare-metal shiny Mirages with the rivets showing. But alas, it seems too many people complained and Modelsvit has decided to do away with the rivets.
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