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  1. You might find something in one of the manuals here: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/aircraft/usa/northamericanaviation/f-86sabre/Page-2.html Jari
  2. Nukes under NATO Thunderstreaks

    Rob if you go here: https://app.box.com/s/3ca2864b8fc8f253e8b0 go to the Modern Thermonuclear Weapons PDF and on pg V-438 you'll see a Mk 28EX under a F-84F, the pylon is different than the Mk 7 pylon. Jari
  3. Also the CF-104 carried the MN-1A practice bomb dispenser, which was externally similar to the SUU-21, not the SUU-20: Jari
  4. FB-111A - Pictures and Armament?

    Here is the Flight Manual for the FB-111A: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/aircraft/usa/generaldynamics/fb-111/to-1f-111ba-1-flight-manual-fb-11a.html you could have tanks on the inboard pylons but as mentioned they weren't used operationally, probably only used for ferry flights. Also as you check the manual you'll see that they had fuel pylons and weapon pylons so you couldn't take a fuel tank off and put a weapon on it, you need the proper pylon. Jari
  5. FB-111A - Pictures and Armament?

    There are a few pics here showing the tank config, among others: http://www.afwing.com/aircraft/gd-f111-aardvark-part2.html Jari
  6. FB-111A - Pictures and Armament?

    Here is a FB-111A starting up showing the tank configuration: Jari
  7. Growler pulling up for some gas, note the peeling paint: Jari
  8. T-33 intake color + underwing ECM pods?

    It was first designated QRC-160-2 but then became the AN/ALQ-72: Jari
  9. Here is another one with two AIM-120: a training load with LGB practice round, empty LAU-115 and you can make out flares (just below the seeker head of the targeting pod) on the left side and chaff (blue) on the right: Jari
  10. Even the Thunderbirds have some wear on them: Jari
  11. Also the LAU-115 changed over the years: Jari
  12. Early on LAU-7s were attached to the LAU-115: With the AIM-7: with AIM-7 on Stn 8 and 2 AIM-9 on Stn 2: Jari
  13. Hornet with a mixed load getting gas: Rafale: Atlantique: Jari
  14. CBU-2 Cluster Bombs on F-105's

    Here are some pics of a SUU-7 on a F-100, scroll down a bit: http://www.f-100.org/hun008.shtml also the dispensers could only be loaded on the outboard pylons of a F-105 since the bomblets come out the back and with the angle of MER, they would bounce off the bottom of the a/c. You could also use the front end of a rocket pod either RAF/French or Russian one. Jari
  15. CBU-2 Cluster Bombs on F-105's

    The CBU-2 used the SUU-7 dispenser, no kits or aftermarket of them are available: Jari