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  1. Here is a Intruder about to get an AIM-9: Jari
  2. Here is a Navy A-6A with bombs on a TER: Jari
  3. Here is a video of an A-6 squadron doing some weapons training: and here is another A-6E load: Jari
  4. Rob here is a green A-6A with conical tail bombs at the 9:30 mark: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/85103 Jari
  5. Finn

    A-7 unknown pod

    Here is another video showing the pod, at the 4:01 mark: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/86778 Jari
  6. No conical tails but the old bombs being loaded on a A-6: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/85180 Jari
  7. Here are live Mavericks, and ECM pod: and on the subject of leaflet bombs, the USAF used the M-129 leaflet bomb, which looked like a M-117 750lb bomb but had paper inside rather than HE: Jari
  8. The Mk/B28 had the Y - Yield as well: As per your highlight, the nose section looks too bulbous for a external tank, maybe it could be a Mk/B43 with the N43-Mod 0 nose: or even a SUU-21 for counterweight for a training mission? Jari
  9. In the Modern Military Aircraft Series book Thud by Lou Drendel it has a pic of a Thud in the Far East, Okinawa i think, with a Mk-28 on a wing pylon, can't see the other wing so two shapes on wing pylons would be okay. The B61 didn't show up until around 1967 so either Mk-28 or Mk-43 would be the more common ones for that early time period. Jari
  10. This video tells how things are affecting this hobby store but it goes for all model stores: https://youtu.be/dIMtYnT6QKM?t=1 Jari
  11. Some info here from 1964: http://www.alternatewars.com/SAC/F-105D-31_Thunderchief_CS_-_January_1964.pdf edit: if you plan to go with a internal B43, here is how the tail was: the top fin was removed so you would have s T configuration instead of +. Also with the time period you plan to go with no ECM pods, too early for them, and most likely no AIM-9s either. The mission was strike not dogfight, probably the outer pylons were removed to save weight and less drag. Jari
  12. Some Bitburg F-105s can be seen here: click on the image, several are carrying several cans of napalm. Jari
  13. In addition to what was said above, if you plan to have MERs on the wing pylons of the F-105. the inboard sides of the MERs did not have the racks installed: http://aviation.watergeek.eu/images/f-105/f-105_1.jpg Jari
  14. Here is a D with the pod: closer view of the pod, note the c/l tank camo: Jari
  15. A CF-18 over Europe with rocket pods, which were inert as they were just for a photo op: http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/assets/AIRFORCE_Internet/images/news-nouvelles/2018/04/isc87-489.jpg Jari
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