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  1. That is correct, parts 7L and 7R
  2. Thanks Bill, that's really great of you. PM on the way
  3. I suppose I could scratch build them. Going to be close anyway
  4. Hi Folks I picked up the old Monogram 1/48 F-86 at a show a few years ago. I was looking at the kit last night and realized that the air brakes are missing (parts 7L and R I think). Would anyone have these in their spares (or the whole kit if it's cheap 🙂 ) Thanks Lloyd
  5. I had the codes custom made years ago but can no longer get them. Good point about RifRaff's offer. What would you like for them RiffRaff?
  6. Thanks Guys Was looking for just roundels and serials as I have a specific 550 Sqd aircraft I would like to do. I already have the codes.
  7. Hi All Am working on the old Airfix Lanc and am looking for recommendations for aftermarket roundel and serial decals. Don't want to use the kit decals. Thanks Lloyd
  8. Hi Guys Does anyone know if the wheel well plumbing on an F4U-5N differs from other Corsair models? Thanks
  9. Lcurtis


    Those a great references Andre, thanks. Doesn't look to difficult to scratch build
  10. Lcurtis

    F4U-5N cockpit

    That's great, thanks sooo much
  11. Lcurtis


    While on the subject of special A6's, is there a 1/48 "C" conversion?
  12. Lcurtis


    Awesome stuff Thanks for the post
  13. Lcurtis

    F4U-5N cockpit

    Hi Guys Does anyone have a couple of decent color pics of a 5N cockpit? Haven't had much luck on the net. Thanks
  14. Thanks Guys, I'll look into those
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