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  1. The pods were black, although a bit of grey after numerous firings, here is one on a RA-5C, the blue dots are the chaff: Jari
  2. Here is War Machine getting gas: Jari
  3. A couple of Navy F-4B about to launch: Jari
  4. Here is some tech info from a R/F-4C/D/E manual: Jari
  5. Here is one just after lift off with the gear starting to be retracted: Jari
  6. This one looks like the same colour as the equipment inside: Jari
  7. One out to pasture but the tail stripes look green: Jari
  8. Not always the case as one time we had a brand new CF-18 come into Cold Lake direct from the factory with the cart retainers reversed, but lock wired on Stn 4 & 6. Jari
  9. Not a ANG F-4C but a D in Vietnam, with a E, both with gun pods on the o/b pylons: Jari
  10. At least one has ignited so far: Jari
  11. Here is a good example of the canted o/b pylon on a F-4D during the Vietnam war: Jari
  12. Possibly to give the towed target dart a bit more room under the wing: Jari
  13. MERs and TERs are there but I don't see any bombs or even SUU-7 dispensers: Jari
  14. Here are the instructions for the A version: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10102814 Jari
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