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  1. Not all kil markings were red stars: Jari
  2. Here is a N with a load of inert bombs: although air to air was their main role, dropping bombs was secondary so they needed to practice that as well. Jari
  3. The A-7D had the AERO-3B launcher: Jari
  4. Also the engine housing was bigger for the different engines: compare with a A-6E: Jari
  5. Here is another one just behind the Mk-79: I did see a pic of a A-6A with the MBR loaded so they did carry them, briefly before switching to the MER. Edit: a close up of one on a F-8 being loaded: Jari
  6. Heavier loads were dropped as well by the A-6A: It was dark and difficult to see on the night of April 18, 1966, but the U.S. Navy was counting on that. The aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawkprepared three aircraft for launch from its powerful catapults. A Soviet intelligence-gathering ship was nearby, so the planes operated under radio silence. A pair of A-6 Intruder attack planes quickly rose from the carrier’s deck accompanied by an E-2A Electronic Warfare aircraft for later communications. Commander Ron Hays, executive officer of Squadron VA-85, piloted the lead plane with his bom
  7. Here are some: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URN-5MSWuR0&t=1s and a SuCAP - Surface Combat Air Patrol : Jari
  8. It is mentioned here: https://bulletpicker.com/500-lb-gp_-mk-82.html Jari
  9. To further add to the subject, sort of, during the later part of the Vietnam war thermally protected Mk-82s came along, the protection was internal, a rubber coating from what i've read. The only difference externally was a second yellow stripe: as you can see by the photo the older non-thermally protected bombs were still around. Here are some later externally thermally protected Mk-82s: Jari
  10. No, the A-7D is the USAF version of the Corsair and the F-8J was retired long before the BSU-86 came into service. To further add to the topic, the F-111Fs used the Mk-82 BSU-49 in Libya in 1986. Also the A-1 could carry the Snakeye: it could carry them on certain stations: http://www.alternatewars.com/SAC/A-1H_and_J_Skyraider_SAC_-_1_July_1967.pdf scroll down to page 8 of the file. Jari
  11. As mentioned those away from home did get a bit rough looking: note the light grey intake on this one: Jari
  12. Here are a couple other F-4Es in SEA: https://s3.amazonaws.com/marinephotos.togetherweserved.com/493860.jpg https://s3.amazonaws.com/marinephotos.togetherweserved.com/493862.jpg Jari
  13. Here is a F-8 with it applied to various places: http://www.gstatic.com/hostedimg/6ea44fa302f2dcea_large Jari
  14. Here is a Harrier firing off rockets: don't know the exact sequence they fire but tubes next to each other don't fire next. Here is a LAU-3 showing it's firing sequence: Jari
  15. Here it is: edit: another view: one without in 2014: Jari
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