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  1. Thanks Don, "Bubbles" are one of my concerns. Also, I recall numerous complaints over the years of out-gassing bubbles on painted resin objects. Has new paint and/or primer technology improved enough to eliminate outgassing? Tom
  2. Good point Don. I forgot that although the part is fairly long and wide, it's thin enough that not much resin would be necessary, anyway. I have no experience casting in resin, so it's probably a good time for me to learn. Any thoughts regarding outgassing issues, or is that less of an issue than I recall?
  3. Done. You're right... Sometimes you get lucky. BTW, I'm wayyyyyyyyyyy overdue for some good luck! 😠
  4. Testor's 1/48th scale "Lockheed YF-12A Interceptor" NOTE-The SR-71 kit tailcones are not a match for these. Looking for any of these 3 missing parts:
  5. Hello Sigtau, Thanks for the advice, but I purchased the kit "as is" with the knowledge that it was likely missing parts. There were no instructions with the kit, so the Seller couldn't be sure that all parts were present. Given the open bag he suspected missing parts. These kits are expensive, and this was cheap enough to take a chance. I don't think it would be too difficult to build an acceptable tail, so I'm happy with the purchase.
  6. I already have 2 tailcone halves from a different YF-12A kit that are available to use as Masters to make copies. These YF-12A plastic tailcone parts are 4 1/2" long, 2 1/2" wide, 3/4" high and fairly thin, soft plastic. My only thoughts at the moment are to use the kit parts to either Vacu-Form copies, or make Molds of them and produce resin parts. But... I don't like the thought of hanging a heavy piece of resin that far aft of the main landing gear due to balance issues. And... I've never been a big fan of the thin plastic parts produced by Vacu-Forming. All things considered, Vac-ing does
  7. Upon receipt of the "Open Box" Testor's Kit No. 588 - Lockheed YF-12A Interceptor - 1/48th scale that I purchased online, I discovered that the three Tailcone pieces (21, 22, & 23) are missing. The Testor's web site has no email address. I would prefer using email rather than their Facebook page to attempt to order replacement parts - presuming of course they have them for this old kit! Can anyone who has recently acquired replacement parts from Testor's supply Contact info? Thanks in advance for any ideas... Now for the Hail Mary pass... 🙃 Does anyone have any of these parts tha
  8. Thanks Jeffrey, A *great* photo reference - best I've seen for the SR-71. Tom
  9. Does anyone have photos (preferred) or accurate line drawings of the Panel Lines on the Elevons? After perusing every build that I can find, those who chose to re-scribe have come up with different versions of the Panel Lines. The old SR-71 + YF-12 kits that I own have some inaccuracies on the fuselage, and I can't find any helpful photos or drawings of the Elevon panel lines. Can anyone tell me if the Panel Lines on the new 1/48th SR-71 kit correct? I have it on order... Tom
  10. Has anyone used this particular Photo Etch set? Primarily, I'd like to replace the plastic engine grilles, and the engine parts look pretty good, too. Metallic Details Photo Etch
  11. Habu2, Thanks for the link! These will do nicely. I'm surprised and pleased as to how well done they are. Lots of detailed comments and info. Tom
  12. Thanks LyonKubb, Box isn't necessary. The instructions posted by Habu2 are surprisingly informative, so I don't need anything in print. If all the parts are present, I'm good. Decals would be good to have, but in an "old" kit they may be unacceptable regardless of appearance There "may" be 3rd party decals for this aircraft, but I imagine SR-71 decals will do, except for the registration numbers Sounds good to me -- looking forward to hearing your price. Tom
  13. That settles that issue! Finding someone who is willing to 3D Print one would be the only acceptable option unless someone makes a conversion kit for the new SR. Thanks for the info, Spruemeister!
  14. Great! I'll be surprised if there are any noticeable inaccuracies. What is your opinion as to accuracy for the two kits? Also, I'm thinking of the standard black for the SR, and probably the titanium color on the upper surface per the original paint scheme for the YF. How did you decide to display the missiles? I'm thinking of inflight with the doors open and the missiles on the rails, or perhaps with an acrylic rod and the missile a bit below the aircraft shortly after release... I already have the Testor's 1/48th SR-71, and I just discovered there is also a "companion" YF-12.
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