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  1. Hey Tony! The screens are indeed very thin and fragile, and on the real a/c, there was no glass used at all - they were just ope to the airstream - with the only exception being those thin screens. Mich easier to secure on a full size jet I imagine, as they weren't subjected to being moved by giant hands around their noses. 😉 I haven't figured out any way to secure them on my own build as yet that might allow for an easy replacement if they became damaged. I guess it comes down to modeler preference on whether or not tu try and add any sort of clear glass backing to support the mesh or no
  2. John, this build is epic! I've been slowly slugging away for years at the same kit. While I see many of the same issues I was grappling with, you've succeeded in correcting much the same way I had, you've done much, much better in most regards. Well done! If you're in need of additional photos of operational aircraft, in particular the gear bays, I would be happy to forward on all that I've collected over the years (it's not a small amount). I don't know if it would assist you at all, particularly as my own build stalled a couple years back as well, but I've got a WIP up on Large Scale Pl
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