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  1. Really nice kit and perfect decal as you can see.A little trouble in cockpit fitting,hatch door is 0.5mm wider.The rest of the kit is fine.
  2. Hi This is my latest finished MV-22,hasegawa kit.
  3. The kit is good,but its landing gear was very tricky.
  4. Hi This is my recent finished MiG-23 Trumpeter kit Eduard missiles Eduard wheel bay Aires cockpit Dream model PE parts
  5. Hi, These are some pics of my last build. Its Eduard kit and I use some Eduard resin detail parts. Wish u like it!
  6. Thank you guys for your nice comments!Especially my Chinese fiends who give me help:kissing2:
  7. Oh,Thank you for these pictures!!! I was looking for photos of the real one but never get one when building this.Seems I use the wrong color..and other mistakes... It's a pity. I'll do more study when build next one.
  8. Hi guys,this time I release one of my early buildings:A-4 from Hasegawa. At that time I was just start to learn to build a plane model,so..simply oob,spent only 10 days to finish this build.. I still remember when I was a kid,I saw a gorgeous film named 'top gun'.Until today I still think it's one of the most fantastic films. Dogfight scenes leave me deep impression. As you see,many people build a tomcat.So,why not build a skyhawk?And I bought this kit with top gun version. Here is the skyhawk. BTW this hasegawa kit is really excellent!
  9. It's from Armory. cat.No AR-ACA4811
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