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  1. CBU-2 Cluster Bombs on F-105's

    Here are some pics of a SUU-7 on a F-100, scroll down a bit: http://www.f-100.org/hun008.shtml also the dispensers could only be loaded on the outboard pylons of a F-105 since the bomblets come out the back and with the angle of MER, they would bounce off the bottom of the a/c. You could also use the front end of a rocket pod either RAF/French or Russian one. Jari
  2. CBU-2 Cluster Bombs on F-105's

    The CBU-2 used the SUU-7 dispenser, no kits or aftermarket of them are available: Jari
  3. Two F-4J Blue Angel questions

    Some info as well as cockpit pics can be seen here: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.ca/2016/02/f-4-blue-angel-configuration-flight.html Jari
  4. A Belgian F-16 about to tank with a French KC-135: Jari
  5. Hello, Finn.


    Some time ago you posted a link to an article about F-4J load-outs from the spring of 1972, I believe it was about VMFA-232. I can't find it anymore.

    Could you please provide some directions? 


    Cheers, Stefan.

    1. Finn


      Hi Stefan, i think this is the one you are referring to:




      click on the PDF icon and then scroll down to the bottom to see a photo-copied pic of a interesting load.



    2. Stefan buysse

      Stefan buysse

      Thanks, Jari.:thumbsup:


      That was the one.

      I hope to build one like that. At my rate of building it may take a few years, but I'll remember that it's you who gave me the info.


      Cheers, Stefan.



  6. You could always leave the tanks off: Jari
  7. 1:1 scale F-111 cockpit mystery

    Here is another module: note the front of it which looks like it came from a real a/c while another view of the one in post#2: at the Aerospace Museum of California, McClellan Airport, has just a blank panel at the front which probably means it purpose built trainer. Jari
  8. Here is a Su-25 making a low pass: Jari
  9. AIM-7E2 details

    A few pics here of AIM-7s: https://lastcow.smugmug.com/Military/J-Bemiss-USAF-Photos/ and some here but not of the back end: https://366th-tfw.net/bruce-hill_photos4.htm Jari
  10. A Rafale about to head out on a mission: Jari
  11. F-4 AIM-7 RBF flag location?

    If you were to add one the only place a RBF would be on a AIM-7 would be a small one where the Arm/Safe handle is: not all had the flag so it's best to check pics of F-4s with Sparrows loaded. Jari
  12. Kinetic 1/48 A-6E Intruder

    Not the squadron you plan on but here is an interesting load: left to right, empty MER, MER with 3 Mk-20 Rockeyes, fuel tank, Harpoon and an AIM-9. Just before the events in Libya 1986. Jari
  13. B-17 Interiors Bombbay and gunners station.

    You can check out the B-17G Parts Catalog to see if it is listed: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.ca/2017/08/b-17g-parts-catalog.html Jari
  14. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    A few pics here: http://www.heartlandofamericaband.af.mil/photos/mediagallery.asp?galleryID=529&page=446 Jari
  15. A couple more: same AV-8B, different angles, and probably camera exposures: Jari