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  1. More pics here: Evening Light&rows=20&f.materialsType=photographsandgraphics Jari
  2. Go ahead, back up. Jari
  3. No, those are chaff and flare dispensers that were added to the F-4 well after Vietnam. Speaking of paintings, in the lower one you can see the wing tank on the a/c is gone but the pylon is still there, in actually the pylon and tank would go together if punched off. There is a separate stores pylon, as per the one with the ECM pod for weapons and such. Jari
  4. Here is a pic: Jari
  5. Here are the instructions for the Revell Star Destroyer: which according to the Revell site is due out this month. Jari
  6. Now a UAV has been shot down by a F-15E: Jari
  7. The squib fires up the gas generator, it's a small explosive charge thus the brown band. Some countries rules are more strict for markings. Jari
  8. Yellow is for high explosives, things that go boom. You'll note in the pic of the RBL-755 it has a black band around the nose, just in front of the yellow one, the black indicates anti-armour. Jari
  9. The brown band on the seeker head indicates low order explosive, inside is a small squib, of course not all Sidewinders have the brown band as some countries choose not to add it as it is a small charge. Low order explosives are things that burn rapidly, like rocket motors, rather than explode. You can see those same brown bands on the seeker heads of LGBs as well for the most part: Jari
  10. They used the RBL-755 which had sensors between the body and fins (the tan items in the pic) so they could be dropped from higher altitudes since the regular BL-755 was a low altitude weapon: Jari
  11. Here is a CF-104 with a fiberglass panel: note how it is faded as compared with the part on the spine. Perhaps being more exposed to direct sunlight it faded more, if you look on the B-66 pic above you'll see it has a fiberglass panel on the bottom just under the insignia it is a more darker colour since it didn't get as much sun as the tail radome. Jari
  12. Here is a Ford getting some Sidewinders: Jari
  13. Here is another one: i was asked in a PM how i found the previous pic, i searched using RB-66B and that led me to some cockpit shots at the National Museum of the Air Force site so i put RB-66 in their search and found the pic listed as a NRB-66B. Jari
  14. It could be they were fiberglass which is why they look yellowish: Jari
  15. Here is one although at that time the body was blue not grey as in this pic, don't know the FS number just a dark blue: Jari