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  1. I can see that the printed 1/32 CSM parts to supplement the Monogram are available on Shapeways, but is the STL for the FULL CSM available? Also, since you have a 1/24th LM, are you considering redrawing the FULL CSM at 1/24th? Tom
  2. Vincent, Would these 1/48th STLs produce a fine quality 1/24th scale CSM, or would they need to be redrawn? Tom
  3. Mark, After watching the video I realized this Beautiful Best was solid resin. How much does it weigh? Tom
  4. I had a feeling it was not a recent acquisition... Now I can't have one, too! 🥵
  5. Hey MoFo, Excellent job on this original WvB space "Shuttle" design! IIRC this is his original design which was much larger than the delta-winged 2nd version that appeared on the Disney series. This original design was a manned rocket with cargo-carrying capability. It was pointed out to von braun that he could split the final stage design into two separate vehicles, one for the men, and the other type for cargo only. This allowed much smaller orbital vehicles, and both vehicles would use the same smaller booster rocket. Without wings, canards, landing gear, the crew, and life support for
  6. Beautiful model, beautiful job. This item has been unavailable for a LONG LONG time. Is this a recent acquisition? Tom
  7. Hi Ben, Sorry for the late reply -- my email's been screwed up, so I missed your reply. I hear you regarding scheduling. I stayed on the 727 for a LONG time because I could hold a schedule with back-to-back layovers in Orlando where I live. Sorry to hear you never got to fly the 73, but really, a jet's a jet, so you it wouldn't have been much of a difference after you'd flown it a while. Did you retire flying the CRJ for Midway operating as a US Air commuter? Tom
  8. Hi Ben, Due to the "Midway Airlines" graphic under your name, presumably (I've been wrong before...) you flew for Midway. If so, which aircraft did you fly? Tom
  9. Thanks, Ben. I just spent over an hour trying to get my payment info accepted without a rejection due to "select payment method" error. When it was finally selected (UPS Ground was the only option) the cost was $38 just for shipping! Damn. What does a 1/144th scale airplane weigh? It's certainly NOT a cubic inches issue... I can't say I've ever thought shipping was cheap, but this is getting ridiculous. Tomorrow during bizness hours I'll give Russel a call and see if he can't do better.
  10. Thanks, MoFo. Have you used these services yourself?
  11. Can anyone recommend a laser cutting service that will handle small orders? The image below depicts the Double-Bubble DC-9/MD-80 fuselage. I'd like to get 5 "bulkheads" cut in this shape from styrene or acrylic or something similar. The cutout would be a bit less than 1" x 1". The accuracy of laser cutting appeals to me for a number of purposes, and this would be a good way to get an example of the work, and the price. Thanks for any thoughts...
  12. Hi Ben, Thanks for the quick response - especially the review link. This kit is the ONE for me! The Daco website is sparse on details for the kit, and the photoetch. It appears that the "Simpson" decals come with the kit. Not my choice, but there are plenty of decal options. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should purchase the kit? The Daco website, or should I continue to look for a US dealer?
  13. "Donegan DA-5 Optimizer 2.5x magnifier." Is this the name brand product everyone is recommending? Also, does the "#5" stated in the posts refer to Diopters rather than a magnification number? Thanks for any thoughts.
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