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  1. Try one of these manuals: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/aircraft/usa/vought/f4ucorsair.html Jari
  2. Not SP but how about some Mavericks: Jari
  3. Looks like 3 2000lb ones and one 3000lb LGB waiting to be loaded: Jari
  4. Here is a F-4D with a display load of LGBs of various types, left to right, Mk-84, M-118, Pave Knife, a pair of Mk-82 Paveway Is https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4008/4442899812_5ea7108b80_o.jpg Jari
  5. Here are a few, which variant i don't know, about to be loaded on a B-52: Jari
  6. The approach pic was from here: https://www.usscoralsea.net/pics1980s7.php you can see in other landing pics on that page the same arresting cable is missing. Jari
  7. No problem Jim. i trust your memories better than written facts. In case someone wants to do an earlier Intruder, prior to the strike they had to be ready for anything when in the area as by this one: Empty MER, MER with 3 Rockeyes, fuel tank, Harpoon and AIM-9. Jari
  8. A pair in the bay of a A-26: Jari
  9. But this one has a tank: the one in the back has the Buddy store. Jari
  10. This pic shows 4 Snakeyes on the inboard MER: the outboard MER is about to be loaded, most likely with 4 as well unless proved otherwise, you can see the forward stations have been prepped. the cartridge retainer caps are off. Jari
  11. Some pics can be seen here, scroll down a bit: https://www.usscoralsea.net/pics1980s8.php In the pics you can see the external difference between the APAM and Rockeye. Also most a/c carried a external tank on the centerline but at least one had a buddy refuelling pod, you can see it in one of the pics. My understanding is they carried 4 bombs on each MER as per the configuration you mentioned. Jari
  12. Try looking here: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv64-02/index.html One pic shows a Rockeye on Stn 8 and another a Maverick being loaded. The Rockeye looks like it has propaganda leaflets in it as it only has one yellow stripe: Jari
  13. Another external difference between a C and a E is the C had the air start receptacle on the port side like the A & B, you can make it out just above the vent on the fuselage bottom: here it is on a A, the one with 3 latches: Jari
  14. Sorry it's a Mk-79 1,000lb fire bomb, carried by various Navy and Marine a/c early on in the war: Jari
  15. In addition to above both Zuni launchers in the pic i posted are white, or originally were, the lower one looks to have more firings along with more handling and thus is more weathered. edit: if you want a change of pace you can go 1 Y rack and 1 single rail: Jari
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