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  1. Here is a video showing the ioperation of the doors, and launcher: Jari
  2. According to the Flight Manual on the OA-4M here: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.ca/2016/10/douglas-oa-4m-skyhawk-flight-manual.html on pg 1-29 says the OA-4M is not approved for carrier operations. Jari
  3. Here is the pic i mentioned, available on the net: https://nara.getarchive.net/media/a-bdu-12-bomb-attached-to-the-multi-purpose-wing-pylon-of-an-f-16-fighting-141fce Jari
  4. I think it was in that book or maybe the detail and scale book? Jari
  5. There is a pic in the Squadron Signal F-16 In Action book, the early volume, showing a Mk57 practice weapon on the middle rack of it. Jari
  6. To further clarify the packets, we used both the RR125 for airborne radars and the RR114 for ground based, mostly the RR125 which if i remember correctly were long, almost like tinsel on a Xmas tree while the RR114 had different lengths each one was wrapped up in paper like in the link you posted. So each RR114 packet had several bundles of various size chaff in them. Jari
  7. No the packets were smaller, like the dimensions in the link. Jari
  8. Yes that is how it was positioned, the chaff came as a "belt" each package was laid out on two paper straps which not only made up the belt but held each packet closed. The paper straps were fed thru the stripper which then removed the straps when the selections were made in the cockpit and a combination of the stripper pulling the paper straps with the packets of chaff plus the two air tubes that came from the front, and the air from those tubes pushed the packets out into the air stream. Since the packets were no longer held close they opened up in the air. The paper straps ended up in the tail cone and the straps had snaps at the end to add more belts if needed, although normally 2 belts were more than enough. Jari
  9. Hi Rob, the notch looks a bit too wide at the rear, at least in the drawing. We mainly used RR125 chaff: https://nationalstocknumber.info/part-number/1050as102_00-912-4361 the link above gives the sizes of the packets and the slot was was just a little bit bigger. Jari
  10. Nice start Rob, i think the notch is too big, at least the top view. Here is a video showing the pod. Jari
  11. Rafale with GBU-24 on the c/l: returning after the mission, what are the pods on the wing pylons: Jari
  12. But bombs could still be carried in the fwd bay: Jari
  13. Check the bottom of this Page to see a tank in the forward bay: https://www.daytonipms.org/b-1b-lancer Jari
  14. Single pods can be seen on F-4Ds in this video, along with LGBs: https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675071240_Mark-84-Laser-Guided-Bombs_Ubon-Royal-Thai-Air-Force-Base_F-4D_Electronic-countermeasures-pod Jari
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