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  1. I can see that the printed 1/32 CSM parts to supplement the Monogram are available on Shapeways, but is the STL for the FULL CSM available? Also, since you have a 1/24th LM, are you considering redrawing the FULL CSM at 1/24th? Tom
  2. Vincent, Would these 1/48th STLs produce a fine quality 1/24th scale CSM, or would they need to be redrawn? Tom
  3. Mark, After watching the video I realized this Beautiful Best was solid resin. How much does it weigh? Tom
  4. I had a feeling it was not a recent acquisition... Now I can't have one, too! 🥵
  5. Hey MoFo, Excellent job on this original WvB space "Shuttle" design! IIRC this is his original design which was much larger than the delta-winged 2nd version that appeared on the Disney series. This original design was a manned rocket with cargo-carrying capability. It was pointed out to von braun that he could split the final stage design into two separate vehicles, one for the men, and the other type for cargo only. This allowed much smaller orbital vehicles, and both vehicles would use the same smaller booster rocket. Without wings, canards, landing gear, the crew, and life support for
  6. Beautiful model, beautiful job. This item has been unavailable for a LONG LONG time. Is this a recent acquisition? Tom
  7. Hi Ben, Sorry for the late reply -- my email's been screwed up, so I missed your reply. I hear you regarding scheduling. I stayed on the 727 for a LONG time because I could hold a schedule with back-to-back layovers in Orlando where I live. Sorry to hear you never got to fly the 73, but really, a jet's a jet, so you it wouldn't have been much of a difference after you'd flown it a while. Did you retire flying the CRJ for Midway operating as a US Air commuter? Tom
  8. Hi Ben, Due to the "Midway Airlines" graphic under your name, presumably (I've been wrong before...) you flew for Midway. If so, which aircraft did you fly? Tom
  9. Thanks, Ben. I just spent over an hour trying to get my payment info accepted without a rejection due to "select payment method" error. When it was finally selected (UPS Ground was the only option) the cost was $38 just for shipping! Damn. What does a 1/144th scale airplane weigh? It's certainly NOT a cubic inches issue... I can't say I've ever thought shipping was cheap, but this is getting ridiculous. Tomorrow during bizness hours I'll give Russel a call and see if he can't do better.
  10. Thanks, MoFo. Have you used these services yourself?
  11. Can anyone recommend a laser cutting service that will handle small orders? The image below depicts the Double-Bubble DC-9/MD-80 fuselage. I'd like to get 5 "bulkheads" cut in this shape from styrene or acrylic or something similar. The cutout would be a bit less than 1" x 1". The accuracy of laser cutting appeals to me for a number of purposes, and this would be a good way to get an example of the work, and the price. Thanks for any thoughts...
  12. Hi Ben, Thanks for the quick response - especially the review link. This kit is the ONE for me! The Daco website is sparse on details for the kit, and the photoetch. It appears that the "Simpson" decals come with the kit. Not my choice, but there are plenty of decal options. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should purchase the kit? The Daco website, or should I continue to look for a US dealer?
  13. "Donegan DA-5 Optimizer 2.5x magnifier." Is this the name brand product everyone is recommending? Also, does the "#5" stated in the posts refer to Diopters rather than a magnification number? Thanks for any thoughts.
  14. Hello Ben & Mike, I'm looking for a 737-300. In addition to the left wing issue, what do you think of the Daco as far as fit and accuracy? Thanks for any thoughts!
  15. John, Great job on the sphere -- I don't how you can do that with Milliput and still have a sphere when you are done! Question: In photos of some of the post re-entry Vostoks/Voskhods I have observed The 'latitudinal' lines at the base of the sphere that you have depicted. It appears in some photos that these 'rings' are actually "stepped" rather than a smooth continuous sphere. What is the purpose of these on the real spacecraft? Is this the actual heat shield material, with a much thinner coating on the upper half of the sphere? Thanks for any info! Tom
  16. Has LVM actually committed to a Mercury-Atlas launch pad in 1/144th? I hope so! If so, will it include the Atlas Test Stand, the ramp, and the Umbilical/Emergency Escape Tower? Thanks for any thoughts, Tom
  17. Very nice Friendship 7, and thanks for the above tip! I have a fair number of Mercury photos - are there any specific areas you are seeking? Tom
  18. David, Thanks for the info. I have Dave Weeks drawings and 5 of the 8 Mercury Familiarization Manuals - they are an invaluable resource. The diagrams are very good, but I'm always on the lookout for stated dimensions. Tom
  19. Hello David, Spectacular job including the stringers, inner pressure vessel, and recovery compartment stringers and parachute container! I hope you will get back to this project soon. If you are discouraged due to the time it's taking to convert this model to Liberty Bell 7 as it is today, remember it took Mother Nature 38 years to accomplish her conversion...and the additional time taken by the Cosmosphere restoration as well. :woo:/>/>/>/>/>/> When you have time I have a couple of questions for you: measuring the kit and referencing the David Weeks drawings told me the
  20. Hello Bill, Thanks for the reply. After many in-person inspections of Sigma 7, Liberty Bell 7, and the MR-1A spacecraft, I'm convinced that the "beads", aka corrugations, are all uniform in depth, and distance from peak-to-peak. As you say, the left-to-right width diminishes from the bottom row to the top row. Tom
  21. Hello David, Thanks for the reply, and for the offer! I was able to *crudely* measure the "bead" or corrugation on the shingles through the plexiglass container of Sigma 7 aka Capsule 16 at the Astronaut Hall of Fame. Not the most accurate of results... Any precise info would be GREATLY appreciated! Tom
  22. Hey Hotdog, Thanks for the info. Have you tried Solidworks? I have a copy installed on this computer, but I haven't had a chance to even START to learn it. It would probably take about 60 seconds to draw what I want - IF I had a clue as to how use the program. I know it's a popular program, but I don't think it's especially easy to learn... Tom
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