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  1. High Drag MK82 in Vietnam

    A few Navy F-4 photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/135708547@N03/albums/72157684184966884/page9 Jari
  2. High Drag MK82 in Vietnam

    Here is a VF-84 F-4B with what looks like a Mk-83 on a MER on the outboard pylon: Jari
  3. High Drag MK82 in Vietnam

    Note the dark disc, they can be seen here as well: a F-4B with Destructors: Jari
  4. High Drag MK82 in Vietnam

    I was referring to a modelling point of view, what you could see externally. Here is a AF F-4 with Mk-36s: note the nose fuze and they didn't have the white markings all the time. Jari
  5. Launch rail for AIM-9B Sidewinder

    Going by the time frame of the AIM-9B, the AF used the Aero 3B launcher, and did so for some time as this pic of a F-4E with Aero 3 launchers: has a 69 - 70 time frame according to the caption.The Aero 3B had a length of 87", width 3" and height 5". edit: then again there is this photo of Robin Olds doing a walk around and you can tell the AIM-9 is on a LAU-7: the detent wrench is a give away along with the rounded nose fairing of the launcher. Jari
  6. High Drag MK82 in Vietnam

    As mentioned 18 Snakeyes would be too many for a carrier based F-4, another example is this F-4J about to go out and lay some Mk-36 Destructors, a Mk-82 converted into a mine: just a slight mod to the nose fuze with a white band around the body of the bomb and white stripes near where the tail section is. Note there are 3 on the outboard pylon, 2 on the inboard TER and only 1 on the other inboard TER with most likely 3 on the other outboard pylon. Jari
  7. Launch rail for AIM-9B Sidewinder

    I do believe the early launchers were the Aero 3 B, the top one in the pic here while the bottom is the LAU-7: Jari
  8. interesting silver F-105F

    Here is a silver one: at Bitburg AFB. For a load why not an inert nuclear weapon on the belly to be used on a training flight. Jari
  9. German Tornado war loads?

    Here is one about to get a GBU-24, inert one: Jari
  10. Russian chaff/flare launchers?

    Yes i did and i sent a reply. Jari
  11. Russian chaff/flare launchers?

    Here are some on a SU-25: Jari
  12. F-4 unusual load

    You can see a couple in the background: Jari
  13. F-4 unusual load

    There is this: There are quite a few differences between the MJ-1 and MJ-4. Jari
  14. Looking for A-7 Sluff experts again

    Don't know the answer to your question but here is a A-7 being towed and you can see the rudder is deflected slightly even though the nose wheel is straight: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/6404695 Jari
  15. F-104C engine interior color?

    Here is another J79: i think the green came along if the engine wasn't used that much which is why most pics are of museum a/c which shows them as green. Jari