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  1. I've just found out the kit has been released. Prices range from around $1oo to about $110 and Europrices a bit higher. Wonderland hobbies has it.
  2. Oh...by the way. Have you notice that large scale line drawings straight from Northrop are available to download? My link
  3. Every once in a while I come here to see what's new. I've not said anything so far, just watchin' and waitin'. But today, I have to say something. You are an artist beyond comprehension. You've made the Pieta (Michaelangelo) of modern modeling. When it hits the streets, I'm going to have to figure out how to afford it, but we all have these 'need-want' seeds planted that must be watered, fertilized and grown to ripe status. I'm going to have to pay down a bunch on my credit cards to get this, but I will get it. I only hope I can stay away from the new Mosquito by Tamiya.
  4. I've got the book mentioned. It's pretty good, but it only glosses over some points. I do 1/32 kits because my arthritic hands don't do small parts that well I've got a two model setup I'm preparing to get a modern IAF fleet. I have the 1/32 Academy 1/32 Sufa. It is exquisite. I'm really going to try and not over do it. As a retired USAF flier, I find that the panel lines, screws and rivets are way over scale, and the Sufa is one of them that is notorious for being over done. The lines on these kits are not to scale. Were they true to scale, one would just barely see them. The lines on the kits as they come equate to panel gaps of 1 inch or more and that's absurd. I won't do it. Now, back to F-15s. I'm converting a 1/32 F-15C Tamiya ( TAMIYA 60304 1/32 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle) to Baz, but even with the book, it's going to be a bit difficult. The book mentions that several Baz were converted to reconnaissance (recce). They did this by removing the cannon and fairing over the gun port and using that vacated space as a good place to put the new gear. But that's where it ends. There's a 1/32 Ophir recce pod (http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/isc32031.htm) that's shown on a photo hanging from the center stores station, but that's the extent of it. There is a 1/32 set of Fast Pack or CFT (conformal fuel tanks) available for 1/32. It's vacuform part. (Some of you may call it thermoform. fast packs I've purchased the Aires cockpit kit for the model and it is really detailed. It will look great. I've got a couple sets of Rafael Python 3 missile sets and am going to get a set of Python 4 for it. I'd like to find a set of spice bombs for it, if only to display to the side on the "ground". Also got the Aces II seat, the Isracast Imroved Baz conversion kit, and some one piece intake assemblies. The big problem at the moment in finding stuff is that I cannot locate the decals for it. Isracast made a set for it, but they're next to impossible to find. Should one of you be able to locate them, please PM me with the source. The Ra'am, the Israeli version of a Strike Eagle, is the next one. That will go in a new post.
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